Terminal 21 @ Bangkok


Welcome to Terminal 21!


One of Bangkok’s new & trendy shopping mall that you need to include into your must-visit list.
It’s not just another shopping mall but it’s bagged with styles that will make you stay, shop & return for more!
Bet you’ll go “ooh & ahhs” the moment you set your feet into this magnificent terminal.
Yes you will, we assure.

As the name of Terminal 21 suggests it, the mall is themed an airport. Adorned nicely with all the airport signs, departure and arrival boards as well as plane motifs. At the entrance itself, you’ll have to go through the custom with a guard dressed very formally like the plane captain! Blending well with the theme, this was done also to assure safety (as there was a recent explosive case in Thailand last year).



Each specific floor is designed around a different country.



LG Floor: Caribbean
Decorated with a huge lighthouse right in the middle, where all the pharmacies, banks, bookshop, supermarkets & essentials are.


terminal 211



Ground Floor: Rome
Branded stuffs like Jaspal, G2000, Adidas, Charles & Keith, etc… are stationed here.

Mezzanine Floor: Paris
Local young designers with lotsa chic & sleek designs that you won’t wanna miss: Sugar & Cream, Backyard etc…

1st Floor: Tokyo
Complete with 10-ft statues of sumo wrestlers & geisha girls. They also have Japanese toilets with all the funky high-tech buttons. This floor stations the up-to-date “kawaii” fashion that all girls would love. Every shop is furnished with cute designs of garments! Girls! Remember the Tokyo floor!




terminal 212

I spend time scrutinizing the wedding gowns & dinner dress designs too!

terminal 214


2nd Floor: London
You have now arrive in London; where the bathrooms have an Underground theme, there are also red British telephone boxes everywhere and there’s a huge full-size British double-decker bus with cute shops inside! How creative 🙂
This would be Chris’s floor. He spent almost the whole afternoon in London, hoping from shops to shops and they do come in great bargain. Yes, you can bargain here!

terminal 213




Getting his Wedding coat done here 🙂
At only 3500 baht (RM350), Chris got his full suit from here! Yes, it’s Asian sized and very fitting. Just in case you haven’t have the time to tailor make your suit, here’s another great option!
Shop: Carrot (what a cute name)




3rd Floor: Istanbul
Accessories & more!

4th & 5th Floor: San Francisco



Food Haven! Spoilt with choices of restaurants and a huge food court serving very affordable & delicious food from all kinds of ethnic cuisines: Pier 21
Price range from 30-40 baht only (RM3-RM4)
Remember to get this refundable Food Credit Card at Pier 21 to get your meal.








Mango Parade during our visit!

terminal 21



6th Floor: Los Angeles- Hollywood
Phone accessories + here the multi-screen movie theater is for top-of-the-line movie theater experience

**The bathrooms on each floor are designed around the city, so if you want to pee in London, you’ll feel like you’re at the Underground! In Istanbul? You’ll feel like you’re in a Turkish bath. Need to wash your face in Tokyo? You’re surrounded by murals of Japanese cosplay girls. Even the janitors are dressed so nicely!


What about the toilet in Pier 21? A huge roller on the ceilings with ladle mirrors! So cute!




If you love shopping malls, Terminal 21 is definitely the ultimate lifestyle shopping mall experience. Mark that into your itinerary!


Terminal 21 @ Bangkok
2,88 Sukhumvit Soi 19 (Wattana) Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoei, Bangkok
BTS: Asok (Connected to Exit 1)
MRT: Sukhumvit
T: (02) 108 0888

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3 Replies to “Terminal 21 @ Bangkok”

  1. Hi,
    May I know where you get the full suit at Terminal 21
    Do they do custom made as well? if yes it will take how long? Thanks
    you got the ready made 1? fit well?

    1. Hi Stella,

      Chris bought his at THE CARROT at level 2 (the guys level or themed London). Yes we bought the ready made and it was really fitting for him. They do small alterations like altering the length also.
      They don’t do custom made suit there as far as we are concerned though they did mentioned maybe near future. But u can check out the few outlets at level 2, Amari Watergate which is located directly opp Platinum Mall for custom made suits. We had 2 done there and the quality was really good. Can collect within 24 hours 🙂

  2. Great blog! I was wondering if you could share with me your whole itinerary? Thanks so much! Love from the Philippines!

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