Best K session @ Neway!

During my last visit to Sushi Groove, Yen have already asked us to plan our “K” outing to Neway on the 14 of July… Sadly, our anticipation towards this day haven’t been fulfilled as she let us down. Aw.. sedihNya kami! Anyhow, Chris, Lick and I insisted on going, so we asked AiWei out despite the absence of our dear “you-know-who”! *laughs!* Chris and I arrived early for the “K-Lunch session” :as this is the cheapest session among the other Happy Hour, dinner or supper period…. Lowest rate at RM12++ per person, you’ll get to enjoy nice order of lunch, free flow of drinks, free salad buffet and most importantly…SING! This is the price during weekends at the moment. For weekdays, you’ll get to have 50% discount during lunch hour!! Cheapo! Well.. seriously, I do prefer this place compared to Red Box. Flat screen TV, cordless mic, nice sound systems..and great food! We went to the branch located at Cheras Plaza, opposite Cheras Leisure Mall.

the salads that I opted for at the salad buffet counter!

Soups are also available! Choices for the day are: ABC soup and the Cream Corn with Crabsticks soup. I had the creamy soup of course! ~yum~ better than the portion that I had at Pizza Hut! hehe…

As for the main course… there’s a list of “Menu for Today” Everyday, they offer different choices of food for lunch. Hmmm… let’s see… 🙂

Made up my mind to have the Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup (yu tao mai)! Not bad at all! Lotsa fish meat and yet so crispy! Mee Hoon and its yummylicious soup? Just nice…! Chris and Lick had the same too. This for RM12++

As for AiWei, she tried something different. She had the Stir Fried Home Szechuan Vegetarian served with Rice! This looked authentic to me! Also for RM12++
She claimed it’s pleasing her taste bud as well!

We enjoyed this lots and the 2 hours session doesn’t seem to be enough for us! Usually when we’re in the Neway @ 1 Utama, we’ll have at least 3 hours! Anyway… it’s always great to have companies and managed to scream (I mean sing) as loud, as crazy as we like! hehe.. 😛 Ai Wei… when we’ve singing outings next time, I’ll count you in dy ya! and we’ll make sure Yen follows us next time!

the gentlemen ~ in the “concert hall” 😛

Cheras Outlet
Mezzanine Floor,
Cheras Plaza

Tel: 603-91311499

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4 Replies to “Best K session @ Neway!”

  1. boo_licious says: Reply

    Looks like lots of fun and yes, the weekdays are really good value for money.

  2. ekekeke. it was real fun to hang out with you guys. especially your chris and wee lick. they are ‘gor wong’ (they can sing Very Well). let’s hang out more often. hehehehe

  3. haihs…2 hours is never enough for us….i still remember once we went for 9 hours…remember??? haha…and that is called fun..
    nvm..find one day we go yen house from morning till night..then sing..she promised me she’ll be our ah 4 since she fly our aeroplane

  4. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    boo~ really worth it! that’s what I thought.. 🙂

    ai wei~ yea sure. despite the busy timetable we had (:P) we should spare some time for hangouts and restaurants visits!! agree? 🙂

    wee~ 9 hours?? when o..? forgotten 😛 we should really pay her a visit one day so that she can “keep her promise” haha! when? when?

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