Hong Kong: Yung Kee Restaurant 镛记酒家 + Stone Slab Street 石板街 + Lan Kwai Fong 蘭桂坊


Last post: Tea Time @ Bing Sutt 冰室 + Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園, Central Hong Kong


No. we have to slow down. We have been eating non-stop at Hong Kong.
After our LATE tea time at the bustling Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園, we walked around Gage Street which is mushroomed by petite shophouses and street markets before another round of feast with the cousins.



A cute shop named Recycle: with bags and wallets made out of newspapers.




We thought of having HK’s famous roasted goose when a sudden craving drops by and our dear cousins then brought us to Yung Kee 镛记.
Standing in front of Yung Kee reminded me about their famous nickname “the Flying Roast Goose” when I browsed through Open Rice. Yung Kee Restaurant is a renowned and prominent Chinese restaurant at HK that serves Guangdong cuisines. And their specialty?



Roast Goose




A wall with listings of the awards won, including the best restaurants and also the prestigious Michelin star.
(which also best explain for the price we pay :P)



The very first dish that all should try and all tables have:
Century eggs (皮蛋) – preserved duck or chicken eggs in a clay and ash mixture for months
You might say century eggs is just another rather ordinary dish, but at Yung Kee, this is a premium snack.
The eggs are gorgeously assembled with pickled ginger and what’s the catch?
Clear translucent tea-coloured “egg white” with creamy, a little runny grey yolk.



Roasted Goose
The pretty bird roasted beautifully, with great meat texture. The skin was a little soggy though.
A quarter portion that costs more than HKD150! Hefty price.
However, I would still prefer to have roasted duck if you ask me 🙂



Sauteed Deep Fried Fresh Squid
Too much batter and too salty



Vegetable with Crab Meat
Love the gravy as it was infused well with the crab flavours



Steamed Spare Ribs in Plum Sauce
Another ordinary dish to omit, this dish was a tad too sweet to our liking



Sliced Beef with Flat Rice Noodle
A dish that Chris has been anticipated to try in Hong Kong, as he loves flat noodles with beef.
With disappointment, it doesn’t leave a good impression: too oily!


Verdict: A classy Chinese restaurant with just average taste. We would only vote for the Roasted Goose and the Century Eggs (based on our own preference).

Yung Kee Restaurant 镛记酒家
32-40 Wellington Street,
Central, Hong Kong.
香港中環威靈頓街32-40 號

Open: 11am – 11:30pm


See HK

Pottinger Street
Most locals would named it Stone Slab Street (Sek Ban Gai 石板街) as the stretch of steps are run down with granite stones.
This would definitely look familiar to you as most TVB dramas might have a scene or two at this famous street itself. It would be a better idea to stroll around here on a day time as there will be more sight seeings and shoppings. If you are going to a costume party, this is the place to come to for various accessories to gear you up.
Too bad the shops are closed when we decided to walk up to Lan Kwai Fong.




It’s time for Happy Hour!

Lan Kwai Fong 蘭桂坊 is no stranger at all.
A world renowned district is which is home to over 100 restaurants and bars. Just around the corner from the city’s busy Central business district, it’s the happening hang-out spots for afterwork drinks.






We entered Frites: Belgium on Tap
Cousins praised it’s an upbeat dining spot and serves great beer. It owned a contemporary European ambiance with an old school Belgian Bar that serves Belgian beers on tap, and also bottled beers!
Signature Dishes (according to Open Rice HK): Grilled Wagyu Beef Brisket with Soft Olive Oil and Mashed Potato with Mushroom and Herbs Supplements, Buckets of Mussels served with frites and mayonnaise, Grilled Lamb Leg






Each beer served with its own glass 🙂






Frites: Belgium on Tap
1/F, 74 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2179 5179

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  1. every beer has their own glass, that’s really cool!!!
    enjoy your trip ya 🙂

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