Flat Rice Noodle with Egg Gravy (Wat Tan Hor) @ Kawasan Perniagaan Cheras Raya

Chris is always in search for the olden flavours. Seeking his childhood delicacies that he used to savour when he was so young and I love to tag along while he do so.

It’s good news that he finally found the stall that he frequent when he was young, and it has just moved nearby from its previous site in Cheras.


Selling just Wat Tan Hor – Flat Rice Noodle with Egg Gravy – RM4.50
We love their generous amount of gravy with lotsa eggs making the noodles smoother.
Mix the flat rice noodle with some fried meehoon for better taste and texture.
It’s shop has no signboard but it’s easily spotted if you follow the map below. Located at the Kawasan Perniagaan Cheras Jaya (behind CIMB Bank)
Opens from 8am till noon.

View Cheras Wat Tan Hor in a larger map

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5 Replies to “Flat Rice Noodle with Egg Gravy (Wat Tan Hor) @ Kawasan Perniagaan Cheras Raya”

  1. It looks deliciously creamy and tasty. I found you from the foodie blog roll, I hope you could also stop by and visit our Foodista Blog

  2. Medifast Coupons says: Reply

    Looks really good!

  3. simonsayseat says: Reply

    The char siew looks a little dry but the egg gravy looks really delicious!

  4. hmmm.. this looks nice, would like to bring Yv to visit this place too 😀

  5. i m going to try it out. looks delicious.

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