Happy 50th birthday to my dear Malaysia!

Finally touching half a century of Independence, which is worth a celebration! A country that offers comfort, variety of food and places to spend time socially no doubt!
I went to the Putrajaya Convention centre last night on the Merdeke Eve, to join in the countdown celebration and marked the independence day with so full of enthusiasm and excitement!… as there was the musical fireworks from Team Japan!!! More sharings later then! The atmosphere was just filling up with sophistication and “wow-ness”.

I hope everyone is enjoying their 3 days day-off and it’s weekend!

I didn’t wonder anywhere despite the holiday. Just have to finish up revisions for another test next week! and worst of all, nasal congestion made me tiring and sleepy. Darn! There’s even some tingling sensation down my thoart!

Last week, as Chris promised, he brought me to have lunch at Marco’s Pizza. Located opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station, we’ve always got captivated by the giant signboard displayed while we’re on our way to 1 Utama. This time, Chris suggested that we should make a stop for food here! It’s quite difficult for us to get a parking space around. Well after about 15 minutes, finally we managed to. This is quite a big outlet with different degree of ambience, I must say. There’s corners for kids, decorated walls with cute cartoon paintings, as well as spaces that compromised with contented interior and lightings that layout to the front door.

For starters, we had their Wild Mushroom Soup scented with grape seed oil. For RM8.00, you’ll get to taste the creamy and thick soup! Accompanied with extensive aroma and taste, a spoonful with just have its aroma penetrate your nostrils right away while covering with these soups in your mouth! I love it absolutely… but also thought that the mushroom soup that Precious Pea had at Max Kitchen would be extra tempting!

Not to forget the drinks, as usual Chris ordered the Iced Lemon Tea for RM4.50. Strong lemon sensation just boost my vitamin C level higher! *smiles* which I need it badly right now!

Ice Lemon Tea

And… here comes our main course orders! Initially I plan to try on their pizza as well as pastas, but after asking how many they would serve for the regular portion they said 8 pieces! I thought that we can’t finish them all, so I’d rather have their pizza… what they are famous for. However, Chris insisted that we have them both since he knew I love pastas! Then… ok for sure!!

We ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara, a traditional creamy pasta with beef bacon, garlic, egg & parmesan cheese! Oh.. this was appetizingly delicious for sure!! As what had been mentioned, creamy and tasty! This for RM 18.80.

Creamy Carbonara (2)
Creamy Carbonara (1)

Have a look! Served hot and this gain an extra credit to its taste!

Our order of Marco’s Pizza was served while we’re busy having our creamy carbonara. This is Marco’s signature pizza with shredded turkey ham, country chicken egg, mozzarella cheese and plum tomato sauce. I requested for the thin crust version as I’ve not have any before. All the while, was eating the thick crust that Pizza Hut offered! Although I’m not a typical pizza lover, I still managed to eat 4 pieces! Chris sapu the rest! haha! Whoa…. the crunchy crust and the hot, delicious toppings left me drifted with pleasant thoughts! RM16.80 for a regular pizza was indeed a reasonable price for sure 🙂 *claps claps to Marco’s*


I love thin crusted pizza!

The workers were busy cooking the pizza in the open oven. Traditionally methodology prepared pizza is the best!!!

we loved it!

Yea. We loved it absolutely! They had built quite a high reputation in the media world.

Hope you would check this place out and once again Happy 50th Independence Day! I hereby conduct a virtual celebration with all of you by sharing my pictures on Marco’s Pizza! *smiles*

Have a great weekend people!

Click for enlarged map

Marco’s Pizza

No: 81-85, Jalan ss25/2,
Taman Bukit Emas, 47301 PJ

Tel: 03-7803 5000

Fax: 03-7803 3805

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