Tea Time @ Bing Sutt 冰室 + Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園, Central Hong Kong


After our hearty breakfast at the Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司 @ Jordan, we took a train towards Sheung Wan 上環 🙂
We were up early. The train was so empty…


PSG_SYM_003 (R1).pdf
Only a station away from Central (Note the DARK BLUE LINE)


Sheung Wan 上環
#1 Take a tram round the HK island! Tram is the most economical mode of transportation in Hong Kong. Regardless of distance, only HK$2.30 will be charged for each adult passenger. Children and senior citizens can enjoy a lower fare at HK$1.20 and HK$1.00 respectively.




Western Market at Sheung Wan



#2 Egg Waffle 雞蛋仔
Walking along the streets on Sheung Wan, you’ll be greeted by the many fares of street snacks & one of them would be the Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle (雞蛋仔)



#3 Sang Kee Congee Shop
This has been one of the MUST-TRY places in Hong Kong for congee
Famous for their Fish Belly Congee, Pork Balls Congee, too bad we didn’t have room for this after stuffing ourselves with the breakfast set from Australia Dairy Company.


More reviews on this from:

#4 She Wong Lam
What first caught my eye was a small wire cage out the front of the shop with a couple of bedraggled looking snakes.I felt my stomach churn as Chris moved nearer to capture some shots of the snakes of all colours. She Wong Lam supply snakes to restaurants and FYI, eating snakes is a favourite winter warmer in Hong Kong. Snake soup is considered somewhat of a gourmet dish. Very exotic some would say, many say it tastes like chicken.





13 Hillier Street,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2543 8032


#5 Wing Lok Street 永樂街 (Bird’s Nest & Ginseng Street)
A street in Sheung Wan that is famous for Ginseng, Chinese medicines, dried seafood as well as bird’s nests


Craving for curry fishballs!



The busy street at Queen’s Road the the shopping den!





#6 Bing Sutt 冰室 + Starbucks @ CENTRAL




Located at Duddell Street in Central, this street is famous for its four gas-powered street lamps. These street lamps are still powered by town gas 🙂




Also known as the World’s Oldest Starbucks, as they feature a flashback of the 1950s-70s nostalgic Hong Kong Cafe.
冰室, pronounced as Bing Sutt has long been remembered as a place where people meet. Literally, it means “ice room”. Though so, it is actually the coffeehouse of the olden days, where people like to have a coffee break, tea and other beverages such as soda pop & ice cream. This unique Starbucks a fusion of styles and cultures, in terms of Eastern traditions and Western modernization.



Having Starbucks in an old school/ retro shop?
This was pretty cool!
This place was built as a celebration of HK’s roots ans spirit

Bing Sutt 冰室 + Starbucks
Shop M2, Mezzanine Floor,
Baskerville House
Duddell Street, Central
Phone: 2523 5685

From Duddell Street, we proceeded towards Gage Street



#4 Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園), famous tea restaurant in Hong Kong Gage Street 結志街

Gage Street 結志街 is mainly a market & nestled on this street is a well-known eatery once started out as “Dai Pai Dong” 大牌檔 (street side food stall) in Central which expanded into a famous tea restaurant in Hong Kong 港式茶餐廳 (a prominent HK-style restaurant). Lan Fong Yuen has been crowned ‘the most delicious tea cafe’ by the locals and visited by many tourists as well as artists.





Famous for their Milk Tea, more precisely the pantyhose milk tea (絲襪奶茶). All the while we thought that the sackcloth was just used to filter the tea leaves. And yes, after boiling and resting the pot for several times, the tea is filtered using sackcloth to strain the leaves. Not just as a filter, but because they believe that it makes the tea smoother compared with using other kinds of strainer. A perfect milk tea just have to be smooth 🙂


Pantyhose or Silk Stocking milk tea (絲襪奶茶) – HKD13 (RM5.10)



The restaurant has also been famous for their pork chop buns 豬扒包 all these years.
Pork chop bun 豬扒包 – HKD12 (RM4.70)
The bun was lightly toasted and the pork chop was very flavoursome as it was well marinated resulting a juicy piece coated with tasty flavours



After noting that the Dried Nissin Noodle was ordered by almost every table, we joined the crowd too.
Dried Nissin Noodle with Chicken Cutlets 蔥油雞扒撈丁(撈出前一丁麵)- HKD24 (RM9.40) *Comes together in a set with the Milk Tea*
A good plate of Nissin we have to admit, as they combined the oriental flavours of ginger and scallion. The chicken cutlets were soft and juicy too 🙂



French Toast 西多士 – HKD20 (RM7.80) *Comes together in a set with the Milk Tea*
Soft toast with melted butter. Yum 🙂



Tomato Macaroni 番茄薯仔湯通粉 – HKD22 (RM8.60)
As we were snapping the pictures away, one of the locals approached us (a regular customer, he claimed) and advised us to make another order. An order not many tourists would be ordering it was his personal favourite: The Tomato Macaroni 番茄薯仔湯通粉.
Not just some ordinary Tomato Macaroni, it was served together with generous portions of pork ribs, eggs & potatoes too. Very tangy flavours, this this was a very appetizing & satiating dish 🙂



The friendly boss 🙂


*Note: Please be advised to visit their main shop as there were several negative reviews on their branch 😛
Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園
Main Shop: No. 2, Gage st (Central)
Tel: +852 2544 3895/ 2854 0731
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday – 7am to 6pm

Branch: Shop No.26, B/F, Chung King Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,
Tel: +852 2316 2311

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  1. nice place nice food! hk really is a nice place to go!

    1. besides the food, shopping during summer was also vy tempting. haha 🙂

    1. plan a holiday nikel! ^^

  2. the egg waffle looks unique. didnt manage to try out this when i went there coz i was on a tour 🙁

    1. yea v loved it. But we heard there are more popular ones. This one was just a random stopover 🙂

  3. Excited over my coming HK trip on May!!!

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