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A vivid memory still playing well within flashing the many moments I pestered my mom to have SUSHIS during the teenage years and Sushi King was like the only choice we use to opt for. Assure me that it’s a bliss now guys… ‘cos we’re really spoiled with many choices of Jap cuisine. Affordable sushi stations offering a variety of creative and delicious fresh dishes comes very handy nowadays.

Sushi Tei would be one of our options; let it be work luncheon or a table for two with Chris.
Sushi Tei was originated from Singapore, they have even expanded and opened more branches in China, Indonesia and Australia. Guaranteed flavours, reputation and most importantly dining here definitely won’t dry your wallet up.

Edamame – RM 4.80
After a start with a cuppa Ocha, edamame is would be a healthy start.


Chuka Idako – RM6.80
Marinated baby octopus would never go wrong. nom nom.


Asama (consist of Hamachi, Salmon, Tai) – RM23.80
Slices of fresh raw fishes in thick cuts


Assorted Sushis (14 pcs)


Tempura Moriawase – RM 13.80
We just can’t miss this can we?


Wakame Salad RM 11.80
Adding their specialty tangy sauce would add some zing into the refreshing salad.


Kani Avocado Salad – RM 14.80
Arranged with crab sticks, avocado, tobiko and garden fresh greens had my vote. Healthy and tasty as well when you add in their salad sauce.


Takoyaki Balls – RM 8.30
Tasty takoyaki tasted very teriyaki.


Teppanyaki Chicken – RM 16.80
Just passable in taste. I would say too mild, but the meat texture was juicy.


Meat Gyoza – RM 9.80
I would say this serving of gyoza surprised us well. Piping hot dumplings pan fried at the bottom nicely with tasty meat fillings.


FYI, Sushi Tei has a new Seasonal menu launch in conjunction with the New Year that ends 31st March 2011. Some of the new items include:

*Deep Fried Shirauo (Whitebait fish)
The perfect snacks that would go well with your drinks!
I’m bitting non-stop! With a hint of saltiness, it’s addictive for sure.


*Crunchy Tuna Roll – RM 18.00
It’s our first time checking out the crispy version of tuna filled roll. Fragrant outer crisp with seaweed and soft tuna in the middle was impressive.


Various sushi rolls……


*Spicy version of sushi with mentaiko was very memorable. With a very awakening flavour 🙂


*Volcano Maki – RM 7.80
Strong flavours from the melted cheese topped with seaweed and tobiko would convince us for another round. And it matches the name as it’s like erupting with flavours.


*Tuna Cheek Steak
This made us went “yum…”. Juicy tuna cheek char-grilled to perfection was worth the order when you dine-in.


Not forgetting every meal should not end with some sweetness…
Desserts time!

Yuzu Ice Cream – RM 7.00


Goma Ice Cream – RM 7.00


Shio Ice Cream – RM 8.00


Chocolate Wafer – RM 7.50


Pino (Original) – RM 8.00



  • Sushi Tei’s NEW Seasonal Menu launch ends 31st March 2011
  • New menu items are marked with asterisk ‘*’ sign.

V-Day’s tomorrow! No idea of where to dine yet? Sushi Tei could be a good choice too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sushi Tei
Lot G-16, Ground Floor
Tropicana City Mall
3, Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.130757,101.626421
Tel:03-7728 4299

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5 Replies to “Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall”

  1. Still remember that the tuna cheek was the best of the lot. Some items I did not even sample, for the sheer quantity of everything was mind boggling.

  2. one of my fav jap restaurant… love their food there. .

  3. Congratulation! It's a celebration.

  4. Proton Inspira Club says: Reply

    1 of my fav jap restaurant too..

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