Birthday Festivity @ Marmalade, Bangsar Village II

September has been quite a joyous month, as 2 of my best pals, Yen and Khee, celebrated their 21st birthday! Finally they have the “key” to unlock the infinite pleasure and happiness. Just hope that they’ll find their favourable routes in life as well as pursuing their dreams in the healthcare field smoothly 🙂

Khee’s big day arrived a few days earlier, so we decided to buy her lunch at somewhere different. She requested for Secret Recipe’s cake initially but we banned her idea. AiWei and I planned to mark her enjoyment in the Marmalade cafe, in Bangsar Village II. Finally I made my way… for the very first time… to Bangsar Village! Have been telling MeiYen & xiulongbao how i longed to go there as I don’t really visit Bangsar area frequently.

After settling and tucked ourselves comfortably, we insisted that AiWei make the order of main course for us as she has visited this place before. I’m eyeing on those desserts already! hah!

First of all, for salads, we had the Sounds of Havana. Sounded great eh? For RM14, it’s a salad comprising of chicken, pineapple, coconut salsa, pepper, cashew nuts & haloumi. A great starter that stimulated and augmented our appetite. We’re overwhelmed with it. Great presentation… beautiful!

CIMG2470 copy

Next up, the tummy warmers for us all! Turkey & Mushroom quiche for RM16. I love this as well… so cheesy and filling. Combination of mushrooms, cheese and shredded turkey meats warmed our hearts and everything just tasted great when you’re in a pervading happy environment and what’s more with these gals! Right?

CIMG2469 copy

Another main course that we shared… one of their recommended springy delights, the Spaghetti Smoked Salmon. Embellished prettily, this pasta served with white sauce and olives definitely rocked my sense of taste! So into it 🙂 The smoked salmon just goes well with the pasta. Pleasant!
Priced at RM19.

CIMG2479 copy

AiWei, Yen and I chose to have some hot drinks. A nice warm cuppa would make us comfier 🙂
We had Marmalade’s Homemade Tea: RM7 per serving.

CIMG2471 copy

from left: Chrysanthemum Orange, Honey Lemon Lime and Hibiscus Rose

Khee, the coffee lover opted for Iced Cappuccino for RM8. She claimed that the coffee she had in India was way way more aromatic and tasted wiser ;P

CIMG2473 copy

After the tummy filling and chatting sessions, desserts desserts! A cake for Khee is a must! Since AiWei said that MeiYen recommended the Blueberry Yogurt Cake, we decided to give it a try! With no regrets, this pretty yogurt cake was definitely a satisfying dessert! Addition of the blueberry cream or sauce gave the extra kick 🙂 Bet Khee loved it!

CIMG2493 copy

She’s managing it happily!

CIMG2500 copy

Ahh… Thick and creamy. Not too sweet, just nice. I’m no sweet-tooth 🙁

Sigh! Should have ordered the Oreo Cheesecake since AiWei kept complimenting on it!
I’m so into cupcakes that moment and I ended up ordering the Peanut Butter cupcake for RM4.50.
First: tasted on the icing, hmm.. not bad.
Second: the cake itself, Oh god.. tooo sweeeet! Like eating a spoonful of sugar! I’m disappointed!

CIMG2495 copy

Peanut Butter Cupcake ~ looks can be deceiving!

*pouts* sorry girls 🙁

CIMG2505 copy

Guess what we got for the birthday gal? Even she herself had a hard time finding out.

The Torch! used by practitioners for clinical examination on patients. Hope she’ll find it useful! She experimented on us first!

~ Camwhoring time! ~

Love you Khee!

Friends 4 Ever!
Happy 21st Birthday Khee!


1F-18, First Floor, Bangsar Village II,

No.1, Jalan Telawi Dua,

Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03 – 2282 8301

Fax: 03 – 6201 4851

see…. Still can’t resist cupcakes! haha…

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10 Replies to “Birthday Festivity @ Marmalade, Bangsar Village II”

  1. Such a lovely birthday celebration! Good food, good ambience, good companion 🙂

  2. Agree with what Jason said. The food looks so so appetising, moreover with the cakes :3

  3. their desserts are really great!!! you guys should have that oreo cheese on the day. always love to hang out with you gals. glad that u cut off me in the pic with u n khee. *hahaha*

    good food, good cakes but not cupcakes *grin*

  4. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    seems like u guys really had a nice celebration! i like marmalade cafe quite a lot too! can’t wait to try out their blueberry yogurt cake! did u guys brought the candle urselves? or did they provide u with the candle?

  5. good choice! we tried da salad and quiche before… truly yummy!!!! and da salad, ohhhh darn big portion right?! 😀 oh boy.. am now craving for da blueberry yogurt cake again lol.. btw, i tried their cupcakes few days ago… peanut butter too and to be honest, not so nice 🙁 i complaint da same thing too… da icing way too sweet and da texture of da cake, real hard.. 😐 very dry and not fluffy.. like you, we were very disappointed too 🙁

  6. We are so sad now 🙁 ….no biogboysoven cake!…

  7. KampungboyCitygal says: Reply

    yeah shud order bbo cakes, i ordered 3 from him..and all tastes good haha..sid pay me ads fees

  8. New Kid on the Blog says: Reply

    wow, looks like everyone is giving good comment on this… hmmm, shld pay a visit whenever am down in KL then….

  9. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, send all the sweet stuff my way! Love cakes! 😀

    Your Love Coach

  10. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    we’re overwhelmed with the great food and environment 🙂 a great place to celebrate indeed!

    the foods were really appetizing. Consider to give this place a try. The cakes… omg.. delicious, well.. except the cupcake we ordered 🙁

    I want oreo cheesecake! so regret for not ordering. next tea time? will listen to you then.. hehe
    Oops.. u said u don’t wan that pic to be uploaded ma.. keke

    wenching& esiong~
    go try. go try. It’s worth it 🙂 too bad we didn;t have the oreo cheesecake that aiwei’s raving about 🙁
    They provided us the candle. U’ve to request for it :)so, it’s convenient.

    yea. big portion indeed. We’ve to share! I’m craving for more cakes from this outlet as well.. but not the peanut butter one. Saddening… 🙁 Wonder if the other cupcakes tasted so sweetening as well… hmmm…

    big boys oven~
    Oops.. will definitely order from you guys next time! but… i wan free sample tasting first. Can? hehe…

    wow… 3 cakes from BBO? must be very very delicious and definitely worth a try. Will do that. will do that 🙂

    new kid on the blog~
    you should 🙂 mark this place into “to-eat-where-next” list 🙂 btw… where r u from?

    yea. I’m no sweet-tooth, but still love cakes 🙂 Not the “too sweet” ones though.. Ok. you can have the cupcake! *lol*
    Come on 🙂 a high five for being a cake lover! yay 😉

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