CC Home Sweet Home!

Welcome to our humble home!

With my 2 MiniCs about 2 months ago!

Pride of ownership is the number one reason why we yearn to own our home. It means you can paint the walls any colour you desire, turn your music up, attach permanent fixtures, and decorate your home according to your own taste!

And now! 🙂

We only started renovating our house one year after getting the keys. Yes, we’ve been slacking a bit haha. And right after we found out I’m pregnant with MiniC2, everything has to be turbo-ed. And thank god – we managed to pull it off, 2 weeks before Mini C2 is out! Super grateful that Papa C has been very dedicated, visiting the site himself as I can’t go anywhere near it while they were working on the house (Pregnancy Taboos). While I’m the one who “supervises” via FaceTime and confirming designs + colour schemes. LOL.

I’ve pinterest everything we love for quite sometime – mainly Scandinavian themed, black, grey, white with shades of wood (simple and clean is good!). But when it comes to planning the real layout and to liase with different contractors, it was a pain in the neck just to think about it.


It is definitely a good idea to hire interior designers, if you have invested quite a bit of money for the house. The main purpose of interior designers is to make the place look good and pleasing both aesthetically and functionally. Moreover, decorators know how to make the house look attractive based on the personality and needs of their client.

And ours was done by Re Urban Design & Build

All I need to do is to send those pictures I’ve pinned to my interior designer, discussed with her about our interests and lifestyle, and she came up with the drafts of 3D designs.

It’s all about choices and decisions and they also helped me in accessing and arranging materials, as we do not have time for arranging the house according to our styles and desires due to your work and busy schedule. Choosing materials, paint colours and how to match etc.


And what we personally love most?

The surprise element

Most of the interior designers, like ours, tend to think outside of the box and try to think about ways to improve the house and make it more appealing. This results in an addition to a wow factor in the final product. They will help you to look things differently and in an artistic manner. They will add an aesthetic factor to the overall look of the house.

As we were on a budget, we focused on 3 main areas of the house:

Living Hall


Master Bedroom

Living area
Dry Kitchen
Wet Kitchen
Master Bedroom

The Details:

Dry Kitchen

This is the place where we hung out the most. Whether it’s family & friends gatherings, intimate or bigger parties! And thus – sleek, modern and most importantly a comfortable outlook is what we look for.

We chose Moonlight Oak to highlight and the Marble top just stands out!
A mirror on our sliding door to project more space. This door is the entrance to our wet kitchen.
Marble counter top on our island.
We have storages beneath as well.
Island Stools from MORE DESIGN
Black and white hexagon tiles at the back
More storages at the top
Black Sink & Tap from TaoBao!
A closer look at our marble top!
Sorry, I’m a marble fan. Haha.

Wet Kitchen

Welcome to Papa C’s soul . LOL
The important space to feed the family!
White is the highlight here!
Using 4G Acrylic for our cabinets and Cabossa Oak for the tall cabinet next to the entrance.
And again, some marble print at one of the walls.

Our Coway Water Dispenser & Haenim UV Sterilizer matched perfectly!
On the other end, we wanted something different and thus the “Instagram Floor”. Have always love the monogram flooring that we’ve seen in cafes and decided to use some for our house too! So we can quickly take pictures of the food Papa C cooked right here!
Well, we didn’t put ’em right on top of the floor of course. Haha.
Wooden blind from Curtain Culture
The RASKOG trolley from IKEA is very handy in our kitchen

Living Area

Our feature wall – Air Bricks! that were glued piece by piece by Re Urban
And a whole stretch of cabinets for storage.
Sofa that can sit up to 8 adults!
Also from MORE Design 🙂
Big shoutout to our Curtain vendor: Curtain Culture for their amazing services, professional advise and high quality curtains!
Found the perfect Coffee Table for our living area! Marble and Gold touches ftw!
From TaoBao

TaoBao Link for Marble Gold Table:

Dining Area

Whole Set – Wooden Table and chairs
All from MORE Design
Did a barrier in between the main entrance and dining area


With a full height cabinet and a “golden panel”!
Many of our friends said storages are very important. So yes to more storage!

First Floor Family Area

Mini C loves books and we’ve been imagining a reading area for our kids in the future. So here goes!
All these cabinets are from TaoBao and assembled by Papa C himself! Power! LOL.
Love the sofa from Flexis Haus – they specialise in custom-making the sofa of your choice! We chose the size, material, colour & design ourselves! Will be sharing more about Flexi Haus soon!


TaoBao link for White Bookshelves:

Playmat from Skip Hop : Bloom & Grow Asia

Master Bedroom

Also using Cabossa Oak, they did a bed head, that stretches to become a divider from the main door, also a bookshelf for me!

Curtain from Curtain Culture
Vinyl Flooring from Coco Floor
The vanity mirror that was custom made, has so may light bulbs on it! Haha.
Rose Gold Side Table at the other side of the bed – From TaoBao

TaoBao Link for Rose Gold side table:

Behind the bookshelf is this table! that is joined with my vanity area!
And We loved the wooden panel that connects my vanity area to the opposite wardrobe so much! Loving the details done with Cabossa Oak.
Our walk-in wardrobe. This area is already an existing space for wardrobe and we just have to put up a sliding door to cover it.
My quite empty closet that is not so empty now!

Mini C’s Room

We’re out of budget to spend on built-in cabinets for the kids room and decided to settle on some ready made ones from IKEA!
Horse bedsheet from TaoBao
Printed Curtain Blind from Curtain Culture

Mini C2’s room

Plan to use this room for Mini C2 later on so now it has become our baby room at the moment. Just keeping it simple with a drawer, changing table (both from IKEA) and a Baby Cot!
I did my confinement here btw 🙂

Pineapple Bedsheet from TaoBao

I love white. Very much 🙂

That’s the end of the “tour” to our humble adobe. Still haven’t put up the paintings and pictures on our wall yet so it looked quite empty. Haha.
Nonetheless, this is one space that we look forward going back to everyday after a long day of work!

ID – Re Urban Design & Build:
Curtain – Curtain Culture:
Vinyl Flooring – Coco Floor:
First Floor Living Area Sofa – Flexihaus :

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  1. So Beautiful!!! The colours match you so well!

    1. Thank you Ally!! <3

  2. Nice wide angle work! Also the computer at kitchen for recipe & youtube cooking show? haha.

    1. Thanks KY! and Yes! mainly for recipes and cooking shows haha.
      And when my boy wants to take over my TV when i needed to watch mine, I’ll let him watch on this PC instead lol.
      A distraction hahah

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