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Every year, the mid-autumn festival a.k.a the Mooncake Festival is celebrated with such excitable atmosphere and marked as one of the memorable celebration. However, this year…the declining moods and lack of family togetherness have caused the diminished deposition of merriness.
The best mooncake festival celebration that I ever had was of course during the younger days.
Being naive and not worrying about daily happenings, lighting up candles all over and running around with pretty lanterns! I missed that!

My dear parents went honeymoon-ing in Macau to count down to their 23rd Anniversary! *sweet* Due to this sweet event, my parents, the hosts are not present to organize the yearly celebration with the aunts and uncles…
So… left me with my brothers, grandpa and luckily Chris will be joining us for dinner 🙂
A small celebration. No extra activity. Nestled at home quietly. Waiting for mom and dad to be back midnight!

During weekends, bro and his gal celebrated in advance and I joined them for that little moment. Lighten up our garden beautifully with lanterns, playing with candles — reminds me the past events.

Bro made tea 🙂

Not having any mooncakes on this yearly celebration will be like the missing jigsaw in a puzzle 🙂 Complete it with the well-known Chinese delights! Various types of mooncakes are available these days, incorporating new flavour, but I still prefer the mooncakes of undisputed origin. The classic ones…

The collections on our tea-table
Mini Shanghai Mooncakes from Malacca! also known as the Egg Yolk Pies
These are cute! another mini version 🙂 with compact fillings of dried coconuts.
Love the double yolk TaiThong Mooncake. I heart them.

The piggies from Aunt Stacy! Aren’t they adorable?? Can’t afford to land my teeth on them..
Mini snowskin mooncakes

The mini Snowskin mooncakes of distinct flavour by Berry Cakehouse. The rapsberry with green bean just tasted so wise! But… it’s missing in the pic. Well.. It’s already in my stomach. *giggle*

Although there were occurrence of the distressing moods, lacking of the strong “flavour” of the celebration but with the presence of loved ones… contentment overwrites them 🙂

Celebrate it with your loved ones!
Treasure the moment!

Happy Mooncake Festival everyone!

Mid-Autumn Festival is in the air

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