Curry Craze @ HK Food Station

Another visit to HK Food Station again early last week for lunch! Bored with the eateries at typical coffee shops, we thought of dining in this fairly low temperature in the afternoon. It’s freakin hot outside! *haha* Although we felt burning sensation within and sweating due to the hot weather, this didn’t stop us from savouring spicy food. Love curries! Both of us have curry noodles. I opted for the Dry Chicken Curry Noddle while Chris have the normal Chicken Curry Noodle. Both are priced at RM4.50. These was served with those flattened noodles.. not yellow noodles 😛 Hmm.. springy.

Chicken Curry Noodle.. Kinda oily though, but Chris said it still tasted well…
CIMG1817 copy

Mine came with a big portion. The Dry Chicken Curry Noodle. Thought this is better.. Delicious!

CIMG1815 copy

Oooo.. I love curry!

When our portions came, I hurriedly took pictures of them. While doing so, the owner of this restaurant, a lady boss, approached us and asked, “Are both of you interested in involving yourself in some kind of food or culinary business?” We were like… “Huh? Hm.. no.. why did you asked that?” Then she said, “Oh.. I’m kinda bored with all these.. I mean the business. Thought you guys might be interested.”

In our thoughts.. business might have been deteriorating these days.. It’s not possible that she’ll feel bored and wanted to close down due to her “sien-ness” since this food station was only opened not long ago.. Maybe it’s due to the location of this place. Hidden. Despite the lack of customers, they serve good food. So far, everything looks nice to me. Taste? Not bad… but not superb. Well, I wouldn’t know it’s faith (whether it’ll stand still there or closed down) until I visit again 😛 We’ll see….

Check out this place while they’re still operating 🙂

HK Food Station

26, Jalan KP 1/3,
Kajang Prima,
Jalan Semenyih,

43300 Kajang

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5 Replies to “Curry Craze @ HK Food Station”

  1. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    Oops, if they’re really closing down then it’s too bad. Hope not. Anyway, seems like you both like curry too! Me too, just love hot and spicy stuff.

  2. The dry curry noodles look good. Wow, that is quick that she is bored already. Suspect she’s just testing you to see if you’re a competitor.

  3. hmmm… have got the same thought as boo_licious. keke. i much prefer the look of ur dried curry noodles. but deno how is the taste?!

  4. huh? curry from HK food chain? hehehe…the dried version looks good!

  5. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    wenching&esiong~ Not really sure whether they’re closing down for real or not cos the lady boss sounded she wanted to. hehe.. yes! we love spicy food!

    boo~ haha.. maybe you’re right. Kinda weird that she wanted to let go her business so fast. Yup..the dry version tasted a lot better!

    aiwei~ It tasted great! You rarely go to kajang rite? Next time I’ll ask Chris to bring u makan-makan around kajang. what’d u say? Satays? 🙂

    jackson~ yea. Seldom you’ll find curry noodles in most HK style restaurants.. this is different. The dried curry noodles tasted generous portion..for me 🙂

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