Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司 @ Jordan, Hong Kong

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After our typical HK-char chan teng dinner from Day 1, we woke up early the next day greeted by sunny weather. Magnificent view of the skyscrapers during summer in HK from our window was a great start.
View from our balcony overlooking Hong Kong Island and the bustling harbour from Kowloon.



Bird’s eye view from our apartment.



Breakfast time!



We planned for another visit to a HK-style coffee shop a.k.a char chan teng for breakfast on our 2nd day since we had dim sum on the first day.
Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司 is highly recommended by the locals and listed as the No.1 restaurant in’s best restaurant list. No reason for not dropping by right? Being a big fan of egg sandwiches, we don’t mind queuing up like the other people just to get a taste of their famous scramble eggs and dairy products e.g milk and custard puddings. Lucky us, we just waited for less than 5 mins as we were there early. Still, it was pretty packed inside. It’s kinda funny as we were seated right behind a pillar. They really maximize their use of available space 🙂


Busy as a bee. Very efficient staffs.



Here’s their set menu & ala carte are also available. We went for their Breakfast set (HKD 26) & Fast food Set (HKD26)



早餐 Available from 7.30am-12pm
Breakfast Set – HKD26 (RM10.11)
牛油方飽 Steamed white bread
西煎双蛋 Double sunny side up / scramble eggs
火腿通粉 Macaroni & Ham in soup
咖啡或茶 Coffee or Milk tea


茶餐 Available from 12pm-11pm
Afternoon Set – HKD30 (RM11.70)
牛油方飽 Steamed white bread
火腿煎双蛋 Ham with double sunny side up / scramble eggs
叉烧汤意粉 Cha Siu soup spaghetti
咖啡或茶 Coffee or Milk tea

快餐 All Day Fast Food – HKD26 (RM10.11)
牛油方飽 Steamed / Toasted white bread
西煎双蛋 Double sunny side up / scramble eggs
冷热鲜奶 Fresh milk (hot/ cold)


Kowloon Dairy



Buttery Egg with Soft bread
Nope. It’s not overrated at all, the scramble eggs were light & perfectly seasoned while the yolk is a little runny. Not too dry as you would find most scramble eggs to be. And I love my bread steamed as it’s soft and fluffy



Double sunny side up with Toasted Bread



Macaroni with Ham
This tasted a bit peppery to our liking and a lil’ salty. Would still stick to their sandwiches and eggs.



火腿芝士蛋三文治 Ham, Cheese & Egg Sandwich – HKD24 (RM9.30)
It makes you happy by just looking at the amount of eggs in sandwiched between. Addition of ham and cheese was very filling! The price of this sandwich is almost equivalent to their available set 😉




Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司
47 – 49 Parkes Streets,
Jordan, Hong Kong. (Jordan MTR, exit C2)
Tel: 2730-1356
Business hours: 7.30am to 11pm daily.

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  1. aw… i miss their steamed milk pudding a lot!!!

    1. i miss their eggs and sandwiches! i love my sandwich with thick eggs in them hehe

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