Pampered by Delicious!

I have a terrible flu… a bad throat.

I have not recovered, it worsened 🙁

Invasion of microorganism down my throat have led my voice into a deep and husky sound.

Worst of all, battling towards the healing process have caused an extra unfavourable circumstances….

Whooping Cough!!

Sitting for the test today was almost unbearable. The deadly, silent exam hall was awaken by my consequent coughing and my level of concentration and confidence had declined markedly.

But after looking at what I had for dessert last week after Marco’s Pizza, the scale of pleasure and contentment abruptly rises sky high!

I’m madly in love with………….

Chocolicious Sundae with Fresh Strawberries!!!

Chocolate Sundae(2)

Chris pampered me again with this fresh, pure and untainted dessert available at Delicious by Ms. Read while we were in 1 Utama 🙂 Give me a scoop of this and the inflammation plus tiredness caused will vanish right this instance! *cough cough cough!* Oops… on second thought, better wait till I recover 100% first!

Dear Readers,
For RM12.90, you’ll get to enjoy this sweet sensation of fresh strawberries flowing over the brim of the tall glass, scoops of vanilla ice cream trickled excessively with hot chocolate fudge, spread with crushed chocolate cookies beneath and also scattered roasted almond at the top!! A sinfully delightful sweet characteristics found at Delicious!!

Chocolate Sundae(1)

The seductive appeal…..
the sedative effect…..

and hereby no queries at all!

Eyeing on those cakes while waiting for our seats 😛

Delighted with the interior and calming surroundings they offer to customers 🙂

I’ve been wanting to try out other variety of desserts available here too! Heard from AiWei they offer good cakes at reasonable price 😛
Just popped in a few tablets and I feel like dozing off right now. Hope to share more on desserts next time!


Delicious Cafe by Ms.Read

G 316, First Floor,
1 Utama (New Wing) Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama,
47400, Petaling Jaya

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18 Replies to “Pampered by Delicious!”

  1. Awww…

    why why why?!

    you have been to Delicious without me! SOB~

    anyway, i like the deco inside n of cz the dessert!!! besides, your cuppa looks yummy. i have got so many to try out!

    PS:~ MUST get well soon! remember out ‘date’ this sunday?! can’t wait can’t wait!

  2. the choc brownies with ice cream is the most tastiest brownies ever!!! hehe:)

    try tiramisu @ alexis. it’s something worth trying. it’s unique. diff from other tiramisu. it’s tasty of course:P

  3. Nice blog you have here:)

  4. Luckily am indulging myself now at this moment while looking at the marvelous looking sundae.

  5. OMG….chocolate sundae with strawberries!!! Looked so heavenly delish~

  6. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    hey, that chocolate sundae with fresh strawberries really looks so delicious. i think it really cheered u up a lot!

    get well soon ok? take good care of ur health.

  7. awwww…. chocolate sundae, am loving it!!! 😀

  8. Oh my… being sick is a torture. Cannot eat spicy food, cannot have cold drinks. Get well soon!

    So yummilicious looking! Like a glass of paradise there n.n

  9. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    ai wei~ sorry la gal.. I can definitely give it a second go! We’ll give Khee her birthday treat! hehe… She’ll definitely love it 🙂
    Of course I remembered our “date”! how can I forget? I still haven’t regain my normal voice~ sedih betul 🙁

    weithian~ choc brownies with ice cream? OMG.. already sounded tempting to me! okok. thanks for recommending! Yea.. heard from my friend that the tiramisu @ Alexis is unique. Can’t wait to get myself a piece.. So many to try!! haha… anymore?? Guess I’ve to list that down! thx babe!

    christy~ thx.thx! thanks for dropping by 🙂

    precious pea~ maybe u can consider having this sundae for dessert tonight? 🙂 u will definitely enjoy the pleasure out of it!

    cookies_cream~ It is! have u tried? It’s a satisfying dessert!

    wenching&esiong~ thx for ur concern :)I’m better now. The sundae gave me a boost for sure… even by looking at it! Try this with ur esiong ;D

    meiyen~ how can anyone resist such heavenly delicious serving of sundae?… 🙂 Have u tried? Any other recommendations of main course @ Delicious?

    durianberry~ u r right.. I really can’t tolerate such “torture”! thx for concerning.. hope I could get well enough again to eat like a glutton!! 😛 haha… yea.. like what u said “a glass of paradise”. Absolutely compatible with what i wanna describe about this glass of ice cream!

  10. I always love their very english desserts! Those hidden jewels.

  11. KampungboyCitygal says: Reply

    haha i love the brownies with chocolate sauce and ice cream!!

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Big Boys Oven~ I’ve only tried the Choc sundae so far… plan to have other desserts next time. yes..gonna dig those “hidden jewels” in my next go!

    kampungboycitygal~ yes! one of my friend recommended me to have that too. Since it’s like.. up to everyone’s liking. Will definitely order that for sure! 🙂

  13. dang-dang

    i went for their choc cake n carrot cake. hehehe. nice one. will do my post soon!~

    as for khee, maybe we try marmalade? delicious also can if she dun wan marmalade. hehe. let her choose then~

  14. Sobs… torture us like that~~!

  15. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    ai wei~ Khee will say anything. Let us to the choosing part. hehe..

    jason~ Oops.. so sorry ;P

  16. Hi there!!

    been to Delicious for a few times mostly the outlet in Bangsar….never miss the sundae and also the classic chocolate cake with ice cream(must try for chocolate lover).my daughter luv the cup cakes but their new sister outlet D’lish serve better and more variety of cup cakes. delivious main course also must eplore….the pasta,salad and a lots more.

  17. ET女子 says: Reply

    wawawa~nice shot, wat camera u use?

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