Tiki Taka @ Medan Damansara, KL

KL’s bustling, hurried lifestyle has made Spain’s tradition of relaxing with small plates of tapas and a glass of wine, cocktails or even beer a welcome culinary fixture. Usually at the city’s best Spanish restaurants and wine bars, it has rather became a typical norm to find rustic morsels like wispy Serrano ham slices, plump head-on shrimp and crisp patatas bravas meticulously paired with complex Iberian reds, whites and sherries. Oh yeah.


However, here’s an addition of some twist to it.
Let’s forget the traditional Spanish tapas for a while and indulge in some modern small bites that will surely take your palate for tasty surprise ride!

Why Tiki Taka?
I personally love their name merely because it’s cute.
We’re no football fans so we wouldn’t know, for Tiki Taka is the Spanish team’s distinctive style of playing, characterized by short passes, maintaining possession, and working the ball through various channels. Many believe this to be the key to their phenomenal success in recent years. Wow.

Football aside, Tiki Taka also meant “food hoping” locally in Spain. You have a little bite in this restaurant, hoping onto the next eatery to try more – synonymous to our cafe hoping culture here.
Well, we don’t personally need to hop here & there at Tiki Taka of course but our taste buds do!

Adopting the tiki-taka style of Spain, we will have the pleasure of being spoilt by choice – and yes, why pick one when you can have it all?




Also known as the bar for great pintxos & tapas
A concept of small bites, Tiki Taka small plates everything, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of dishes in just one seating.
Smaller portions. Bigger & more diverse flavour. We just have to agree.

Be impressed with the selections of their drinks as well. Cocktails nicely done – I’m hard to impress when it comes to cocktails though I’m not pro. Haha!

Asam Boi Mojito – RM25
Rum with asam boi, fresh mint leaves, lime, syrup & topped with soda



Lychee Mojito
Vodka & Lychee



Passion Fruit Whiskey Sour – RM25
Bourbon whiskey, strawberry, lemon juice & syrup



Tiki Taka Specials
Shoreditch – RM30
Gin, cucumber with apple syrup



Kronenbourg Blanc Draft – RM15 (half pint) / RM23 (1 pint)



Connors Draught – RM12 (half pint) / RM18 (1 pint)
Black beauty revived! The triple pull & pour that Hans skillfully did created so much more creaminess & smoothness to it. And the dome created, brimming the glass.





Their delicious small snack and bite sized items. Each order comes in a piece and thus we can try the variety!

Salmon Crema – RM8 each
Dill cream cheese, smoked salmon, black lumpfish caviar & truffle honey.



Salted Egg Crab Bun – RM9 each
Charcoal broiche with salted egg crab meat, curry leaves, bird eye’s chili & overflowing salted egg cream sauce. So much goodness overflowing in a bun! It’s like having the salted egg crab in just a few bites or maybe one!




Nutella Bacon – RM6 each
Nutella, caramelized banana, walnut, grilled bacon, truffle honey & blueberries. They just mutually complement with each other so well and so beautifully presented.



Pork Satay – RM22
Marinated pork skewer served with spicy peanut sauce and kyuri. So well marinated and flavoursome! Meat was cook perfectly as well.




Singapore Chilli Prawns – RM24
Singapore style chilli prawns, deep fried mantou buns, coriander & sesame seeds. Another must-have, savour succulent prawns in a piquant and flavourful chilli base. We just want to polish off every last scrumptious mouthful with the mantou. Such full-bodied dish.




Ikan Bakar – RM25
Banana leaf grilled wild red snapper fillet, chili sambal, served with tamarind torch ginger dip & kyuri.



8 inch Pizza – just love the size! haha.
“Sin” is King Pork Pizza – RM25
Red pepper sauce, back bacon, minced pork, spicy sausage, streaky bacon chips, pork floss, olives, red pepper, mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan, onion, parsley. Bursting with ingredients and flavours.




Char Siu Pizza
Char siu pork, mozzarella, cheddar, BBQ sauce, red pepper, kyuri, spring onion. East meets west done right with hints of sweetness from the char siu adding matching elements to this savoury dish.



Nutella Bacon Wantons – RM12
Deep fried nutella & bacon wantons served with macerated berries with balsamic glaze & snow sugar dip. Love how they cleverly match the ingredients of different contrasting flavours together that could actually paired up nicely. Sweet nutella with crispy skin + sourish berries & balsamic + sweet sugar again. So many layers of flavours.



Ice Ice Baby – RM12
Mango sorbet, coconut ice cream, toasted coconut flakes, pandan palm sugar syrup, buttered popcorn, crushed peanuts & fruit medley. Fell in love with this dessert! Cos it has all my fave items in one! So refreshing and playful.



Churros – RM12
Spanish skinny doughnuts, cinnamon sugar served with dark chocolate sauce.


Will definitely revisit!
They also serve breakfast on weekends. Can’t wait to try!

Tiki Taka
138, Jalan Kasah,
Medan Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon-Fri: 4pm – 1am
Sat-Sun: 9am – 1am (Breakfast available!)

Note: FREE Valet parking available!

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