Ko Hyang 고향 Korean Country Delights @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Ko Hyang 고향
A Korean country delight that most people enjoy, thanks to their affordable price and not forgetting to mention about their delightful homemade Korean twist that adds to their hometown recipe. Manned by a Korean and her parents, this little hometown Korean hut has grown into a more popular dining spot that one would like to savour. Many love the idea of them incorporating their traditional recipe of country style home-cooked meals from their hometown in Korea as we could indulge what Korean flavours are like with just simple dishes minus the bbq that we used to have.

Other than Dak Galbi, Chris and I would sometimes spend our leisure dinner time checking out this country delight when the cravings happened to drop by. Since we’re loitering around 1 Utama, we were happy to discover that Ko Hyang has just open its doors early this month.

Dol Sot Bim Bim Bab – RM17.90
Stone pot rice mixed with vegetables, chili paste and beef / chicken
Piping hot rice in a stone bowl topped with Namul (sauteed vegetables), gochujang (Korean chili paste) and a sunny side up egg = superb Korean mixed rice 🙂



O Jing Eo Bokem – RM17.90
Stir fried squid with vegetables and rice
This has been my favourite order whenever I drop by as it’s tasty and spicy sauce was appetizing and you would want them with your rice as they are perfect for each other. Chewy squids aced it too.




Soon Dobu Ji Gae – RM15.90
Spicy soft tofu stew with seafood and rice



Ra Myeon – RM13.50
Hot and spicy seafood/ beef noodle with vegetables




Pa Jeon – RM11.50
Seafood pancake with spring onion



Kim Chi Jeon – RM11.50
Kim chi pancake
We preferred this kimchi version to seafood as this portion was well-infused with strong kimchi flavours while the other was just ordinary & lack of seafood.



Goon Man Du – RM9.50
Pan fried homemade chicken dumplings (6pcs)



Ko Hyang 고향 Korean Country Delights
No LG 116, Lower Ground,
1 Utama Shopping Centre
No 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama

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4 Replies to “Ko Hyang 고향 Korean Country Delights @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre”

  1. We’ve just been to Ko Hyang recently too, their food is good! And definitely convenient since it’s located in The Gardens also. Love their Bibimbap!

  2. The photos and the blog look fantastic.
    Ko Hyang is available at Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya NOW! Pls visit or call 03-8322 6168 for details.

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