I’ve been tagged! *again*


I got tagged by one of my junior, Ray quite some time ago and now… kena tagged by dear Lydia! Guess I’ve to do my thing here and respond!

5 Things found in my bag:
1. my purse
2. pink mobile
3. tissue
4. a small water bottle (sometimes)
5. keys

I can’t live without it! 😛

5 Things found in my purse/wallet
1. I.C
2. Driving license
3. A picture of Chris and I (taken ages ago!)
4. Money
5. Credit card, discount cards… and ‘other’ cards

A Picture found in my purse

5 Favourite things in your room
1. my comfortable bed!
2. my LaptoP!
3. my study desk~ colourful.. but messy 😛
4. my wardrobe 🙂
5. stuffed toys on my bed. ~ comfy

my comfortable bed with my lappie 😉
the ‘always messy’ study desk!

5 Types of humans
1. Nice people with nice personality (loving, friendly, thoughtful, caring… and the list goes on)
2. Not-so-genuine people (fake!)
3. Backstabbing individuals (inhuman??)
4. People who are trying so hard to be nice but not bothered
5. People who does not even bother to be nice at all!

5 Things you’ve always wanted to do.
1. Ice skate again
2. Learn chinese!! (it’s hard ~ faint) *Chris’s my tutor now*
3. Learn how to cook!
4. Exercise more
5. Eat less… but seems useless 😛

5 Things you’re currently into
1. Studies
2. Food blogging
3. Taking lots of pictures
4. Eating out with friends 😛
5. Think a lot!

5 People you want tag
1. AiWei (My Story)

3. wenching & esiong (Sugar Bean)
4. Ee Wan (yvonneeewan)
5. Wei Meng (The Moment)

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4 Replies to “I’ve been tagged! *again*”

  1. Lim Wei Meng says: Reply

    I was wondering wat is the tag and now i know..lol
    Your blog seriously makes me hungry..
    ARgh!! missing malaysia food.

  2. i am tagged!!! o.O o.O o.O
    alright. gimme some times then will do it on the-tag-thing. kekeke

  3. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    wei meng~ actually at first I’m also clueless about the tagging thingy.. but now I knew 2! hehe.. so u’re tagged!!

    Missing malaysian food? So ‘Cham’. I know that u’re missing ur Penang CKT a lot right? just have to bear with it.. 1 year.. will pass faster then u know 🙂

    ai wei~ just remember to do ‘your thing’ will hop over to see urs soon!

  4. whoops, sugar bean is tagged, anyway, i’ll reply to ur tag in my personal blog when i’m free ya!! hope u’re ok with it. keke!! 🙂

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