KL Restaurant — The Best Food Hub!

Attention dear Readers 🙂 and especially to all Dear Floggers! (Food Bloggers!)

KL-Restaurant: The Best Food Hub
Probably have not heard any noteworthy informations on it, but you will now!
My innovative friend and a few of his partners have just established a registered company, known as the KL Internet Advertising Network (001706428-A)

What is it all about?
As the title denotes, it is a restaurants’ information HUB. A central point where internet users or food lovers can easily browse through and look for their favourite cuisines all in a site! Convenient huh? I’d love that! How about you?

What kinds of food?
All kinds! These are how they categorize them

  • Malay
  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Asean
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Western
  • Seafood
  • Vegetarian
  • Fast Foods
  • Bakery & Tidbits
  • Cafe
  • Buffet

For the moment, the site’s authorities only emphasized more on foods and delicacies found in Klang Valley as it’s still a freshie… Will definitely expand to other places and states as well!

So right now…
I need your help! Yes… especially the floggers who frequently eat out 😉
As this is still a newly set up but firm on a permanent basis site, we need advertisers! We need to get restaurants or eateries to place their advertisements and restaurant’s info into the site in order to help it function and enhance the facility that this site can provide to dear users.
I personally think that this Food Hub idea is an innovative one, adhering to the people’s growing requirements and expectations on good food available.

For your information, to advertise in 1 slot, it’s only RM250 per year!
Click on the logo below to check out the website.

What you have to do?
Just have normal eat-out sessions like you used to….
Capture nice shots for your blog (if you’re a food blogger)
and.. an additional task. Ask! Ask whether they’re interested to advertise in this useful site!

To all floggers and readers as well, if you’re interested in aiding my friend and I in this interesting and worthwhile project….
Leave me a comment and a feedback will be given of course, regarding the informations to be delivered to restaurants’ owners. You’ll be given a booklet and not to forget… commissions! Earn a lil’ extra income perhaps?
Oya.. the participating floggers will have their blogs featured in the site’s food blog column 🙂


Please help!

I know you can 🙂

Meanwhile… I’ll leave this post here.. static for a week or two while busying with my study workloads. Finals coming! Ahhh!!! *bitting nails*
Will share more food posts later on.
I need more luck right now rather than scrumptious meals!!
Anyways… hope I’ll get a desirable response from you guys! Just an extra question during your makan sessions won’t hurt I guess. ;P

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11 Replies to “KL Restaurant — The Best Food Hub!”

  1. good thing~
    i love your post up here. because, I dun have to write one. *hehe*

    Yep~ food blogger who are interested~ feel free to *Click Click* on the KL-restaurant.
    can leave me, Christine, or our fren messages or comments


  2. wua…this site..good wo…i can find all restaurant in KL here..not bad not bad..thumbs up..kekeke..(promote own site pulak)

  3. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    ok. that sounds like a good idea. KL-restaurant, keep up the good work.

    we will introduce this page to our friends.. 🙂

  4. "Joe" who is constantly craving says: Reply

    looks like another person that have thought alike to me..im also trying to explore areas to make a career out of in the food industry..a blog can be a very powerful advertising tool..good stuff!

  5. New Kid on the Blog says: Reply

    hey good luck in your finals… you can do it!!

  6. good good!!!!!!!

  7. yikes! looks like many are still not confident about this advertisement yet. Lets move on with more food reviews!

    Ai wei~ lets team up and we shall try getting those restaurants convinced! eh~~ after exams??;P seldom eat out lately 🙁

    weelick~ yer. promoting own site! will definitely help you out la. U still have us! hehe…

    wenching&esiong, joe~ thx for the intentions and.. lets hope this idea will work out 🙂

    new kid on the blog~ thank you!

    anonymous~ er…? good? good site? ;P

  8. All the best with your exam!

  9. how to link a?

  10. great, have fun! it’s a good thingy!

  11. precious pea~ thx! if i could just try ur sukiyaki… I’ll definitely get extra “oomph” during my exam! lol…

    jackson~ u interested?? wanna help out?

    big boys oven~ yea.. it’s a great idea, but we’re lacking of advertisers and we need more helping hands..

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