Le Moon’s Eatery. Bakery. Zakka @ Jade Hills, Kajang

When one got to know to we reside in Kajang, most would pat us on the back, saying bravo for beating the distance to eat around & hunt coffee places very far from home.
“Wow, you came all the way from Kajang!?”
Well, actually Kajang is not that far you know. LOL
It’s life’s little pleasures that we seek out, perhaps none more so than what we find in the independent coffee shops. Comfort food & caffeine satisfaction. These beacons of hope are usually centralized around KL and PJ, commandeered by young upstarts as riddled with enthusiasm as they are with caffeine.

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What if we say, Kajang has a new cute & cosy cafe that is worth a visit?
Kajang folks & friends who are staying nearby! THERE’S A NEW CAFE IN TOWN!
For Kajang folks, you should know where Jade Hill is 🙂 As this Eatery, Bakery & Zakka Cafe is nestled right inside the Jade Hill township.
Just before you enter the Jade Hill Residences, you can easily spot Le Moon’s on the row of shop as it’s painted in bright mint colour.

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Le Moon’s Eatery. Bakery. Zakka

The cafe’s name is derived from the brand of Le Moon’s durian moon cake, where the owner decides to nurture & expand on a F&B business. A family owned restaurant, it is primarily run by Pey Pey and her team of friendly & enthusiastic staffs greeting, and serving you attentively. Also, their kitchen team is led by Chef Steven, a South African chef that once worked at Romanza in Terrace At Hock Choon prior to that.




The exterior of the building itself is already very welcoming and as you enter their original space is bright and community-engaged. The 3-storey minty building has their dining area on the ground floor, with a comfortably layout of chilling corner that is occupied with sofa seats and wooden & cushioned chairs. Kitchen is located on the 1st floor with more seats available too.




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Since they have huge spaces, it’s perfect to host events on their 1st and 2nd floors. If you have a themed party in mind, feel free to ring them up and enquire as they have their own event planner in case you need for decorations 🙂





They were setting up a Halloween themed party for a sweet 16 birthday at night during our visit 🙂



Le Moon’s also housed a Play Area on the top floor. A very children friendly restaurant 🙂



The occasional bossa nova/ jazz music and ample seating added warmth to the space. A cute coffee house that are hoping not only to have more “to-die-for” beans near future (they are serving Illy now), but extra-cozy settings that will have you buzzing with delight—and, of course, good old-fashioned caffeine.

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If you noticed besides eatery & bakery, they also came up with the idea of having a little Zakka store in the house. Zakka, in Japanese, it means “many things” & Zakka store is aimed at promoting a simple, sustainable, happy lifestyle with some of their cute goodies, stationaries & other contemporary handicrafts.


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They also encourage everyone to activate their green fingers and plant a tree! Being creative and innovative, the staffs decided to use empty milk boxes to fill in Coffee Cake which can be used as fertilizers. Customers can take them home for free!



They are also a bakery and the kids from the international school nearby love having their baked goods! Here are just some of their cakes and pastries. More will be available soon.

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Latte – RM10



Breakfast Set: Available from 8am to 11.30am daily

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Scrambled Egg – RM18
Creamy scrambled egg on whole bran toast finished with salmon roses and topped with spring onions & cottage cheese. I love whole bran toast!



Breakfast Wrap – RM19
All the great things breakfast has to offer all in one wrap. Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, caramelized onions and cheese.
Simple comfort food that they manage to execute pretty well. The scrambled eggs are very buttery and we love the breakfast wrap 🙂 Very complementing ingredients and blending taste 🙂




NOTE: Le Moon’s has just opened its doors in November 2013. And due to their commitment in catering for events & they are rather new, they sometimes close their kitchen during lunch hours as they need to prepare for their event at night. To avoid disappointment, call them beforehand to ask of they are open for lunch or not (Though they normally do). And they are currently closed during dinner time. (Might extend dining hours later)

As Le Moon’s says: This is a place where you can cherish and celebrate all the blissful moments. Our breakfast experience was great though limited choices at the moment, coffee meets the expectation and love their personalized services. Would return again for their lunch menu which is far more spoilt with choices 🙂

Blissful Moments 。拥抱小确幸。

lemoon blog2
Here’s the cute barista-to-be Sammy and the very helpful Phoebe 🙂 Thanks girls!

Le Moon’s Eatery Bakery Zakka
18-G, Persiaran Jade Hills Utama 1/1, Kajang

Business hours:
8am to 11:30am -Breakfast
11:45 to 3:45pm -Lunch
4pm-9:30 pm – Light Dinner & Coffee (Last call 9pm)

Friday – Sunday
8am to 11:30am -Breakfast
11:45 to 3:45pm -Lunch
4pm-6pm – Light Dinner
6pm-10.00pm – Hearty Dinner (Last Call 9:30pm)

Prebook with us through +6010 289 9585, or +6016 441 2127
You could also contact them for more info on private party & function !
For event space & party planning enquiry:
Contact Ms June: +6016 441 2127

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/lemoons.eatery

Here’s wishing all our dear readers and friends:

Happy Chinese New Year!
Here’s a Chinese New Year wish of seeing everyone happy, joyous, prosperous, successful, and merry throughout the year of the horse!! Yee-Hah!

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