Waza + Cafe @ ISETAN The Japan Store, KL: RM15 Bento!

In my quest for a healthier mid-day meal, Papa C would start packing a bento lunch. Well actually not exactly a bento, but a packed lunch with no proportions of sections so sometimes we may overeat! Haha.
I personally love Japanese bento very much as the meals combines balance and variety with petite portions, that usually contains rice, soup, fish or meat, and fresh, cooked, or pickled vegetables!


A Bento box is a handy solution to the standard rectangular lunchbox. The secure lid opens to reveal a compartment style interior where different foods can be placed in different sections of the box. These compartments are just big enough so that you do not need to overfill one type of food. Hence, a more complete balanced meal is obtained in one Bento box. Since the amount is fixed before lunch time, we don’t have to over eat even though we are hungry. Balanced diet and controlled portion, how cool is that?



For those shopping or working in KL city, do you know that you can now have a balanced and fulfilling Japanese bento meal at ISETAN THE JAPAN STORE for only RM15?



And all these while most people would have thought we need to spend a lot dining at ISETAN Lot 10!
Well not anymore!

For those who didn’t really noticed Waza before, they are located at the end of the LG floor (The MARKET) and behind these glass displays of Hi-Tech Foods of Vege Charge Powder.






Waza + Cafe @ ISETAN The Japan Store, KL now offers wallet-friendly Bentos that are surely to please the palate and appetite too.
Easy, affordable & healthy too.


So far they are offering 4 selections of bento that are available daily:
All priced at RM15 each


  • Saba Miso Bento
  • Katsu Bento
  • Teriyaki Bento
  • Karaage Bento


Saba Miso Bento
Saba-Miso, Takiawase, pickles, fried noodles, shrimp namban, edo tamagoyaki, dashi sweet potato, Takuan (pickled daikon radish), Kayaku Rice




Katsu Bento
Chicken Katsu, Takiawase, curry pasta, baked vegetables, Takuan, Edo Tamagoyaki, basil potato, shrimp namban, Hijiki rice


Teriyaki Bento
Teriyaki Chicken, Potato Salada, baked broccoli, egg plant marinade, edo tamagoyaki, Goya Chample, fried noodles, Takuan, steamed rice



Just add RM3 for an additional order of Miso Soup if you dine in!



WAZA + CAFE also serves coffee where its beans are imported from Japan.
That includes this hi-tech machine that does the job.





They also sell frozen food and ready to be de-frost by their special de-frost machine from Japan – the innovative technology of Proton freezing which prevents cytoclasis of food ingredients and increase of the drip flowing out therefrom results in improving reproducibility of food!
If you would like to dine in, that’s lovely. Else, take away is fine as well.
WAZA + CAFE offers everyone this great opportunity to taste freshly de-frosted delicatessens right at the counter.






Level LG
ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur
LOT 10, No. 50 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250, Kuala Lumpur,

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