Ante Kitchen & Bar @ Solaris Dutamas

Publika is getting swarmed with more porky outlets!
Who’s the contender that upped the pork treats at Dutamas?



Ante Kitchen & Bar


So if you’ve checked S.Wine Café and wanna opt for a different twist of mega flavours, Ante would be you next nearest stop.
Manned by a team of young lads, their drive to create an innovative dining experience drove more crowds over. Themed “pork” as most would know, their signatures like pork steaks, pork trotter salad are some of their best-sellers.

Chunky Mushroom Soup – RM12
A creamy, healthy blend of a variety of mushroom. A very thick concoction of creamy soup that was bursting with the rustic flavours. A great start while waiting for the others to arrive 🙂




Crispy Pork Trotter Salad – RM21
Deep fried pork trotter slices served with roasted peanuts and mixed lollo lettuce tossed with Thai dressing.
A “fattier” version of the usual salad that we used to have. I personally still prefer S.Wine’s version of Warm Pork Belly Confit, Watermelon and Lychee Salad. Yes, it’s different but we love their combos of sweetness and saltiness. Ante’s version on the other hand, creates a east meets west version with an outstanding texture from the pork trotters.



Up The Ante Pork Burger – RM35
Between this burger’s raisin buns are fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, sauteed mushroom, an egg with a runny-yolk and Ante’s special pork patty – wrapped in prime cuts of bacon strips.
A very pretty portion of pork burger but we love their raisin buns most & not their patty. It wasn’t really juicy enough we would say.
However in tearms of flavours combination, they won it.




Duck Pesto – RM28
Fatty duck slices on a bed of pasta, finished with basil pesto sauce
Our favourite for the night. The duck slices were even out with fats and leaner meat. Pasta was cooked al dente and their pesto sauce was perfect.



Thin Crust Pizza: Signature Chorizo & Bacon – RM27
All time favourite pizza in Ante, with generous amounts of chorizo, bacon, tomato puree and heaps of cheese.
Nothing would go wrong with porky pizza! Bursting with great flavours credits to the bacon and cheese!



Char-grilled Pork Steak – RM42 (thicker slice)
Signature pork chop with berry cream sauce, served with mashed potatoes and baked apple.
An anticipating dish that we all looked forward to. We should have ordered the thinner slice of pork as for our portion, the steak turn out to be kinda tough and a wee bit chewy to bite on. We would praise the overall char-grill taste that matched pretty well with their berry cream sauce and the side dishes but not the thick steak that we were served with.




Hopped over to Coffee Stain for our annual celebration of my birthday with kampungboycitygal, Ivy & the AJ couple 🙂

ante bday1

ante bday


They bought me Free Mori cake! Cuteness 🙂
FYI, Free Mori is a bakery chain that conceptualized as a “baking forest filled with freedom, imagination and creativity”.



Thank you loves!

Royce for us all! “Nama Chocolate” with the fragrance of Champagne Pierre Mignon


Ante Kitchen & Bar
A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
(Same row as Pappa Rich – facing the main road)

Free Mori
No. 67, Level G2, Publika
Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
03 – 6205 3701

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