Family Dinner @ Old Klang Road

Last Sunday, as usual, we’ll go out for dinner instead of having home-cooked food 🙂 Sunday’s day off for mom. Before that, bro and I joined our parents for a brisk walk at the Bukit Jalil park… Well, mom and dad just stroll around the park.. (pak tor around).. while bro and I went jogging a little. The outlook of the park didn’t change much. ‘N’ years since I last land my foot on this park that is always full with lots of people, families especially during weekends. A nice environment it’s providing… greens everywhere but the sad thing is, the water is so filthy! Oh dear.. maybe it’s due to the feeding by the visitors. Lots of turtles and fishes waiting anxiously in the pond for us to feed them… but the uncleanliness disgust me a little. Think the park’s management should work more on their filtering system. Ok. enough about the park 🙂
We went to one of the chinese restaurants located at Old Klang Road. Didn’t know what’s the name of the eatery as they didn’t have any signboard! Kept on looking but couldn’t find. Forgotten to ask the owner or the workers some more! *issh* This place is packed with people! Guess it must be famous for a reason. The workers are busy ‘whooshing’ around and we’ve to wait quite some time for them to get our orders and even paying the bill, it’s hard! They hardly have the time to ‘entertain’ us… so occupied 😛

Dad ordered us the Minced Pork Beancurd. The tofu was smooth and soft! Nice nice! Eaten with rice? Superb..extra credits for the gravy!

CIMG1802 copy

Next up,we had the ‘gu lo yuk’ (Sweet and Sour Pork). Oh.. the meat was tender inside and crispy on the outside! Again.. the sweet and sour gravy just boost my appetite to a higher extent.

CIMG1803 copy

Here comes the Belacan Kangkung. Thought that this dish was normal but still tasty 🙂

CIMG1805 copy

The Steamed Fish in Minced Bean is a must order dish:) The fresh fish coated with the thick gravy of minced beans, plus the aroma exerted with addition of garlic cloves is just so stimulating! This stimulated the receptors in my brain and the ‘reward system’ commanded me to take more! haha… I’m so exaggerative! anyway it’s delicious in simple descriptive language. Sometimes you’ll feel more content when using ‘flowerish’ languages to somehow prove your vocab power huh? *no-la* just wanna improve my writing skills only.. still learning 😛 *cheh*

I asked dad to order noodles since I’m crazy about noodles lately 😛 Well, we had the Cantonese Fried Yee Mee! This is famous 🙂 The gravy… is simply irresistible. Love yee mee topped with such pleasantly tasted gravy. This is served with pork, vege and prawns.

We ordered for one share. Such a big portion!

The total bill came up to about RM58, including another take away of Cantonese Fried Yee Mee. Reasonable enough? Thought that it’s cheap. I had so much food and I’ve to hug my tummy when heading home! haha! Yum… 🙂


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6 Replies to “Family Dinner @ Old Klang Road”

  1. wow~ so fast another post ler! blog very fast ler (cakap me fast pulak, u urself also) *hehe* eh, ur photography skill also very good. love the ‘gu lou yuk’ in different tone. besides, it’s my favourite. *hungry hungry*

  2. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    u guys really post very often. anyway, old klang road?? that’s near my house, i wonder which restaurant is it. the belacan kangkung somehow attracted me! love spicy food!

  3. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    ai wei~ the gu lo yuk is delicious! I’m still practicing in taking good photos. haha.. have to take at different angles sometimes. 🙂 U’re better seriously!

    wenching&esiong~ haha.. not often.. if it’s not due to my exam. I think I can post everyday! Not if I’ve food to blog about 😛 O.. U stay in Old Klang Road? I didn’t know the name of the restaurant cos it’s my first time there. No signboard.. But it’s located opposite a row of shops, and opposite a child’s specialist clinic i think.. 😛 try it out. and.. any nice restaurants near old klang road?

  4. i’m staying in old klang road too, can u give more landmarks…the dishes look delicious, is it at the main old klang road, or inside the taman taman in old klang road???

  5. Sorry for digging out old post, but I love this place, cheap n good! The fish head you can also order curry or assam, more sinful but tastes great. I also like the superior soup la la, very fresh, the pou king pai kuat, prawns in oats (but a bit more pricey), and yes, this place got no name, I tried looking for it. I typically tell ppl the road from pearl point towards happy garden on the right where there is a slope going up to this tai chow place

    1. haha this post is very old indeed. and thanks for the directions and recommendations! time for a revisit I guess 🙂

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