Sushi Promo @ Sushi Zanmai (Last Call!)

Even from my last visit to Sushi Zanmai, I’ve the vouchers for the entitlement to enjoy featured sushis at only RM1.00!! This is cheap people.. even cheaper than those available in hypermarkets nowadays who’s setting the price at about RM0.99 per piece. If i were to use them.. it’ll be only RM0.50 per piece! in which they will be fresher, more “good-looking” I’d say…. and even yummier right?

Initially, I’ve already planned to ask AiWei to use the vouchers and try this out with me but sadly, I can’t make it on Saturday as it was my grandfather’s birthday! So.. in the end.. my thoughts of using the entitlement has been put to an end since they are only valid till 31st July! *sweat* My desire to savour the Japanese delicacies at Sushi Zanmai is like…. ‘going down the drain’. *pouts* What a waste! but what to do.. was busy that week and my thoughts to revisit has faded due to the loaded assignments and tests coming up! *sigh*

Then on Monday, the 30th of July.. I went back from uni early that day and Chris asked, “That vouchers of yours.. due’s tomorrow right? Wanna go have some sushis for a while? Know you wouldn’t be satisfied if you didn’t use them… I was like “Huh? Are you sure? Drive all the way to Sunway just to fulfill my desirous appetite?” I love him -lar- He just replenished my thoughts and brighten up my day again after some brain-storming sessions in class! *yohoho*

We can only have the 3 types of sushis: Salmon, Unagi and Ebiten. Despite this, we ordered 2 sets of these and an addition of Kani Mayo sushi for RM2.60 (this is not on promotion). Just have sushis only as actually we’ve already taken lunch back at home 😛

This combination for RM8.60! Very very reasonable huh?

They were all arranged nicely on a greyish-stonish plate. Looked appealing! These are not pre-made like the ones on the conveyor-belt! Fresh. Fresh!

Oh.. the ebiten looked superb. So fresh and tempting!

the Kani Mayo, Salmon and Unagi also delivered the entice that can only be described when you’ve tasted them. Hmm.. 🙂 Love the food here!

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Sushi Zanmai
Japanese Street, 1st floor,
Oasis Boulevard 2,
Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway
Tel: 03-74923080
Mobile: 012-9893080
Business Hours: 12noon – 11pm (daily)

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6 Replies to “Sushi Promo @ Sushi Zanmai (Last Call!)”

  1. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    wow, sushi zanmai again! just cant resist japanese food. btw, how’d u get the voucher? did u ate just sushi? what about your main dish?

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!~ sushi!!!
    i missed it and missed it!!! i am very stupid as deno the way to sunway for this sushi~ sob

  3. oooh, that is lucky of you! The sushi looks good. Lianne also went recently and she had the Ikura Chawan Mushi which looked so delicious.

  4. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    wenching&esiong~ hehe.. got it when I went ice skating sometime ago.. they’re doing some promotion during then.. We didn’t have any main dish. Just sushis.. During last visit~yes- we tried other dishes! Yummy!

    ai wei~ Haiyo girl.. I can teach u how to get to Sunway. Very easy. C when.. u come over with khee? then v can go look for Yen!

    boo~ yea! looked so appealing. tasted fresh 2.Oh boy.. Ikura Chawan Mushi?? I’ll check out her post then and start drooling again! 🙂

  5. Wah!! Sushi!!! It is very expansive over here..hungry hungry..Christine your blog always make me hungry, dun wan to see already. :p haha

  6. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    wei meng~ I bet it’s way way expensive at Glasgow. A year without some kind of Japanese dish will definitely make me go crazy! Haha… Am I really making u hungry? 😛
    I thought u missed Malaysian food a lot.. then u should visit and see more!! I’m helping you to ‘reminisce’ the past while u’re happily having malaysian food!

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