Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar @ Plaza Kelana Jaya, PJ

Everyone just wanna have FUN! Who doesn’t?
Beating away all worries and throw yourself into the nothing-but-fun-moments.
It didn’t hit us about this place who focused on bringing colours into your black & white diary until Ken told us so. We were delighted to be invited over to discover this hidden fun place for ourselves at Plaza Kelana Jaya; which is so new to us.

The place to be: Sanook (which means “fun” in Thai)


We were welcomed by the Godfather, the warm and friendly owner who would love to introduce fun to people. Executives, chefs, waiters.. bla bla… We would say, “boring!” And instead, positions like people pleaser, chief people pleaser, chief food artist etc were used for the crew members. Cute eh?

Sanook brings on 2 concept to accommodate patron’s favour.
Alfresco@Sanook on the ground floor let the diners dine, fronting a lake. Enjoying your food while comforting yourself with the breeze and witnessing views of the lake. FYI, they don’t just serve typical Thai food. Sanook offers tasty Asian cuisines, some Western fix, Italian pastas & wood oven pizzas, not forgetting great tapas to go with your drinks and desserts!


Some Funky Tapas Canapes:

Grill Zucchini with prawns & aioli – RM16


Baked Potato Skin – RM24
Topped with bolognaise beef or chicken served with sour cream and guacamole


Bruschetta De Gambas – RM13
Tasty toppings to augment your appetite are prawns, mozzarella cheese and served with tomato sauce


Baked Oysters – RM23
Baked aromatically with cream mushroom ragout & mozzarella cheese


Tod Man Kung – RM24
Thai Style Deep Fried Shrimp cakes with sweet basil. Dip ’em into some Thai chili sauce for extra kick!


Sang Har Mee – RM38
Fresh giant-sized prawns and springy egg noodles that ought to make you grin widely. Recommended.


Hainanese Chicken Rice – RM17
I would never thought of ordering a plate of chicken rice at such restaurant seriously but this plate would definitely guarantee us a revisit. Rice were very fragrant, what’s more when the poached chicken were just so smooth drenched in some delicious soy sauce. Adding their homemade chili and ginger would be another boost.


Roasted Chicken Chop – RM25
Now jump over to some western fix of American-styled roasted chicken surrounded with baked potato, corn on the cob and drenched with mushroom sauce


Twister Braised Lamb Shank – RM46
Tender lamb meat texture with a touch of rosemary. It was served on a bed of braised baby kailan, mashed potatoes and carrots. The gravy was dope 🙂


Barra Barra Gourmet Pizza – RM35
Baked in wood fire oven pizza, this Barra Barra portion is topped with Barramundi fish with baby leeks, olives, mango mojo and dressed wild rockets. Too bad it came up a lil’ moist due to the overflowing of ingredients. But it’s a good thing isn’t it? Just roll it up and chuck it in! haha.



Tiramisu – RM16


Chocolate Mud Cake – RM19
The mud cake was topped with a scoop of Haagen-Daz Vanilla Pecan Ice Cream and dressed with Vanilla Sauce


Do go for their Premium Mountain Fresh Fruit Juice (100% Fruit juice with no sugar and water added) – RM12
For a healthy boost? You know what to do. They come in different flavours of fruits but is based with apple in each.


Cocktails… your best friend at parties 🙂

Sanook@Plaza Kelana Jaya1

Had enough of fun with food?
Now you can move your little feet and ladies, let your hair down at Arriba@Sanook, located on the first floor of the piazza.

Sanook@Plaza Kelana Jaya


Check out this great deal for lunch!

Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar
C-06 Plaza Kelana Jaya,
SS7/13A, Petaling Jaya
47301, Malaysia
Business hours:
Monday to Saturday for lunch & dinner (Saturday dinner & drinks only)
Lunch : 11:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner : 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Happy Hour starts 5:00pm
Website :

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  1. nice ambiance with delicious-looking food 🙂 im so into the sang har mee, the prawns are juz so big! yum yum~

  2. all look yummilicious…*drool*

  3. Caroline Ng May Ling says: Reply

    yeahh been reading excellent reviews bout Sanook, i wanted to go there n try the dishes too! yums! 😀

  4. been here before although we tried other dishes.

  5. lurve the food and ambiance there eh

  6. Foods look nice with great ambiance too. Will check it out someday.

  7. lurve the food and ambiance there eh . . .

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