Though Chris has always boast he found the best roti canai ever near his office, we manage to find a compensation too nearby our neighbourhood.
Gerai Roti Canai 17 used to be a smaller stall located further in Kajang Utama but now it is operating at a much spacious “not-so-gerai-anymore” shop.
We thought it used to be an old kopitiam as it’s setting doesn’t look like a mamak somehow. But at this mamak, you will find mostly Chinese patrons. Be it family crowds, couples or even uncles to love to wake up early for their daily cuppa and chitter-chatters, Roti Canai 17 would be their hang out place. Great breakfast place 🙂



Women here work really hard. Kneading, flattening, folding, flipping, cooking, serving the customers most of them were done by the ladies.
One corner just for Roti Canai: cooked on a flat iron skillet



And another for other types of rotis



Roti Canai 🙂
Crispy on the other with softness retained inside. So thin and crispy. Love their ‘dhal’ (lentil) curry with sambal & curry ayam.



Not a Roti fan?
They serve Nasi Lemak too. But they don’t serve other fried rice or noodle dishes FYI 🙂



Gerai Roti Canai 17
Lot 13642,
Lorong 2,
Kajang Raya,
43000 Kajang

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