A Birthday Jamboree : Kampachi @ Pavillion

I t was my second bro’s birthday and he asked me to suggest the place where we should hold our family rendezvous. Initial thoughts of going for a Japanese meal, my family agreed 🙂 Mom suggested Kampachi… our family’s favourite Japanese restaurant.

From there, we thought of going for their buffet at the Equitorial Hotel, but since there has been a rave on their latest outlet at Pavillion and sturdy recommendations from the staffs when called for reservations, we complied to it. Plus, we wanna check out their illustrious interior and stylishly decorated luxurious environment 🙂

With no complaints and grievance, we just love the settings and surroundings. Along with the feeling of merriment *cos it’s my bro’s big day* we were contented 🙂

While walking in.. I’m already eyeing on those raw dishes! sashimis ;P

When I was hand round with the huge menu and began flipping through the engaging pages, my thoughts went blank. Too many to choose from and… ‘nice price’! ;P

Mom and dad shared these:
Soft Kani Maki, which is the soft shell crab roll with fish roe and cucumber. Priced at RM36, this serving was endearingly delicate despite the exclusive price! Crunchy soft shell crab that magnetized dad’s appetite.

Kampachi Maki was also enchanting. This serving of tuna, prawn, avocado, crabstick that is topped with grilled eel is priced at RM48.

Ishikari Udon, with its udon noodles cooked with salmon fish and vegetables in miso broth. The broth was sweet and lovable. With the right amount of desired taste, dear mommy hearts it. Priced at RM25.

Since lil’ bro have always find grilled unagi (eel) irresistible, he wouldn’t wanna give it a miss for sure! For RM30, he had the Unadon and Salmon Sashimi, which is the grilled eel on rice with salmon sashimi. He wiped out his share real quick. Well… it must be good ;P

As he don’t take raw dishes, the salmon sashimi was contributed to us! It was really fresh and those thick slices just generate the correct texture to be savoured!

As for me… I’ve been a fan of Kampachi’s sukiyaki! I had their rice set as well, the Sukiyaki and Soft Shell Crab Maki for RM38. Sliced beef and vegetables sukiyaki with the accompaniment of soft shell crab roll! All my preferences in a set. That’s a good deal 😉 The beef was tender and no complaints on their broth of course! Tasty and alluring!
All rice set are dished up with assorted fruits too.

When the egg was added into the sukiyaki, a soft and silky broth you’ll produce. *wink*

Chris’s choice: Gindara Teriyaki, the grilled cod fish with teriyaki sauce. Thumbs up for the cod fish. Fresh and salubrious, savoured together with rice and a salad of chilled sliced crabsticks. This set is priced at RM45.

The birthday boy, Kent, shared this generous portion of set meal with his gal; Udon with Grilled Eel and Curry Rice for RM36. Noodles and rice in a set, best to be shared, as all their sets are largely portioned. Even I had a hard time finishing my rice set ;P

Yes. We’re satiated, but just couldn’t forego their scrumptious desserts definitely!
We went for their Green Tea Ice Cream, served aside with the overwhelming red beans, and adorned with strawberries plus a creamed cookie! An exquisite preparation priced at RM16.
Though it tasted marvelous, we still find it overpriced. Without the red beans, it’ll be RM12. An addition of red beans costs RM4! But.. I love having green tea ice cream with red beans unquestionably. Plus… it’s only 1 scoop ;(

Another must have when we’re in Kampachi, their Mochi! The Glutinous Rice pieces were showered with open-handed amount of peanut flakes and this sweet sensation did not went over the top. RM12 for this portion with embellishment of strawberries. Pretty.

It’s still a bit expensive comparing to the buffet-styled session, we reckoned. However, tastewise, it was a lil’ better here but… we thought that we’ll stick to Kampachi’s buffet instead 🙂
In spite of this again, we were never disappointed with this meal and this had been a lavish & boisterous celebration!

Happy Birthday bro, Kent!
You’re the greatest!

Lot 6.09.00, Level 6
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03-21489608
Fax: 03-21482608

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14 Replies to “A Birthday Jamboree : Kampachi @ Pavillion”

  1. KampungboyCitygal says: Reply

    happy bday to ur bro, ken! very nice picasa-ed pictures..hehe i love to use it too

  2. must be a meal worth the money even how expensive it is! kekekekek happy blated birthday Ken!

  3. Happy Birthday to your bro!

    Wah, quite expensive eh? I need to break the piggy bank to go there ;p

  4. what great photos. I love the decor of that place too!

    and happy belated birthday to your brother too! =)

  5. lovely pics! the salmon looks good…so does the green tea ice cream…nice! will really have to try out this place…

  6. happy belated birthday to your bro! it’s great to have family outing, i love it, loveeeeeeeee it! 😀 i have always loved eating at kampachi and having an outlet in a shopping mall is great though i have yet to drop by… will definitely make my way here soon! 😉

  7. nice picture, start to get use the picasa application ya?! haha
    i love the interior of this place. and so many foooooooood~ but then it must be exp… aiks

    happy belated birthday to ur Bro~

  8. aww!! nice snaps!! <3
    omg i’m so hungry rite now!!
    yammmm~ happies bday to ur bro kent ya! =)

  9. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    Happy belated birthday to your brother! Seems like you had a great time with your family! 🙂 The macha ice-cream really looks good, feel like tyring it out even though it’s a little expensive!

  10. Nice pics. I finally see other people eating japanese curry. I tot i am the only one that likes it

  11. "Joe" who is constantly craving says: Reply

    if i m not mistaken, the soft shell crab maki in equatorial hotel is double the price..

    the good thing is the bento sets have entree portions of a 2-3 items to try..but yeah a slight premium over ur normal everyday jap food..

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    thanks everyone for those wishes for my Bro!

    haha.. just started to use.. very user friendly ;P thx!

    big boys oven~
    yea.. it’s worth the money. Fresh and nice food 🙂

    yes! haha.. I broke mine! ;P can’t go there with a tight budget.. perhaps u could try their buffet at equitorial? ^^

    thx. 🙂 we felt comfortable sitting down in the restaurant. Nice environment ^^

    U should! and… let me know what u think ya! ^^

    U can drop by with your family too! family outing is fun!! 😉 You’ll love it there i’m sure since you fancy Kampachi too ^^

    haha.. just started to get use to it. Pretty good! i mean the program ;P thx gal!

    thx 🙂 I’m hungry now as well! oh no ;P

    yea.. we had a terrific time there.. eating and talking! haha. The green tea ice cream was good despite the high price.Lotsa green tea flavour in it!

    I love Jap curry too! So now you’re not the only one! ^^

    double? really?
    yeap… big portioned. the bento set was more worth it.
    somehow, good food just cost much more.What’s more when we’re eating at Pavillion! haha…

  13. Happy Belated Birthday to your bro!
    Seriously, he needs to eat more!

  14. wow… u really had a nice photos on the food… good job.. 🙂

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