Cerdito Restaurant @ Puchong: Iberico Pork Specials!

We just found a great restaurant that specializes in serving pork!

Iberico Pork to be exact!



Hello Cerdito!
Cerdito serves fresh and inventive dishes centered around pork. In addition to serving up heaping portions of pig, they also take pride in their creative cocktails. Here, you will find the perfect drink to accompany your porky dish.
Whether you are hosting an event, or just wanting to celebrate with a group of friends because it’s Wednesday and you’re craving bacon, stop by Cerdito and let them show you just how much they love pig!



Cerdito is a full-service restaurant located in Puchong Jaya, a busy area surrounded with local kopitiams, dim sum corners, pharmacies and many more neighborhood restaurants. Thus, the cuisine they serve really stand out from the crowd.

Cerdito’s spirit is one of no-pretension, affordability and good, down-home hospitality. It’s the kind of place where patrons can relax with great drinks and food, and still leave with their wallets padded.
The restaurant is cozy and comfortable as they utilize the wooden feature, matching furnitures and bar neons. Not forgetting a generally relaxed furnishing and decor with comfortable leather seats.
Besides, they also have a private dining area that caters for a more intimate gathering, quiet conversations and discussions.





Wild Mushroom Cappuccino – RM15
Every spoonful was earthy, creamy and filled With truffle tea foam




Chef Special – RM35
3 types of chef’s recommendation summed this delicious platter harissa-spiced chicken skewers, house-marinated baby octopus & sauteed chorizo slices.



Iberico Sticks – RM30
They used to serve the pork dish in forms of sticks just like satays. However, many patrons find it hard to get taste the salsa dressing togather with the meat and thus they cleverly improvised it in a mouthful serving. A mouthful of different flavours and textures: Flavoursome iberico pork chunks with salsa dressing plus crunch of the dumpling skin.



Char grilled King Oyster Mushroom – RM15
This was surprisingly tasty too. Chewy, aromatic and added texture from the cooca soil.


Cerdito: Iberico Pork Specialist!

What sets Iberico pork loins apart from traditional pork is the incomparable taste of the meat. In comparison to Iberico pork loin’s exceptional flavour, traditional pork seems bland and tough. Fine food aficionados will notice the abundance of marbling on the meat. Oh yeah! It’s this high fat content which gives Iberico pork its tenderness and full flavour.
When we receive the plump cut of Iberico meat, we saw that it has a deeper colour than traditional pork. This is because the meat has been aged longer and the pigs have been fed on a special diet to ensure that the meat is succulent and packed with flavour. So good!
Whatever the occasion is, Iberico pork recipes are guaranteed to please!


Cerdito Special – RM45
Iberico loin ribs served with white rice
Want a main dish to go with your killer wok-fried green beans? Toss in some gravy from this dish, bok choy, and garlic, and serve over steamed rice.
This dish is a must order! Inspired by Chinese cooking, the chef braised them in a flavoursome broth and the tender cabbages gave so much sweetness to the broth and the meat.



Iberico grilled Short Rack – RM70
Served with grilled pumpkin & baba ganoush (homemade mashed brinjals with sesame), the meat is succulent, flavoursome and mouth wateringly tender. Fabulous to eat – it takes pork to a new level.




Iberico Loin Ribs – RM40 (ribs for one)
Ibérico pork is a deep and complex meat, and it’s well worth trying to source some. Failing that, other top-quality rare-breed pork will suffice. At Cerdito, they serve this with a simple simple celeriac puree, which complements the glaze beautifully.
Not enough to be shared? Remember to get the ribs for sharing at RM110




Iberico Black Pig Burger – RM45
What sinfully serving of pork belly burger. The meat is really tender and succulent and it has a bit less fat than most bellies. With the huge slab of pork belly sandwiched between the bun, this serving is best shared. Haha. Served with steak fries & tomato chutney.
Lots of ways to go, but as long as you’ve got fresh belly, on-point flavour combos, and great ingredients, very few ways to go wrong – like this portion of yummeh, fatty dish!




Iberico Pulled-Pork Sandwich – RM45
Piled high on Man Tou buns with Julianne cucumber, topped with ebiko roe & crispy onion rings on side, it was succulent, juicy, smoky & seductive even though we’re so full!
They really ensure that the meat remains deliciously tender and absorbs the sauce’s rich flavours for this pulled pork.



Cerdito could be your choice of Brunch place too. One of their recommendations would be:
Pig Benedict – RM20
Poached eggs, bacon & a spoonful of creamy Hollandaise
There’s nothing more classic for brunch than Eggs Benedict. Perfecting this dish is all about timing.



We absolutely love their Desserts especially the semi frozen mousse dessert.

Belgium Dark Chocolate Semi-Fredo – RM18
Semi-frozen mousse
One dessert that ups the ice cream ante would be semifreddo and it’s not at all popular enough in most restaurants. I’m glad Cerdito upped the game.
Semifreddo is an Italian creation that tastes like a cross between frozen mousse and ice cream. It’s a combination of equal parts ice cream and whipped cream that are semi frozen, but we just like to think of it as a little bit of heaven.




House-Made Lemon Tart – RM18
Served in shot glasses, this deconstructed lemon tart base is smooth, creamy and tangy. Sprinkled on top with a choice of butter crumb, cocoa soil & pumpkin seeds. Served on the side is their homemade shallot ice cream. Yum!




Tiramisu (contains Alcohol) – RM19
Mascarpone cheese, coffee soil, kahlua (Coffee flavored liqueur)



Don’t forget to check out their refreshing mocktails too!

Cucumber Lemonade – RM15
Cucumber, ratcho lemon, mint leaves & soda water



Kiwi Mojiteh – RM15
Kiwi fruit mix, wild mint syrup, lime, english breakfast tea & soda water



Yuzu Passion Fruit – RM15
Yuzu fruit mix, passion fruit syrup, soda water & lime wedges



Fiery Float – RM15
Pineapple juice, banana, lemon juice, ginger syrup, tabasco & vanilla ice-cream



Don’t forget some beer to go with your meat! Paulaner anyone??


Definitely a revisit for us! For more delicious porky treats!

Cerdito Restaurant
G-11, Kompleks Kenari,
Jalan Kenari 19A
Puchong, Selangor
Tel: +603 8082 7118
Opening Hours:
Tues – Thurs: 12pm – 10pm
Fri – Sat: 12pm – 11pm
Sun: 12pm – 10.30pm
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