HK Eats: Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert 许留山 , Mongkok Street Snacks @ Dundas Street 登打士街

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Continuing from our lunch at Good Hope Noodle & yummy egg tarts from Sakurashima…
Here we are, still at Mongkok, looking out for more cheap eats!

I wouldn’t say no to dessert; especially when they have mangoes as well. Chris knew me well and we decided to chill for a while in this shop, comforting ourselves with cooling air-cond after a round of experience with HK’s stuffy summer.

Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert 许留山
This dessert house chain would be one of the most popular and famous dessert place in Hong Kong.
We’ve seen Hui Lau Shan almost everywhere in the popular areas of Hong Kong.
Emphasizing in healthy desserts, they use fruits particularly mango and specializes in fresh mango desserts. Besides, they also have traditional Chinese desserts (e.g guai lin go). They have an extensive menu with colourful photos and fret not as it’s in both English & Chinese



Mango Dessert Platter – HKD39 (RM15.2)
This would be a great choice if you’re indecisive of what’s good here. A trio of mango dessert for sampling. I thought this was good but Chris said it’s just so-so. Let’s see what you think 🙂


day 12

Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert 许留山
Shop 5, G/F, Dundas Square, 43H Dundas St, Mongkok
Phone: 2385-2256

Well, some might say visiting Hong Kong during the summer is like putting yourself into the oven. It’s all about the sales that got us determined. Haha.
Tips: Bring a mini fan along or facial mist & an umbrella.

That’s what I did 🙂

Equipped with the mini fan, we led ourselves to Dundas Street, one of the leading streets in Mongkok very well-known for cheap eats that could definitely fill you up.

As you walk along, your eyes will be feasted by many street fares & eateries displaying their food items that would make you drool…… It’s a good thing that we’re in the fed mode at that time.

Look at the size of those wantons (dumplings)!





Put Chai Go 砵仔糕- Steamed pudding
Pudding cake very well-known in HK which is sweet in taste. This soft pudding is made from different forms of steamed white or sugar and sometimes even added with azuki beans.

But still… we were drawn to check out some of the street snacks!
Curry Fishballs 咖哩鱼旦 – HKD5 per stick (RM1.90)
This is one of the most popular street snacks in Hong Kong. HK’s curry fishballs is different in terms of taste if compared to our local curry. It’s note very spicy and tasted more like the curry powder itself. Some claimed that their curry sauce is different in a way that it is boiled together with herbs and thus, it tasted richer.
This one we had was rather disappointing as the fishballs tasted artificial and we couldn’t feel the bounciness and fish meat in it. Almost all flour.




day 13


Fei Jie Snacks Shop 肥姐小食店
“No photos allowed” was shown. Even so, Chris managed to snap a few 🙂
Highly recommended by, this stall was voted as one of the top street snacks stall in HK!
They are famous for their braised fares on skewers, such as big squids & octopus,  pork intestines 大生腸, pig’s stomach & chicken’s liver being laid onto a bed of ice to churn out the crunchiness in each bite. These items are then drizzled with their secret recipe sauce, making them even tastier.

Long queue



Visiting the wet market at Yin Chong Street 煙廠街 in Mongkok



Ice cream Vendor
A happy icon very close to most Hong Kong people’s heart as many have grew up with them.


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8 Replies to “HK Eats: Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert 许留山 , Mongkok Street Snacks @ Dundas Street 登打士街”

  1. The ice cream van… cute…. 🙂

    1. yeah… and v don’t find them here… Only those ice cream on motorbikes! haha

  2. Hui Lau Shan is nice but I can’t afford to go for 2nd round. Too little portion but taste very very good!

    1. haha.. good for sharing and to sample new stuffs 🙂

  3. I gave up on HK curry fishball two years ago. Rather have the octopus and pork intestines.

    1. haha… yeah.. not up up to expectations… but Macau’s curry fishballs were really good!

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