Mr Lim Korean BBQ @ Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

Korean food is almost everywhere in Malaysia & we are literally spoilt for choice. But most would still seek where to get authentic and good Korean food, like us. It’s definitely getting more and more popular in our city with such huge Korean waves influencing our fashion, music and of course appetite. Haha.
And one more thing. Korean BBQ restaurants are everywhere and most of them offer the same thing, but what makes one different?
We look heavily into their services as well besides the tasty barbecued meat, varieties of Ban Chan and comfortability. Well of course you would smell after dining in a Korean BBQ restaurant, but some restaurants’ ventilation were really poor even when they have the “hood” around. Ouch.
However, we do realized most of the Korean restaurants now are not installing that fume hood and very much depended on their air-conditioning system instead. Though so, we’re not stuffed out like mad 🙂



And we had quite a good experience with:

mr lim

Mr Lim Korean BBQ

Actually, we dropped by this place by accident as we were supposed to dine at WOW Korean Chicken restaurant. Thanks to @mocas, we’re able to check out another place that serves good Korean food with our partners-in-crime Ivy & Kampungboycitygal 🙂



Starter salad, Ban Chan (side dishes), lettuce & condiments for your meat and wrap.





My favourite kimchi 🙂


Comlimentary Steamed Eggs



At Mr Lim, they offer set deals which is fuss-free and you get to try most of their popular dishes.
We had their Special Set Menu – RM170
Although it’s written there that it caters for 3-4 person, it’s more than enough for us 5! And for this price, it was worth it too.
It came with Dak Gal Bi (marinated chicken slices), Dae Ji Gal Bi (marinated spare ribs), Sam Gyoub Sal (sliced pork belly): All BBQ items
Also Pa Jeon (Korean Seafood Pancake), Jab Chae (Korean stir-fry with sweet potato noodles) & Dolsot Bibimbab (Rice in hot stone bowl)

All the meat were cooked perfectly with minimal burnt marks and retaining its juiciness. The staffs were considerate enough to barbecue them n another corner as our table were full. So we smell less barbecued after dinner too!
Dak Gal Bi (marinated chicken slices)



Dae Ji Gal Bi (marinated spare ribs)



Sam Gyoub Sal (sliced pork belly)



Pa Jeon (Korean Seafood Pancake)
Love this very much although it doesn’t look spherically appealing. With bountiful ingredients mounting it. Not too oily too 🙂



Jab Chae (Korean stir-fry with sweet potato noodles)
This was kinda sweet but still taste great to our liking.



Dolsot Bibimbab (Rice in hot stone bowl)



Kimchi Jigae – RM20
We had an additional order of Kimchi soup as we would tend to have Kimchi Jigae everytime! Not too spicy, tey were very generous with the ingredients too like tofu, cabbages, enoki mushrooms, pork & glass noodles.


Do check out Mr. Lim when you’re around the corner of Desa Sri Hartamas 🙂

Mr Lim Korean BBQ
5G Jalan 26A/70A Primaville,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6201 6984
Opens daily: 11am-3pm & 5pm-11pm

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