Brolly @ Menara Felda, Platinum Park, Persiaran KLCC

Some people want to open Japanese curry house.
Some people want to open a dinner only bistro.
Some people would want a bar.
Some people want maybe a seafood lunch/dinner place five days a week.
Some people just wants nibbles.
What if they all could share the same space under one roof?
An area with different space to showcase its uniqueness, one kitchen, one dining area.



which means “Umbrella” marks a successful debut of 9-kitchen concepts in Kuala Lumpur. This food journey of Brolly also escalates a culinary tour that offers an exploration of cross-border cuisines, allowing patrons to try on different concept of flavours. Yes, all under one roof!

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We were really amazed with this concept and the designs they equipped themselves with. Greeted by a chilli red bus that reads Bang Bang Baller Bar, get ready to walk into a car-centric culture.
An upside down vintage car on top of the pool table, hand-washing area made out of car mirrors, tyres and gasoline hose, walls of spare part accessories! How creative 🙂







There are also recreation areas for foosball & pool to keep the patrons entertained and it’s very interactive too.


  1. Crab Factory: Original Louisiana Boil

  2. Ember & Bara BBQ

  3. Raksaksa Mirai

  4. Nove 9 Pizzeria

  5. Moley’s Oyster Bar

  6. My Wing Man

  7. vari.EAT.y nibble nibble nibble

  8. Bang Bang Baller Bar

  9. Sweet Endings

From their Pu-Er Mocktails menu. here’s the Pineapple Marajuca – RM15
Serving from the Bang Bang Baller Bar, they have a variety of cocktails and mocktails, as well as wine and beer that draws many over to chill, gather and cheers for happy hours.



Let’s start with Moley’s Oyster Bar!
Fine de Claire No.2 (from France) – RM12 each
For your information, the numbers indicate the grade of the oysters. And definitley, fresh live oysters like these are best enjoyed raw with just a tiny squeeze of lemon.




Kelly’s Gigas Oyster No.4 (from Ireland) – RM8 each
Kelly’s Gigas are slightly plummier than the ones from France, which also made it juicier and creamier. I’m no avid fan of oyster but I personally prefer this to Fine de Claire.



Moving on to the specialties form Crab Factory: Original Louisiana Boil, we opted out for crabs and yabbies this round as we’ve tried them at the SS2 outlet. Full review HERE! 🙂
We went for Scallops with Button Mushrooms in Signature Southern Bang Sauce (Medium) instead.
Fresh & bouncy scallops immersed in their flavoursome spicy sauce was an appetite uplifter.



Sides: Hush puppies – RM9.90
To go with the sauce, always remember to order their golden fried oatmeal balls. Always perfect for dipping into their tasty sauces.



Cajun Fried Baby Squid – RM12.90
Another addictive nibble chitter-chattering with friends. Battered and coated with cajun spice



At Ember & Bara BBQ:
Baby Backribs with Old Fashioned BBQ Spicy Chocolate sauce – RM70
Just 2 steps needed: Choose your meat & choose your sauce
Meat from Ember & Bara BBQ includes different parts of beef, lamb, chicken and also seafood. Sauces to go withe BBQ sweethearts? They creatively churned out tasty sauces like BBQ coffee, tarty tropicana etc and also seafood sauces such as tomato tango, E&B Sambal, Tamarind Coconut etc.
The spicy chocolate sauce to go with the baby backribs are not gooey as I thought it would be. Imagine spicy chocolate & beef! It was tasty, a little sweet with hints of spiciness. Must try!



As the name suggests Nove 9 Pizzeria, there are 9 flavours to choose from.
Thai Beef Guava Salad pizza – RM28
Absolutely love the combination of flavours and texture that we can find in this one whole piece of floury goodness. We get to taste the spicy flavours of beef, tangy mango and crunch from the guava.




Another favourite from Brolly is from My Wing Man
Old Fashion BBQ Coffee – RM18 (3 pairs of wings)
Smokey and heavy flavoured chicken wings – oh yes they wre finger licking good. Must order when you’re in for drinks, beating the old fashioned buffalo wings and those typical deep fried chicken wings. They also have them in creative sauces like E&B Sambal, Cencaluk and Japanese curry.



From vari.EAT.y, it’s all about nibbles!
Onion Flower – RM18
This dish made us thought of Outback Steakhouse.
This blooming onion that resemble flower petals at Outback Steakhouse was a mouthwatering, crispy-on-the-outside, soft and sweet-on-the-inside snack! Grab a petal and dip it into their special sauce and start the nibbling!



Also from vari.EAT.y, you can check out the grilled skewers as they are perfect with beer.

Lamb shoulder – RM16 (3 skewers)


Smoked Duck Breast – RM18 (3 skewers)
Must pair this with beer as it was too salty for us.



Sweet Endings
Never end your meal at Brolly without their sweet endings.
Chunky Peanut Butter Granola – RM16
Beautifully arranged in a mason jar, it has different layers of sweetness with hunts of saltiness as well!




Ribena Poached Pear – RM16
Tastes intensely of a pear, drizzling a chocolate sauce over ribena flvoured pears brings a formal dinner to an elegant conclusion.



Rocky Road – RM16
Of marshmallows and chocolates!



Ground Floor, Menara Felda,
Platinum Park, Persiaran KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur.
Valet parking available, as well as parking in building
Open daily: 11am-11pm.
Tel: +603 2181 4122

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