Kin Shui Tei Japanese Restaurant @ Tropicana Golf & Country Resort – Leave the worries of Radiation behind!

Could I see a raise of hands when we ask……
How many of you have dined in a Japanese restaurant as frequent as you used to, ever since the aftermath of the giant quake thats swept Japan?

I can’t even remember when was the last. I used to pester Chris for Jap meal whenever the craving drops by (which happens so often) and now… we would opt for other cuisine instead but not Japanese. Did you find this situation a resemblance?

Although we do know about how little the radiation impact was on us but the Malaysian mind could turn us timid sometimes. The nags from elderly trying to diverge our appetites away from Jap was one of the factor too.

I did not tell dear daddy we were going to Kin Shui Tei this time, as he would start his thoughts about radiation again. Haha.

Another reason that made us miss Kin Shui Tei was the cute Mr.Tanabe who established a high profile in Japanese culinary arts, the head chef who also specialize in churning out the best kaiseki; traditional multi-course Japanese dinner to suit one’s appetite.


We were honoured to sample a few of their seasonal, off menu & new dishes offered by Kin Shui Tei.

Special Hokkaido chirashi sushi – RM98
Vinegar sushi rice topping with mix raw fish and king crab. No doubt it was fresh, every piece of the raw darlings were exquisitely arranged. The vinegar rice tasted sweet and we loved it. This combination gave us a fresh start. FYI, the rice was imported from USA.


Seasonal Anago Tempura – RM30
Deep fried sea eel with Japanese tempura style with crunchy vegetables. When it comes to tempura, the star would be prawns most of the time. How about some eels this time? Fresh eels battered evenly, deep fried & instead of dipping ’em into the tempura sauce, why not try it with a special homemade sauce? Serve upon request. A lil’ sweet & sour with an addition of spring onion which made it even tastier.




Smoked Ayu – RM55
Smoked Japanese sweet river fish. It’s special when you get to taste 2 different flavours at a go. Smoky flavours of the outer skin and sweet fillings of the ayu flesh.


Beef tofu Katsu don – RM38
Deep fried beef fillet slice roll with tofu on top of rice.
When it was served, without knowing he name of this dish, for one minute all of us thought that it looked like some chicken katsu don and wondered why is this new on the menu, looking puzzled.
Gems hidden revealed when we scooped it up…
Soft smooth tofu wrapped with beef slices, then deep fried & topped with onions and eggs. Very creative.




Lamb rib steak – RM50
Grilled lamb rib with homemade special sauce. They decided to move a lil’ further this time by moving on towards a western approach yet still maintaining the Japanese cooking methods.
Tender lamd coated beautifully with the tangy sauce. Potato salad was a wonder too and it’s definitely not an ordinary mash that you’ve tried. No kidding.


Love the healthy pure fruit juices they served. Choices of mixed fruits you could select which is good for digestions & general health. A must try 🙂

Apples + Tomatoes


Pineapple + Honeydew


Wanna try the listed above? Are you daring enough?
No worries, it won’t kill you. Seriously.

Hope we could convince you.
Fun Facts about Mr.Radiation
Cumulative radiation from Japan Fukushima plant sparks health worries to a certain extent that even Malaysians, who live thousands of kilometers away from the epicenter in Japan feared of the high risk of getting cancer after consumption of Japanese products. Why live in worry when the optimistic Japanese over there are living each day to their fullest. One reason to explain is the lack of understanding about the nature of radiation itself.

Everyone of us is exposed to radiations daily, in which we do not even bother to measure. Do you still think that having a piece of sushi now would do you harm? Don’t be as even nearby Tokyo, the danger is still very low.

We we shocked to learn that the radiation in Tokyo rise up to about 10 times above average. However, even at 10 times above normal level the amount exposed is less than 1 microsievert. How much is that? One X-ray done gives off 400-600 microsieverts of radiation & a whole body CT scan gives a much higher radiation effect: about 15 to 20 millisieverts. (1 sievert = 1,000 millisieverts (mSv)).

Kin Shui Tei @ Tropicana

In order to regain the customer’s confidence towards Kin Shui Tei, they even bought a radiation detector; which is so limited in the market now for double checking to ensure the safety and quality of the food are safe for consumption.
Kin Shui Tei Japanese Restaurant is the 1st restaurant in Malaysia using the radiation detector to do the daily food scanning.

Fear not as the reading is way below the dangerous level.
If the customers want to see the radiation detector then can ask from our service crew. They would be pleased to show you how to use it.

Kin Shui Tei @ Tropicana1

Surprise. surprise… the gas mantle, a device used for the generation of light when heated; used in camping lanterns and pressure lamps. They emit even much more radiation esp infrared.


Though it’s sure to say the food are all safe to be eaten as the ingredients Kin Shui Tei imported are from Fukuoka (>1000km away from earthquake epicenter & Fukushima), they do their best in searching for the best ingredients around the world:



We are all blessed that we are inhabiting a place with not much natural disasters.
Let’s pray for the japanese people
(Mimashou inoru nipponjin no tame no)


No. You don’t need to wear a safety suite to dine in; to prevent radiation.
Bid the worries goodbye & Kin Shui Tei’s creative menu will ensure you a revisit.
View our previous visit HERE

Kin Shui Tei
C/o Tropicana Golf & Country Resort,
Jalan Kelab Tropicana,
47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: +603 7804 2079 / +603 7880 4437 (ext 315)
Facebook page:
Operating Hours:
Lunch: 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10pm

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3 Replies to “Kin Shui Tei Japanese Restaurant @ Tropicana Golf & Country Resort – Leave the worries of Radiation behind!”

  1. Oh, you too? LOL! Yeah, I missed Jap food, and our elders/parents have been reminding us to be careful of Japanese food and radiation:-( It's very sad to hear about the Japanese predicament:-(

    Craving for Japanese food will have to take a back seat, although, I sneaked to Sakae Sushi the other day too…LOL:p
    The food here looks gorgeous, and I am already a fan of their fruit juices and fantastic food presentation!:P
    It's amazing how they came up with the radiation detector…I'm really impressed!You should show your daddy this post, bet it will at least take off some of his worries 😉 [Japanese technology are quite reliable:P ]

  2. dropsofcontentment says: Reply

    Your pictures are gorgeous as always and making me crave some Jap asap! 😀 (On a side note, I think I had Jap about a week after the radiation news broke and the place I was at was packed! I don't think it hurt their business :s) -Wendy

  3. A humble Taiping kaki says: Reply

    Nice sushi. Must try the kengan water also. Let me know if anyone keen. Special invitation only.

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