Chili Pan Mee @ Madam Chiam Restaurant

It’s been a while since Yen, AiWei and I had any long hours of lunch session and girls talk! I didn’t have class that day and the 3 of us decided to meet up… Too bad Khee wasn’t here. The 4 of us used to hang out a lot and ‘eat-out-a-lot’ during our unforgettable A-Levels days.. I missed those happy times too AiWei! Reminiscing the past now~~ Just love having you girls as companies! We can just sit there and talk non-stop!! If AiWei didn’t have class in the afternoon, I think we can sit, babble and crap all the way! *giggle* During our college days, we used to dine in Madam Chiam Curry Noodle House during lunch hours, but then, it wasn’t named Madam Chiam… it’s something like…Ah Ying Restaurant. Though they’ve changed the name and signboard, we still crave for our favourite noodle here, the Chili Pan Mee. Oh! I savour this!

Yen arrived the earliest! Surprise surprise.. and AiWei was late! We didn’t blame you girl.. No worries 🙂 as…this is your first time? haha. Yen was eager to order for us and she highly recommend us one of their ‘tong sui’ (dessert) available. The Corn & Water chestnut for RM1.20. Not bad.. good recommendation. Not too sweet.. up to my sensation of flavour. By the way, we had this before our pan mee! Thought we’re suppose to have dessert after.. but anyway.. it doesn’t matter! I’m drifted away by such nice conversations! *nod nod*

CIMG1790 copy

The Corn & Water chestnut tong sui

And here’s the Chili Pan Mee of Connaught! Sinfully appetizing and way way delightfully delicious! RM4.00 per bowl. They increased the price I think as I remembered the last time we visited, it was priced around RM3.50 – RM3.80.

Highly recommended. Noodles that tempted us for such a long period of time.

CIMG1794 copy
Added chili and Ta-Da! Ready to drool and eat! The half-bolied egg, anchovies and minced pork just blend well together with the noodle 🙂

The vege soup was served together with the pan mee..

As the sign board reads.. Curry House Noodle, we have not tried any curry noodles although it’s one of their specialty besides chili pan mee. Shall give it a try next time definitely.. I’ll advise myself not to change my mind and opt for pan mee again in my next visit.. maybe 😛
Chris’s sis flew off to Guangzhou, China for work and guess what she bought us this time? Chocolates!! I’m not much of a chocolate lover but still felt happy when eyeing on those chocolates on my desk!

and..she bought us… these! Can you guess what’s this cute-looking and prettily packed can-drinks-liked souvenirs? T-shirts from mainland China! They sure know how to lure people into buying their ‘otherwise different’ products huh? So.. cute. Packed in a pretty can 🙂

the front
and back:P

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Madam Chiam Restaurant
Jalan Cerdik
Taman Connaught, Cheras

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12 Replies to “Chili Pan Mee @ Madam Chiam Restaurant”

  1. that’s very nice! the tshirts packed in cute cans 🙂

  2. *giggle* really nice to hang out. love you gals lots. wow… the tee looks cute in the tiny can. *.* lovely little tiny thingie~

  3. Wow! looks like you have eaten in many places and great delicious looking photos of food.

  4. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    again, the chocolate caught my attention. it looks good and i suppose it taste good right? the place looks good, the dishes look clean and the price is reasonable too. gonna try it if i have the chance!!

  5. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    xiu long bao~ cute right? I’ve never seen such stylish packed T-shirts b4! Love the cans too 🙂

    aiwei~ next time i’ll show u the t-shirt. I haven’t open it yet. Didn’t want to la.. Too nice already! haha. and.. we’ve to make to booking to “you-know” as soon as possible 🙂 Only free that week cos I’ve exam! *sob*

    flipper~ haha.. not really.. still exploring more eateries! Thanks for visiting ya! 🙂

    wenching&esiong~ yup yup.. very delicious! Don’t worry, the place is very clean! Do try out their Chili pan mee ok? highly recommended 😀 near aiwei’s place. you can ask her to bring you there~

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  7. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Love chilli pan mee cos can’t find that in Ipoh.

  8. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    hi jason~ thanks for dropping by my blog too! Don’t have any chili pan mee at Ipoh? sayangNya..! 🙁 but there’s nice chicken rice at Ipoh right? haha… what else ya?

  9. Em.. salt baked chicken 😛

  10. it’s the most awesome amazing yummy scrumptious pan mee EVER!! i absolutely love Madam Chiam’s pan mee and ever since I finished college this year, i’m constantly craving it!!! thank god i’m going back to college today and you see la, i ended up googling “madam chiam spicy pan mee”!!!!! haha.

  11. No thanks… i like my Pan Mee original. Tried their curry mee..however, it is not at all nice..

  12. no thanks.. i like my pan mee original.. tried their curry of the worst kind..

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