Margaret’s Café e Nata 玛嘉烈蛋挞 @ Macau

Many years ago, my dad went to Macau and upon coming home, he brought back some Portugese egg tarts that he claimed it was the best so far out of the many he had.
Though it has been through many hours across the ocean all the way back to Malaysia, the vivid egg taste was still very memorable though the pastry has became pretty soft.
“It’s definitely a must visit if you happen to visit Macau one day!” he assured 🙂

When it’s our turn to visit Macau, my dad made me bring the name card that reads:

Margaret’s Café e Nata 玛嘉烈蛋挞

When one mentioned Margaret’s Café e Nata 玛嘉烈蛋挞, it’s their Portugese Egg Tarts that you must try. Though other pastries, cakes, pizzas, sandwiches and coffee are also available, Magaret’s Portugese Egg Tarts are the main highlights. Many have compared Margaret’s version to Lord Stow’s Bakery treats of portugese egg tarts which is a very subjective topic and that’s for you to judge but we personally vote for Margaret’s Café e Nata. Yum!

This little cafe is tucked in a corner crossing an alley. But no worries, from a main crossroads with traffic lights before you reach Grand Lisboa casino (from Largo do Senado’s direction), you’ll notice the small signboard pointing to this cafe on your left. Easily spotted. And if you happen to stay at the same hotel as we do (Hotel Sintra), it’s just a few minutes walk away!




A – Hotel Sintra
B – Margaret’s Café e Nata 玛嘉烈蛋挞


Before making a move back to Hong Kong, we had our tea-time here. Upon arriving, this place is still flooded with people. Luckily within a few minutes, we managed to grab ourselves a seat.
Chris lining up for freshly baked tarts!

Portugese Egg Tarts that are worth waiting for. Crispy pastry with freshly baked egg fillings that was bursting with silky smooth texture and mesmerizing egg-gy aftertaste!



Too good to resist




Margaret’s Café e Nata 玛嘉烈蛋挞
Gum Loi Building, Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau
Tel: +853 2871 0032
Opening Hours: Daily 6.30am to 10pm (Closed on Wednesdays)
How to get there: At ferry terminal, take a free shuttle bus to Lisboa Casino. Margaret’s Café e Nata is just 200m away from Lisboa Casino. All you have to do is walk towards the direction of Senado Square. You’ll then see a signboard of Margaret’s 🙂


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  1. It’s fun to see you guys doing the exact same thing we did! We didn’t get to try Lord Stow’s but these egg tarts were soooo good, we had to fly a few boxes home too..hehe

  2. […] and restaurants across Macau, but the two most well-known ones are Lord Stow’s Bakery and Margaret’s Café e Nata. Lord Stow’s is the most famous of the 2 by far, claiming fame in international waters, with a […]

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