Mid-Autumn Festival: Chynna by Hilton KL & Homemade Mooncakes



Just when about the Raya holidays bids goodbye, the Mid-Autumn Festival mood fills the air!
Traditional mooncakes & glowing lanterns brought back the chapters of great childhood.
It’s the time of the year again where we would be looking forward to another festive season of tanglungs, candle lightings and indulge in mooncakes when celebrating the fifteenth day of the eighth moon, around the time of the autumn equinox. Time to pamper yourself with mooncake treats! Hurray!

Have you got your favourite box of mooncake yet?
Bet most of you do. In case you haven’t, perhaps you could try our favourite





Many great flavours; with their latest signature mooncake: the Flower Drum which is the Lotus Paste with soft egg yolk centre (snow skin). Other snow skin mooncake that was on the modern take include Blue Moon: snow skin Amaretto lotus paste mooncake with blueberry cheese Feuillantine and Yellow Moon: mooncake filled with Violet flower essence & chocolate center with brandy flavoured lotus paste.


The Prestige Tresure Box

For us, we still prefer our traditionally baked mooncake like the lotus paste, red bean and pandan paste.
A bite of the sweet mooncake, sipping your favourite cup of Chinese Tea enhancing the flavours exciting your taste buds the traditional way…
It’s the perfect match.


Prestige Box of 6 – RM88++ per box
Prestige Box of 4 – RM70++ per box
Individual Mooncakes – RM18++ per mooncake


Home-made Mooncake
What’s the best thing about home-made Mooncakes?
No preservatives!



Home-made Shanghai Mooncake
Buttery ‘Cookie’ based outer skin enveloping the pandan paste and salted egg yolk



Snow Skin Mini Mooncakes in Assorted Flavours
Pandan, Coffee & Vanilla



A piggy Mooncake from Ming Xiang Tai Penang!


Though the festivals has yet to come…
We would like to wish all of you in advance xoxo

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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3 Replies to “Mid-Autumn Festival: Chynna by Hilton KL & Homemade Mooncakes”

  1. happie mid autumn festival!!!
    the mooncake box so nice ler

    1. happy mooncake festival dear! i love the colours! hehe

  2. Happy New Year! I’ve just spoilt myself today with their ‘tou fu fah’. Yuummm..nice and soft with the Bird’s Nest. Do give it a go the next time you’re there.

    It seems like they are opening a new branch at Suntech this January.


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