Kids-Friendly Ben’s General Food Store @ The Gardens Mall


Let them run amuck at the playgrounds and kids’ areas in this child-friendly restaurant. Maybe treat them to a babyccino too!
Want to know where your kids will be welcomed, with play areas and kid-friendly munchies plus great food for us adults too?

Right here at:

Ben’s General Food Store @ The Gardens Mall









The school holiday season is upon us and to all mommies and daddies out there, you might be hunting for restaurants that are more child-friendly – with an actual kids menu and a designated kids’ corner for them to channel all that energy, play around & only returning to the table for a quick bite of food. A place where parents can finish a good hot meal in peace – most importantly.

The number of restaurants that are considering as kids friendly are playing an important role in our society today are growing and this fact encourages many parents to dine out more with their kids, because they like to be relaxed when visiting the restaurant with their children.
Me personally as a mother of one kid would rather visit the restaurant where I know that my Mini C will enjoy too. What could be better than knowing that your baby feels good, that he is not bored when visiting a restaurant and all of us enjoying together? Oh yeah!


This is the area that is worth mentioning!
The designated children playground within the premise!





Children are free to use the slides & those cute little tables. Every parents would be thinking how thoughtful they are, creating another “Benbino” (located outdoors at Publika) that is much bigger!
Being that, parents could enjoy their meals at ease while watching their children enjoy their own fun time in the play area. Win-Win!






He really enjoyed himself 🙂


Talking about the playground that is great kid-friendly parties, they also offer party packages and food that is suitable for babies, toddlers and also bigger kids!
And for adults like us that also want to join in the party, they have reasonably priced BIG PARTY MEALS for 4,6 and 8.

We were there for Kayla’s (MINI C’s little girlfriend. Haha) birthday party so we ordered a set meal of 6 for the 7 adults – it was more than enough. And a Kids burger + hotdog for Mini C.



Stealing his girlfriend’s present. Haha!


  • BIG PARTY of 6 – RM218

    – 1 whole Chicken

    – 5 Sides

    – 5 Signature Salads

    – 2 Pizzas

    – 3 Jugs of Iced Lemon Tea



For the Whole Chicken, we chose their Thai Roast Chicken that was marinated with Lemongrass, shallots, lime, kaffir lime leaf & thai chilli flakes



5 Sides: Chicken rice, House Slaw, Roast potatoes, mashed potatoes & Garden greens




5 Signature Salads:
Grilled Shimeji, Bunapi, Enoki & Button Mushrooms X 2 as their sweet corn has finished.



Quinoa & Chicken with edamame, snow peas & ranch dressing
Tabbouleh of Bulgur Wheat with chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley & mint
Roasted Cod Fish & Pineapple, with green chilli, cucumbers, tomatoes. coriander & coconut milk dressing




2 Pizzas:



Garlic Tiger Prawns
Tiger Prawns, roasted garlic, chilli, mozzarella & tomatoes



Captain’s Order
Prawns, fish, mussels,squid, garlic, mozzarella & tomatoes




3 Jugs of Iced Lemon Tea



Food was great. And I like how they offer family and big group oriented party meals.
Convenient, kids-friendly & most importantly – fuss free.
You know how indecisive most people nowadays are right! And especially when parents have to think of where to dine in with their kids, Ben’s @ The Gardens saves the day!


Happy Birthday Kayla! You’re 2 Awesome!


Ben’s General Food Store
S-212, 2nd Floor,
The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City,
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2280 0197

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6 Replies to “Kids-Friendly Ben’s General Food Store @ The Gardens Mall”

  1. Hi,can u call me back?012-6750580 Ruise.
    I want to reserve a table for my son 3 yrs old birthday celebration on tomorrow Sunday 17/12/2017 at 6pm.Tks

    1. Kindly email the restaurant. We don’t own the restaurant. Thanks!

  2. How do we go about making reservations for a birthday party of 14 pax?

    1. Hi, you may contact the restaurant. Thanks!

  3. The service here is so bad and slow, I waited for my food, Vietnamese Beef Pho for 1hr and it was ordered before the lunch crowd started 1220noon. Other orders we made such as Spaghetti with Pesto cream sauce, Hainanese Chicken rice, Kid’s meal Magherita Pizza & Chicken Teriyaki Bowl, all finished yet the Pho still not here. It is ridiculously long waiting and the staffs don’t seem to be concerning much!

    1. Ops! sorry to know. It has been some time since we last visited. It was OK back then hehe

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