Bangkok: Shopping @ Siam Square + Som Tam Nua + Mango Tango


One of the best shopping destination that we enjoyed was at Siam Square. Though this was the place where we do the least shopping, but being able to stroll around hand-in hand pointing here and there for beautiful apparels and cute shops at different Sois (side streets) was sort of a break time for our purse. Though I still spend some ;P
Thus we decided to fast forward to our Day 4 itinerary first.


Shopping around Siam Square

Very convenient walkway bridge that linked the main malls like MBK, Siam Paragon, Siam Square.


#1 Siam Discovery Center & Siam Center
Haven’t get enough of Naraya at Central World? Here’s the place for more!
Restaurants and movie theaters are located at the top floor & these 2 shopping malls are connected with a bridge on the 4th floor.

How to get here:
Skytrain (BTS) to: National Stadium or Siam Station

#2 Siam Paragon

Located next to Siam Discovery Center and Siam Center. A large shopping mall with a huge supermarket; the Gourmet Market. This is also the home of the Siam Ocean World, one of the largest aquariums in Asia.

How to get here:
Skytrain (BTS) to: Siam Station

#3 MBK Center – Mah Boon Krong
Walking distance from Siam Square. A large mall that almost resembled our Sungei Wang Plaza in Malaysia. We personally thought that you could give this place a miss if you’re on a shopping mission. Otherwise, you can just visit their foodcourt.

How to get here:
Skytrain (BTS) to: National Stadium or Siam Station



#4 Siam Square

One of the most intense and best shopping areas in Thailand. Well, if you want to compare the price at Platinum Mall which the shopping streets here, there would definitely be a difference as shops at Siam Square would be selling at a higher price. Still, I prefer shopping here 🙂 (Well, Chris nominated Terminal 21 a Number 1 for him). Calling out shoppers, girls particularly, your heart will be melted as you move around different Sois. In-to-date apparels, accessories and cute shop designs.
With a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafe, designer clothing boutiques, it’s a must visit for shoppers.
We concentrated more at Soi 3 and Soi 5.

Soi 3. The street where I get my wedding ideas. So many cute gowns!





Soi 5







I should’ve get one of these!




#5 Breakfast @ Chester’s Grill
We were there at Siam Square pretty early. Ended up rounding at different streets for food as most restaurants or cafes only opens at 11am. Please take note on this.
We then ended up at Chester’s Grill, a Thai fast food chain.
Didn’t put much expectation on this initially and we ended up being surprised by these fast food items:


Grilled Pork Chop
A juicy piece of order and it was well marinated



Ebi Sandwich
Deep Fried Prawns Fillet with mayonaise was my favourite


It’s definitely a great start to our boost our energy for an entire shopping day.


Chester’s Grill
Soi 3, Siam Square,
Rama 1 Road, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330


#6 Lunch @ ส้มตำนัว (Som Tam Nua) – Siam Square, Soi 5
Also known as Som Tam Paradise, a real Issan restaurant located at Soi 5. They serve traditional dishes from Northern East Thai such as Som Tam Lao (raw and spicy papaya salad) , Laab Moo (pork salad) and Khao Niau (traditional sticky rice).



Awarded by CNNGO as the Bangkok’s Best Som Tam, it’s populated by many local folks and lots of tourists of course.


Be prepared to queue, especially during peak hours. Orders being taken outside the restaurant.



Papaya Mix Salad – THB 75
Sourish and crunchy. I’m a big fan 🙂



Fried Chicken – THB 98
Very well infused with spices, it is definitely a must-order. Juicy and crispy! So finger licking good that it’s better than any other fried chicken we’ve had. Haha. That’s a personal thought.



Grilled Pork Neck – THB 98
Tender and moist meat that goes well with the dipping sauce.



Tomsep Kadook On Moo soup (North East Style Spicy Soup with Pork Bone) – THB 97
An Issan-style sour and spicy Tom Yam soup that somehow tasted sweet as well, thanks to the addition of pork bone.



Khao Niau
An Issan traditional sticky rice in bamboo baskets. Goes well with all dishes!



Som Tam Nua
392/14 Soi Siam Square 5, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok
Tel: +66 (0) 22 51 4880
Business hours: Open daily, 10:45 a.m.-9.30 p.m.

#7 Tea-Time @ Mango Tango
Tucked around a corner of Soi 5, the dessert hut is definitely a heaven for mango lovers. Like me!!
I thought this sweet corner was a better version compared to Hong Kong’s Hui Lau Shan 🙂
They have mangoes done in all versions; pudding, ice cream, fresh fruit and you can even have it in the classic version with sticky rice too!




Cute interior

Mango Tango + Extra sticky rice – THB 145
Mango Pudding + Fresh Mango + Mango Ice Cream
A heavenly combo to be shared!




Mango Parfait – THB 85
Love this parfait to bits!Fresh mangoes with mango ice cream at the bottom and brimmed to the top with cereals & whipped cream!




Mango Lassi – THB 70
Chris ordered my favourite mango lassi. Very filling and we brought it shopping with us.


Mango Tango
Siam Square Soi 5
(next to Hotel Novotel Bangkok)

Next up: More Shopping @ Terminal 21!

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8 Replies to “Bangkok: Shopping @ Siam Square + Som Tam Nua + Mango Tango”

  1. hello Christine. just want to ask about siam square.. around what time the shop in siam square will close?

    1. hello hooi ting 🙂 we went during the afternoon. But from what I know is, most of the shops closes at about 10pm.

      1. alright =) Thanks for info ..

  2. hi, how much average the wedding gown sell at soi 3? Compared to terminal 21, which place is nicer? Quality ok? how about the alteration service?
    Thanks yo!!

    1. Hi SY,
      I actually didn’t get my gown there. Just went to survey around. But in terms of quality, Terminal 21’s has my vote. Average price about RM800-1000.
      The ones in Soi 3 are also pretty and about alteration services, I’m not so sure about that. So sorry! But one of the staff at the shops at Soi 3, they do provide that service 🙂

  3. Hi Christine,

    Wanna ask about the wedding gown u found in soi 3 & Terminal 21. How is the quality? average price and any alteration service provided?
    Thanks yo!

  4. May I know how much in total you spend for your trip in shopping + food ?

    1. Hi Jolene 🙂
      For shopping + food, both of us spent about 2K for 4D3N 😀

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