Girls Lunch-Out at Old Town White Coffee

I missed their companies! I missed the laughter shared and “girls gossips” with them! They are no other than my soul mates ~ Yen and AiWei 🙂 We met up for another lunch hang-out at Jusco Cheras Selatan. I meet AiWei up while she’s busy strolling and eyeing on the shoes at Vincci. As usual… Yen, the princess is late, although actually she was already there with her mom. Ai Wei and I walked from one end to the other corner of the mall figuring out what should we eat 🙁
Almost end up in the Orchid Bistro but since there are not many customers dining in, there goes our desire to try it out. After Yen arrived, we headed to the Old Town White Coffee restaurant since AiWei and I have not tried on their main dishes yet 🙂

For drinks, Yen and I had the Honey Lemon Juice. She opted for the hot juice while I needed something chilling to quench my thirst. So I ordered the cold version. Love honey and lemon. Just so compatible!

Hot Honey Lemon Juice at RM 2.80
honey lemon juice

The Cold Honey Lemon Juice was hydrating! RM3.20 per glass.
white coffee gao

AiWei had something different, the White Coffee Gao for RM2.80

Since Yen had already taken her lunch… hey, I thought we’re suppose to have it together! She just watched us have our delish meals. I’m recommended by Yen on the restaurant’s nasi lemak. They offer one with Rendang Chicken and another special version. Both tempted me lots!
Well, I had the Nasi Lemak Special instead as I wanted to know how special it can turn out to be… This portion for RM5.8o.

It really turn out to be special after all and I fell in love with their sambal right away. The taste of excitement! hehe.. It’s served with a piece of fried chicken and I thought it tasted like the KFC! Still delicious no doubt 🙂

For AiWei, she had something light… since she had something back home, an order of a Tuna Toast seems appropriate. Tuna fillings with veges were delicate, at the price of RM3.50.

tuna toast

Though we have gone our separate ways, even further from each other next year! *sob* We just can’t stop it, can’t we? Another ‘musketeer’ is heading home soon.. till then, we shall have more hang-outs and food blogging… and after my coming test! Oh dear…


Old Town White Coffee

Jusco Cheras Selatan,

Tel: 03-90741898

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5 Replies to “Girls Lunch-Out at Old Town White Coffee”

  1. wakekeke. i like shot on yen. she looks so ‘wai sek’. sigh… yen, we are supposed to have lunch together n not just the drink ONLY.
    khee will be back soon! gonna drag her out for more food.

    sob… u are going to scotland soon, yen going to aus soon and khee will be in india. how can this be?! you guys leaving me alone in KL. ‘mou yan sing’ ar…
    sob… by time i have got no friends ler 🙁

  2. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    wow, didn’t know that u’re going to scotland soon. which uni and when’re u leaving? if then, eat more malaysian food now or u’ll miss it very badly! anyway, i like their nasi lemak there. looks nice, haha! every nasi lemak just taste great to me!

  3. Hey I just had Old Town’s Hor Fun minutes ago. Delivered by them to my office. 🙂

  4. it’s always nice to have gals outing 😉

  5. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    ai wei~ A lot to catch p from Khee since she’s back!! *consoling*.. don’t like that ler.. U still have… wenching!! haha.. I also like the pic of yen! 😛

    wenching&esiong~ Not so soon though. If everything goes on well, will be taking off next year 🙂 Of course I’ll miss lots and lots of malaysian food! don’t care.. must go on for more food hunting!!! same here.. I just can’t resist nasi lemak!

    tankiasu~ Delivered?? u mean they have delivery service? I didn’t know that at all 😛
    but.. delivered Hor Fun still tasted good??

    meiyen~ Yes! Love girls outing too! High five!

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