IMU Carnival & Charity Run 2007

Held in conjunction with International Medical University‘s 15th anniversary celebrations, my uni had came out with an event of the year.. The Charity Run cum Carnival! This event with the aim to raise RM50,000 to aid 3 beneficiaries:

1. St. Jerome children’s home
2. Rumah Shalom children’s home
3. Kampung Orang Asli Serendah

The IMU Carnival was from 8am onwards and all the way till 4 pm. With performances by Dina (Malaysian Idol runner-up) and other local bands, a food fair with lots of scrumptious food, haunted house, kids’ corner and games galore… this social occasion was a happening one!

Needless to say… let me show you some of the visual attractions!

I was late for the fashion show paraded by my course mates… so I’ve curi-ed the pics from Hui Yin!

fashion show (2)

Jac and FeiHing

fashion show (1)

MeiWen and Andy.. what were they up to? Creative and cute pose eh? hehe…

Let’s take a stroll outdoor and see what stalls did my IMU friends, lecturers and staffs have set up!

maggi pizza

One of the relish food available. The Maggi Pizza!! Have not had those.. have not even heard of it! 1 for RM1.50 🙂 Tasty… with the mayonnaise and chili sauce topping!

The samosa.. looked like donuts to me!

Was walking and taking pictures… until I saw the cupcakes! An appealing and sweetness underlying them… RM2 for 1. Bought the chocolate cupcake instead of vanilla as Chris requested 🙂 It lay beautifully until the time to taste has come… Oh dear! Toooo Sweeeet! Chris claimed.. I was reluctant even to take a bite then. Love the sweet sensations of cupcakes but that was just too much!

vanilla cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes

choc cupcakes


We caught up with our Dean of Pharmacy School and took a picture with him.. Not used to seeing him wearing a sporty and casual attire as he’s always equipped smartly in his suit!

It was kinda fun and peculiar witnessing our dear lecturers cook especially! Mr. Mudassir was conducting a workshop for one of his Pakistan dish : the Gulab Jamuan.

Mr. Mudassir


They looked sweetening to me.. but it tasted great! A good one!

As for my tutor, Dr Ignacio, he carried out and showed of his culinary skills really well. One of his specialty : the Torttila de Pattata. (em.. did I spell it right?) Guessed it’s one of his Spanish dish. The aroma exerted almost filled up the entire cafeteria! Didn’t try though.. Really afraid that my sorethroat will relapse as I’ve just recovered. So, precautions.. precautions 😛


His masterpiece in the making…

Pink Cotton Candy! not really pretty though… ;D

There were lots of other food available.. but I didn’t manage to take them all.. as I was going to wait in the atrium….
Waiting for the performance that I’ve anticipated… violin performance by dear Carolyn! What a show! Such a gifted person with a graceful elaboration of music!


Just have to take a picture with her!

With Carolyn’s baby.. How’d I looked??

The event was a successful one, attracting people from the public as well, including the young and old! Everyone had mingled! Guessed the authorities and committees have reached the aim and target that they desired to… Enable people to have fun and at the same time.. contribute to the society!
Enjoyed myself of course!

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8 Replies to “IMU Carnival & Charity Run 2007”

  1. guess i have missed out a lot of ‘fun’ there. haizzz. what to do?! no transport around is killing me. think i will have to ‘ma fan’ u guys for outing until i will have my own transport.

  2. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    wow, this is really special, maggi pizza? haha! i would really want to try it out if i have the chance. the torttila de pattata is new to me. lotsa interesting stuff in the event!! nice one!! 🙂

  3. O_o maggi pizza looks so adorable… wondering if it’s yummy…. so creative!

  4. ♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ says: Reply

    ya i am curious about the taste for that Maggi pizza too~ maybe you can ask Chris to bring one for me 😛

  5. Wah! such a fun day…..!!!!1

  6. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    aiwei~ u had! but.. understand ur situation 😉 no worries! you can still “ma fan” us for the moment.

    wenching&esiong~ perhaps u can try preparing urself? just toss some maggi noodles onto ur frying pan! haha.. I’m pretty sure there’re torttilas out there in KL. Can venture around for that 😉 A successful event and I’m kinda proud of that. hehe.

    meiyen~ creative rite? it tasted… maggi! with an additional of chili and mayonnaise. just that it’s something different to try out. Not bad at all 🙂

    alvin~ hi alvin! thx for dropping by.. and with comments.. 🙂 maybe u can ask Chris to cook for you in the office? pretty good eh? It tasted OK, but it’s something different that u can try at home.

    big boys oven~ yeap.. I had fun. Bet you’ll be having fun as well if u were here ;P

  7. Maggi Pizza??Sounds unique…really creative!!:D
    And the Tortilla looks cool too

    Really looks like a great much fun!!How I wish I could be there…:)

  8. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    christy~ sounded and looked unique to me too 🙂 Too bad i didn’t manage to have the Tortillas! wasted ;( Have u tried any before?
    Yeah.. the day was really fun 🙂

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