Appreciate your Chocolate with Van Houten ♥

It’s 11.11.11 and we decided to share something sweet 😉

An ancient Greek word for Love.


The little sweetheart that’s infused with sweetness melting in our mouth, inspiring our tastebuds with delight. Who doesn’t love chocolates when they contained the happy factor? The amount of cocoa are magnificiently
balance to make it everyone’s favourite treat. It releases the happy hormone so each time one takes a bite, the feeling of gladness is sure to pop by.




I guess Van Houten has been accompanying most of us through our childhood years.
Van Houten, a well established brand for over 180 years. It is one of the oldest established brands and also one of the biggest brands for Hersheys in Asia South.

Through Van Houten, Chris and I are able to rekindle our joy for chocolate. Van Houten also uplifted many people love for chocolate emphasizing on their quality and standard & for a person who is crazily in love with chocolate, what should we refer them as?


[ko ko fee lee yah]
a. Appreciation of chocolate
b. Refers to the passion of a person, who is nuts over chocolate
c. Someone who knows that Van Houten is good chocolate






I believe most of you fits the definitions above.
How do you normally eat your chocolate?
For us, it was just merely unwrapping it and popping it in. Fullstop.
Do you know there are actually proper ways to eat APPRECIATE your CHOCOLATE?

Special thanks to Van Houten, we were taught on the ways to appreciate good chocolate.
Let’s feast our eyes with these brown beauties!
Deanna Yusoff, a chocolate lover who shared her passion with us, allowing us to discover new taste through the joy of having good chocolate paired with good food & companies.


Here’s how you would rekindle the passion through 5 senses: see, touch, smell, hear, taste

#1 See
Take a good look at the the brown beauty. Smooth finishing, no trapped bubbles and of course, even colours of the chocolate coat.

#2 Touch
Grab your chocolate bar and open up the wrappers resembling the smooth unbuttoning 😛
Get a feel of the bar as you hold it up. No, it shouldn’t melt in your hands, it should melt in your mouth later.

#3 Smell
Take a deep inhalation as you bring near your sweetheart to you. This should start triggering your salivary glands as your savour it through your smell senses.

#4 Hear
A clear, clean snap sound of the choc bar should be heard. This would be an indicator of the quality. A clear snap sound shows that the chocolate contained good amount of cocoa butter.

#5 Taste
Last but not least, the main step that we enjoyed & appreciate. Pop in the chocolate into your mouth and try to coat your tongue with it. Believe us, the long lasting cocoa aroma would excite your happy hormone.. even more! The hum of joy 🙂

We were also taught how to extend our appreciation through Chocolate-Coffee Pairing to create a perfect and homogeneous balance. Which chocolate would go with your cuppa coffee? Now we know! 🙂

Cafe latte and Semi Sweet Chocolate




Espresso con Panna and Semi Sweet Chocolate



Espresso and Milk Chocolate



Churos with Van Houten Chocolate Dippings. So sinful but we like 😛




Treats before the chocolate indulgence at Chinoz on the Park, KLCC.






Chris expressing his love for chocolate 🙂






Love chocolate ♥ Love Van Houten ♥

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  1. Yay! Your site finally appears on my blogroll properly so I know when u have a new post. 🙂

    1. Yay 🙂 thanks baby Sumo!

  2. 😀 love chocolates <3

  3. Nice, to be showered with so much chocolates! Ah, too bad we missed this one. Would’ve been nice to hang out with you all. =)

  4. Oh no now I’m craving for chocolate. T_T

    1. go grab a bar of van houten! 🙂

  5. oh… so much chocolate until I can smell chocolate from my monitor 😛

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