Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar @ Atria Shopping Gallery, PJ

After Manmaru’s success on their homemade Udon concept nestled at Mid Valley Megamall named the Manmaru Homemade Udon まんまる, they’ve recently ventured into another impressive concept.


A contemporary modern Japanese restaurant that specializes in Robatayaki, bar and many other unique Japanese dishes that are designed and handcrafted in house, which delighted our senses and satisfied our palette. The restaurant’s emphasis is on a great value contemporary Japanese dining experience, with also an incredible modern interior design. Fresh flown sashimi, sushi, rolls, and their superb dishes from the robata grill that has been specially created for the restaurant. Not to forget the array of special cocktails! DSC_7001-5




Another highlight of Manmaru would be their OMAKASE お任せ MENU (Chef Recommendation Course). As most of you would have known, Omakase means “I’ll leave it to you” 🙂 So everyone expects the chef to be innovative and surprising in the selection of dishes. Let’s see what we had the other day from the Omakase Menu! Nothing but lovely I would say, and their portion was huge too. For the price that one pays, it’s definitely worth it. Chef Recommendation Course You may select from a 5 course menu (RM180 per pax) or a 7 course menu (RM280 per pax) We had their 7-course 🙂 Yums!

First Course: A Platter of 5 The appetizer course made up of yuzu, unagi karaage, tofu, corn and rice ball






Second Course: Assorted Sashimi From the freshest sashimi you can get! DSC_7132-35


Third Course: Wagyu Beef
Presented so beautifully on a leaf, their plating was incredibly eye catching. How does it taste?
It’s difficult to describe precisely, but incredibly rich. It gives almost an olive texture and flavour with a char grilled after taste, along with intense beefiness. Over-the-top presentation? This is perfect for wagyu 🙂




Fourth Course: Foie Gras
Perfectly seared foie gras caught by a little crab!
The food presentation at Manmaru is just too pretty and cleverly executed.
It has very rich flavours, sort of creamy and buttery in texture and it melts in our mouth.





Fifth Course: Grilled fish Eat it when it’s hot! 🙂 DSC_7196-48


Sixth Course: Noodles
Smooth Japanese noodles in thickened broth. Every slurp was so flavoursome.



Seventh Course: Coconut Ice Cream (RM18 if order Ala Carte)
Home made coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell. Not only a feast to our eye but also our palette!



Here are the Cocktails!

Apple Gravity Beer – RM28
Having beer in space!



Smokey Honey land – RM28


Hanakotoba – RM30

Spring Peach – RM25

Smoked & Plum Galaxy – RM39


Kushiyaki Moriawase – RM68
Assorted skewers combination. We love that bold Asian flavour profile bursting with savoury and sweet goodness from its marinade.



Unagi Karaage – RM40
Crispy fried Unagi with homemade sesame dressing. Love dipping these crispy unagi into the toasty, and peppery flavoured sesame sauce. I always cannot give in to sesame sauce. My fave! DSC_7035-11


Salmon Ikura Millefeuille – RM45
Salmon & roe millefeuille Translated to English, millefeuille (pronounced meel-foy) means one thousand sheets or layers. In this case, the little crab is standing on top of the layers of salmon, ikura and caviar on a pool of wasabi cream sauce. Almost like a mini mountain. These are best eaten with thin crackers!




Momotaro Salada – RM18
Japanese tomato stuffed with crab mayo. The best tomato that we’ve tasted. You have to agree with us. Haha.



Coral Bash Salada – RM18
This is the prettiest fusion potato salad I’ve seen! Everything in there is edible! Chef is being very innovative putting little details like a crab walking on the coral. Creamy chunky potato salad is so wholesome.



7 types of Sashimi – RM 180
The sashimi were very fresh no doubt! DSC_7093-25



President’s Roll – RM78
Makimono made up of Toro, Foie Gras, Wagyu, Crabmeat, Prawn & Chicken Floss! It’s such a giant makimono made up of so many delicious ingredients in a roll with different textures. DSC_7121-2



Salmon Lover – RM68
Salmon sashimi, salmon nigri, salmon maki & Ikura Gunkan. All things salmon on a plate! DSC_7077-23


Goshiki Kaki Tofu – RM24
Deep fried beancurd topped with bonito flakes & sauteed oysters. DSC_7155-40



Pacific Ocean Grill – RM68
Grilled assorted seafood with lemon & garlic sauce. Flavoursome Yakimono 🙂 DSC_7206-49


The Deep Treasure – RM28
Deep fried prawn ball with spicy mango puree. Living up to its name, this is indeed a treasure. Crispy and flaky prawn ball dipped in tangy appetizing sauce. Finger licking good. Yums. DSC_7116-33



Hotate Chawan Mushi – RM30
Modern style steamed egg custard with scallop. It was love at first slurp! DSC_7075-22


Foie Gras Chawan Mushi – RM30
Steamed Foie Gras egg custard with Mock sharkfin gravy. Having foie gras with egg custard was just so perfect because everything melts in our mouth! DSC_7050-17


Ikura Chawan Mushi – RM28
Steamed Egg Custard with Salmon Roe DSC_7068-21


Wafu Spaghetti – RM48
Braised spaghetti with flower crab & assorted seafood. Pasta well simmered and infused with seafood flavour from the tasty gravy.


Lobster Roll – RM88
Lobster makimono topped with mango slices to create a savoury and tangy flavour at the same time. And every bite was so crispy.



Mango Gyoza – RM19
This was special but we don’t personally fancy it. Still prefer our gyoza in savoury form.


With these collection of beautiful Japanese and Japanese-inspired food from Manmaru, these will have you saying let’s eat, or “itadakimasu”, in no time like us!

Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar
Ground Floor,
Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS 22/23,
Damansara Jaya, 47400
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(opposite Nandos)
Tel: +603 7733 1038
Operating Hours: 10am-10pm

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