Gokuraku Ramen @ Mid Valley

Our love for noodles are indescribable. Be it a plate of dry noodles or a bowl of heavenly filled ramen with piping hot soup! *wiping saliva*
Having heard about the rave of Gokuraku Ramen‘s tasty broth and slurping-ly smooth ramen, it’s time to pop by.
Gokuraku’s ramen are made fresh daily and emphasized very much much on their soup base that is simmered for very long hours.

We led ourselves to a porky start of:
Tomato Maki – RM6.90
The sliced pork were wrapped around a cherry tomato, skewered and grilled. The charred taste was very memorable and the soft pork hugging the crunchy tomato made this combination perfect. We should try this next time at home. Clever idea 🙂



Have you ever been told/ taught on the proper way to enjoy a bowl of Japanese Ramen?
As for us, we only know that we should be slurping all the way through. Haha.

Lesson 101:
Adapted from Gokuraku Ramen
1 Indulge your sight and smell receptors with the appetizing aroma of the rich broth.
2 Scoop, sip and savour generous amounts of soup to start off. The soup is the most significant element of any Ramen dish, so enjoy!
3 Mix the noodles and soup well. Take note not to mix the seaweed together as it will dissolve!
4 Next, slurp away! The noodles are best consumed with the soup while it is hot, approximately within 7 to 8 minutes after it is served.
5 For that extra tasty kick, eat it with the accompaniments and added toppings.
6 By now, the soup will have reached its full-bodied flavour. Finish up by gulping it, down to the last drop!

Let’s indulge!
Not to be confused with Tonkatsu, Tonkotsu noodles has their broth milky white, thanks to the pork marrow and fat cooked for hours creating the rich flavours and intensity.
Their ramen was smooth and not too soft.

Ultimate Tonkotsu Ramen – RM20.90
Tonkotsu Broth Noodles topped with Char Siew, Flavoured Egg, Black Fungus, Spring Onion, Leek, Bamboo Shoot, Seaweed and Fragrant Garlic Oil
I love their flavoured eggs which resembled our home-cooked braised dishes. Garnishing with spring onion, leek oil made this portion more aromatic.




Gokuraku Miso Ramen – RM20.90
Miso in Tonkotsu Broth Noodles topped with Cabbage, Minced Pork and Fragrant Garlic Oil
Difference between the Ultimate Tonkotsu Ramen besides their ingredients? This share has a stronger flavour as it’s cooked with miso, a traditional Japanese seasoning making it slightly saltier and earthy.




Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen – RM17.90
Spicy Tonkotsu Broth Noodles topped with Char Siew, Black Fungus, Spring Onion, Bamboo Shoot, Bean Sprout and Seaweed
You may want to spice things up a little bit if you’re in for some kick 🙂



We were then greeted by Gokuraku’s friendly chef and had the dessert below on him! Thanks again 🙂
Annin Tofu – RM6.90
Almond Jelly



This offer is back by popular demand!
50% off on all Ramen dishes (From 15 August-27 September 2011)
*Valid only on Mondays and Tuesdays

Goku flyer 3

Gokuraku Ramen
Lot S25 & S26,
Level 2 Mid Valley Megamall,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Website HERE

We would love to try Santouka Ramen next. Which do you think is better?
Mind to share?

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13 Replies to “Gokuraku Ramen @ Mid Valley”

  1. That ramen looks amazing… drool…

    1. have you tried? 🙂 their broth’s pretty amazing too

  2. ahhh, u guys went!!! hmmmp, i have yet to try!!!
    yay, half price on ramen dishes. going again ???

    1. haha.. perhaps gonna try others first.. too much to try… the food list just gets longer.. lol

  3. I’m avid fans of noodle too, any noodle I mean ^_^

    1. haha… same here 🙂

  4. Haha, now I know how to enjoy my bowl of ramen! Haven’t heard of this place before, will mark this place down and visit in the future! =)

    1. so much to try when u r back… soon!! yay

  5. Love the noodles and broth here :)And the annin tofu is really nice hor.

  6. Didn’t know there are ways to enjoy a bowl of ramen. Haha.

    1. Gokuraku thought us how to enjoy now.. haha

  7. I only recognized Christ when you both came in and sit at the corner table and I’m wondering…keep observing from the kitchen then you both changed table and took out the camera, I know my guess’s is not wrong 🙂

    Glad that you and your friends have a good experience here 🙂

    1. Nice meeting you and thanks for the dessert 🙂 We enjoyed our food and time there

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