Sumptuous Desserts @ The Gardens Mall

I remembered very well when we first spotted the little kiosk selling durian pancakes a few years back. Walking hand in hand eyeing on those lovely fluffy pillows of pancakes everytime we crossed from the Gardens Mall to the megamall, we tend to stop by just for their chilled durian pancakes. Never did we know that they offer other varieties of desserts too; equals to its name: Sumptuous


From a small kiosk in The Gardens expanding to 3 other malls stationed at Ikano Power Centre, Sungei Wang Plaza & Sunway Pyramid, Sumptuous Desserts; once known as Lee Lee Sumptuous Desserts is no longer new in the desserts dictionary.
Special thanks to Steven for having us over to sample their hand-rolled layer-thin pancake with authentic fillings of durian, mango and cempedak, there’s no fruit puree used for production of the pancake according to him.

Durian Pancake – RM10 for a box of six
Also very well known as the Durian Bantal in Malay, these pillows are filled with durian and creams that are not too filling. Great durian taste as they are made fresh daily. Sinking your teeth into the chilled pancake enriched with local durians would give you a satisfying hum in return.



Cempedak Pancake – RM8 for a box of 6
Like the durians, these are replaced with cempedak (the relative of jackfruits) instead. Great choice for non-durian lovers. Having these sweethearts resembled eating the fruit itself with extra creams. A rare find in the market, Sumptuous did a great job for being the godfather of Cempedak Pancake 🙂





Mango Pancake – RM8 for a box of 8
I personally do not fancy this although I’m a big fan of mangoes. This might be due to the inconsistency of the mango ripeness while it’s being produced. But some would still love it as it’s light and refreshing. Would still go for Durian & Cempedak 🙂




Hokkaido Cakes (Durian) – RM7 per box of 3
Fluffy Hokkaido Cakes filled with durian instead of normal creams. An adventurous try of soft spongy cake with the sweet bitter durian flesh.




Durian Cream Puffs – RM7 for a box of 3
With more durian flesh enriching the puffs compared to the Hokkaido Cake (as it’s meant to be lighter), you could get to taste more flavours of durian. However, if the puff could be crispier, this would be the perfect match. The puff itself is a wee bit soft as it’s chilled to maintain the durian freshness.



I love to quote this from Chris again 🙂

Its pungent taste,
Its unique odour,
The flesh within emits a distinctive smell, which is regarded as either fragrant, strong, overpowering and penetrating.
Yes you…
The Durian Pancake

Do drop by to check out their Hokkaido Cakes, Cempedak & Mango Pancakes as well 🙂


Sumptuous Desserts
The Gardens (Lower Ground Floor Opp. Eu Yan Sang)
LG C-1, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6012 372 8848

Other kiosks/ outlets:
Ikano Power Centre (Lower Ground Floor Opp. Uncle Lim’s)
Sungei Wang Plaza (Concourse Level Opp. McDonald)
Sunway Pyramid (First Floor Opp. Ajisen Ramen Restaurant)
Visit their FACEBOOK PAGE for more information.

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5 Replies to “Sumptuous Desserts @ The Gardens Mall”

  1. Nice quote from Chris! Agree agree! I like your photos!

  2. i’ve only tried the durian pancake before and i thought it was delicious! shall head there again and try the others soon!

    1. try their cempedak too gal! 😉

  3. Love their Durian Pancakes. Their Hokkaido Cakes are pretty good too. But, it would be better if they have more durian fillings in the cakes.

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