Hakata Ippudo 一風堂 @ Pavilion, KL: Ramen & Cocktails Pairing

I remembered that I’ve a good read about a Ramen & Cocktail Pairing course in Chicago & have been wondering about whether this rather new ramen culture pairing would really work out on the palette. Through our thoughts, it was just another boring mindset of having our bowl of ramen while drinking the Asahi beer or sipping the hot hot Fukuoka Yame Tea or cold Ito en Oi Ocha.

Our typical ramen culture was uplifted to a more up-to-date level when Ippudo invited us over to a Ramen-Side Dishes-Cocktail session with them. Special thanks to Ippudo Malaysia 😀
Their penetration into easy-drinking with ramen would be a great idea ‘cos… I really love it! Haha 😀





Needless to elaborate further about the might Hakata Ippudo, let’s adjourn to cocktails & nibbles.
Please click HERE for our thoughts on Ippudo’s Ramen on our previous visit.

The friendly staffs of Ippudo will guide you through in case you need their help in choosing the best cocktail to be paired with the side dishes or ramen 🙂
Else, it’s your choice of mixing your own to your preference.

Perfect blend of light refreshing freshly squeezed lime and the sweetness of rum with a slight fragrance of coconut



Hakata Momo
Bold & balanced with a hint of peach after taste



Fruity & flavourful crafted with an after taste of citrus



Oolong Hai
Humbling earthy oolong tea with a touch of shochu



Umeshu Limonatta
Classic Japanese plum wine blended with a zest from sparkling lemon juice



Calpis Hai
A ‘spike’ up yoghurt drink. Feel the milky texture and the sweetness of the shochu



Umeshu Aranciatta
Classic Japanese plum wine blended with a sweetness of sparkling mandarin juice




Side Dishes

Salmon Katsu
Deep fried salmon with cheese
Best paired with: Sawayaka or Hakata Momo



Ishiyaki Chicken
Grilled chicken with leek in hot stone bowl served with wasabi dressing and lemon citrus
Best paired with: Hinode or Oolong Hai



Curry Cheese Haru Maki
Deep fried curry spring rolls
Best paired with: Umeshu Limonatta



Salmon Misoyaki
Marinated salmon with Japanese miso, baked to perfection
Best paired with: Calpis Hai



Buta Karaage
Deep fried pork loin with special sauce. Warning: Highly addictive! Ippudo says 🙂 And we agreed.
Best paired with: Umeshu Aranciatta



We also participated in a little game of “Create Your Own Cocktail”
Fatboybakes manning the cocktail well 😀
And we decided it should be called “Make Mi Hai”. Pinkish & Ladylike.
Why? Cos we thought the name looks like Japanese & sounded like one. Please do not think otherwise *smirk*

cocktail ipp1




Ramen Time!
They impressed us again *slurp*

Shiromaru Motoaji
Original recipe Tonkotsu broth served with Hakata-style ultra-thin noodles and topped with belly chashu, bean sprouts, kikurage and spring onions, cooked expertly to produce a smooth yet classic Hakata ramen.
We personally love this best as the broth made me tasted its originality. Clear yet flavoursome, we could finish the whole bowl of soup!
Best paired with: Umeshu Limonatta




Akamaru Shinaji
The 25-year old recipe requires slow cooking over long hours to achieve a perfect emulsion of oil and liquid, creating a rich and flavorful Tonkotsu that enhances the essence of pork-bone topped with Ippudo secret miso, garlic oil, belly chashu, kikurage, bean sprouts and spring onions. This version of broth carries a more pungent taste that stimulated our tastebuds even more.
Best paired with: Calpis Hai



Spicy Karaka-men
The Karaka Men features Ippudo signature Tonkotsu broth and Hakata-style wavy noodles, topped with ground pork and our spicy Karaka miso for the spice that you crave!
Best paired with: Hinode


Cocktail + Ramen = Yay 😀


Hakata Ippudo 一風堂
Lot C4.07.00,
Connection Level 4,
Pavilion KL.
Tel: 03 2110 6233
11am – 11pm (daily)

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  1. wasn’t impressed with the ramen here. but.. you look good with that bowl of noodles;) so does ahpa LOL 😛

    1. haha thanks dear. Your AhPa enjoyed himself very much with the cocktails haha XD

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