Disney’s Hollywood Hotel @ Hong Kong

A place that is surrounded with the magical atmosphere where one will feel like a child again.
A true statement indeed. Thanks to Hong Kong Disneyland, we manage to spend 3D2N exploring their Disneyland Park, indulging delicacies at their Hotel’s restaurants & enjoying our stay at the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.

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Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Hotels is located on Lantau Island, and is accessible via an array of convenient transportation options. From the airport, you can either take a taxi straight away or the MTR and interchange for the Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay. You’ll love the Disney Train as it’s so cute complete with its Mickey Mouse handrails and windows! It would be great for first timers though 🙂

**However, if you’re going from the airport straight away, we would advise you to take a taxi instead as it would be cheaper.

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I must say our visit to HK Disneyland this time was a magical one!
Know why?
One reason because it was very ideal to stay at a hotel nearby, thus you don’t need to worry about the time constrain that you need to spend at the park, whether you could catch a night bus, the last train etc.
And what’s more to ask when we’re staying in a Disney themed hotel!
We’re staying in the:

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel!

This Hollywood themed hotel is more modern themed compared to their Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel that is embedded with more princess like elements.

Baby blue modern exterior!



Upon checking in at the front desk, we were presented with a cute access card. Oh, the Grizzly Gulch is one of their New Theme Land that we’re gonna check out soon after! Can’t wait!



Even the lift also has Mickey icon! We stayed on the 8th floor 🙂



Lift with programmed sound of Mickey & Minnie!



Spacious room that can fit up to 4 persons! Two double bed and is perfect for a family of 4 🙂



An old school Mickey Minnie portrait that we really love!



Some detailed corner with hidden Mickeys!





The mini bar equipped with coffee & tea to your needs 🙂




Mickey Toiletries!





Our Disney slippers: It says, please bring these slippers home with you as a gift from Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. They even have children’s slippers! So cute 🙂




Some souvenirs like postcards, cute envelops & file that you could bring home!



At your fingertips: Hotel services, radio you can even check the weather forecast upon going out or even read a storybook!



Oh! So sunny! 🙂



Read Disney bedtime stories.




You would definitely spend some time visiting their souvenirs store either for pictures for grab some cute items for yourselves as you’ll be tempted too!

Photo 06-09-2013 12 31 38




Yes, we bought the Mickey one. Haha.


Photo 06-09-2013 12 42 55 PM


One thing we really love about the resort is the shuttle service they provide 🙂
Thus, one can travel from the Hollywood Hotel – to Disneyland Theme Park – to Disneyland Hotel and back. There will be a shuttle bus almost every 5 minutes, so it’s really convenient.



Sophisticated night view of the hotel



And we spotted many lighted Mickeys on the walls of the hotel as we were talking a night walk around!



We had a very good experience at the Hong Kong Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. The staffs here are really nice & polite, friendly and helpful. Our room was excellent – spacious, clean and it comes with a spectacular sea view too. And of course the Mickey details that the have in the room to ensure a more memorable stay. Best of all, the TV programs are equipped with Disney channels which I missed so much! We watched it after a weary day at the park!

For more information on Hong Kong Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, visit their website HERE.

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