t-Lounge by Dilmah @ IOI City Mall Putrajaya

We have been to cafes and restaurants that serve Dilmah tea.
But we have not really understand or know the story behind our cup of Dilmah tea.
Dilmah’s tea is unique in its taste that is picked, perfected, packed and branded at source, direct to consumers.



Do you know?
It was first started as a family business brand and Dilmah preserves their commitment towards the quality of its tea collections. Dilmah currently has a total of nine branded t-Lounges around the world: Kuwait, China, India, Sri Lanka, Poland and finally landed in Malaysia!
The ‘t-Lounge’ concept has been stirring tea enthusiasts interest since its’ first establishment on Chatham Street, Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2013. Due to its charming uniqueness, the concept was quickly accepted globally 🙂
This world renowned producer-owned tea brand, Dilmah Tea has officially launched its latest signature t-Lounge in Malaysia, at the brand new IOI City Mall Putrajaya! Congratulations to Dilmah once again!
Their first ever outlet here in Malaysia will definitely be relevant to us as drinking tea has always been a part of Malaysia’s culture and most importantly, the people would appreciate tea 🙂



Mr. Dilhan Fernando, son of Merrill J. Fernando, owner and founder of Dilmah 🙂


Thanks to Dilmah, we were delighted to witness this auspicious event; the grand launching of its latest signature t-Lounge in Malaysia.
We enjoyed the traditional gamelan performance, the lighting of the traditional oil lamp, the VIP’s painting the letter “t” and the tea pairing workshop by Mr. Dilhan Fernando.





A cup of tea is a cup of peace.

Everyone can now savour not only tea gastronomy but also the upscale lifestyle locally at the t-Lounge. The sophisticated ambiance t-Lounge is Dilmah’s first in the Southeast Asia region as well as the largest among its network. Tea lovers can look forward in dining at the t-Lounge as well because they are introducing elegant gourmet experience designed especially for patrons.



Tea pairing workshop by Mr. Dilhan Fernando


Introducing, the award-winning & beautiful professional bartender / tea mixologist, Miss Tess Posthumus!



During the launch, Tess Posthumus demonstrated one of her mocktails specialties with the “Chai Speculate”, highlighting an innovative tea pairing by enhancing the appeal of fine tea made in the traditional artisanal manner. “Tea-pulling or Teh Tarik” in style! And she was really friendly to answer all the questions! Such an enthusiastic and fun person 🙂



In appreciation of the finest Ceylon tea experience, the tea experience will include fine tea, served hot, chilled, sparkling or in tantalising mocktails or even shooters. Patrons can also find speciality tea mix such as Dilmah’s Jade Butterfly Handmade White Tea, Naturally Minty Ceylon Pekoe, Minty Oolong and Cinnamon Orange Chilled T. These teas are offered with delightful casual, comfort food, some of which are prepared with tea as an ingredient or paired with specific teas.

Photo 05-03-2015 11 39 51 am



Like wise during their launch, we were served with the following:

  • Pulled Chai Tea to pair with Baklava
  • Tie Guan Yin to pair with Cheesecake
  • Original Earl Grey with Pizza



We’ve not paired anything like this and we find it pretty interesting. It’s like the east meets west and say… Italian meets English? Haha. Do try it!

Besides, tea aficionados will be delighted with the availability of the much sought after limited edition Seasonal Flush and Single Estate teas, perfect for gifting or any special occasions. In addition, the t-Lounge in collaboration with the Dilmah School of Tea will host dedicated tea education and tasting events!
Good news for tea lovers!
Big thanks to Dilmah for having us and their limited edition Dilmah Seasonal Flush. Only 1600 tins are available globally. Can’t wait tot try them! 🙂

Photo 05-03-2015 12 12 00 pm

Photo 05-03-2015 12 12 30 pm


Next visit, we would love to check out their food and of course the different types of tea! Anyone?



t-Lounge by Dilmah
LG-82B, Lower Ground Floor
IOI City Mall, 62502, Putrajaya Malaysia
(For easier access , please park at ZONE A)
Tel: +603 8959 5137

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