Bali, Indonesia Day 1: Jimbaran Seafood Dinner & Kuta Town

I remembered well when Citygal texted me from Malaysia while we were still in Glasgow.

Air Asia zero fair!
Without second thought, the answer “yes” just voiced out automatically.
Here we were, in Bali with no regrets and this was an unforgettable trip with KampungboyCitygal.


#1 Air Asia cheap return flights that cost us only RM80 per person (includes check-in luggage)


#2 Camwhoring started on board

Day 1 (22.04

#3 Jimbaran Bay
Needs no introduction, we’re pretty sure most, i meant all visitors who went holiday-ing in Bali would pay a visit to the Jimbaran Bay with one sole purpose; the seafood with sunset view. And the end result would be complaints of pathetically expensive seafood price.


Well, this would depend on which cafe/ restaurant you select, and of course be sure to convert well too 🙂
#4 Feasting on Lia Cafe’s grilled seafood @ Jimbaran
We went for their “Paket Menu” (which means package/ set). This wouldn’t put a hole to our pocket!
Paket A (IDR 180,000/ RM64) – portion for 2 pax
With 7 pcs of prawns, 6 pcs of clams, 0.5kg fish, 0.5mg squids, their different types of sauces, coconut juice, salad, rice, vegetables & fruits.


Paket C (IDR 290,000/ RM103) – portion for 2 pax
With 0.5kg lobsters, 0.5kg crabs, 7 pcs of prawns, 6 pcs of clams, their different types of sauces, Bintang beers, salad, rice, vegetables & fruits.



Day 1 (22.041

Included in the “paket”. Their roasted peanut was yummy! Great combination with the beer.


It’s a must to try Bintang Beer in Indonesia.


Our huge coconut included in the set.
Phone : 081 – 2390 7411
Business hours: 9am – 12am
Note: Their lobster and crabs were rather tiny. But overall, it was a filling & tasty dinner. We were seated by the seaside, entertained by the melody of the waves, overlooked by the moon & stars. Romantic? But it would be perfect if we were in time for sunset.
There was a live acoustic band hogging around the tables, humming songs that’ll churn up a better atmosphere. But remember that you gotta tip them!
#5 Corn is our new favourite snack in Bali!
Barbecued Corn-on-cob for IDR 10000/RM3.65 sold by the beach.
It tasted different. Sweet, with hinting out some saltiness as well. Great stuff to try.



#6 First night stay at Tune Hotel
Checked into our hotel after dinner that we got for IDR 285000/RM 85; inclusive of 12 hours air conditioning, excluding toiletries & towels.
It’s recommended for budget travelers which we thought it’s cheap and convenient as its location is strategic. A few minutes walk to Kuta Beach and located within the main shopping & dining area of Jalan Pantai Kuta. Our rooms were clean too. 



Tune Hotel @ Kuta, Bali
Jalan Kahyangan Suci (Off Jalan Pantai Kuta),
Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
#7 Hang around Kuta Town
We took a stroll along Jalan Legian, Kuta, visiting the happening streets (which we don’t find it so happening after all as most shops have already closed during our night loitering) 


Day 1 (22.042

This ends our simple first day itinerary as we reached Kuta late.
More to come!

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19 Replies to “Bali, Indonesia Day 1: Jimbaran Seafood Dinner & Kuta Town”

  1. Nice one~~ waiting for more posts from u 🙂

  2. Actually the lobster at Lia's looked more like a crayfish than anything else. But for that price, I sure ain't complaining! 🙂
    I missed sunset at Jimbaran though, went to Uluwatu instead.

  3. The tune hotel looks nice 🙂 Maybe next time, I should give a try.

  4. Will love to visit Bali too…heard much of the place and the great food! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nice luggage~~ Vintage feel~~

  6. Hey Chris, are u from SMK Yu Hua?

  7. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    Ah… remember having dinner at Jimbaran just like you too 🙂

  8. iamthewitch says: Reply

    Eh did you realize most of the seafood/corn in Bali like to be BBQ? It's like everything is BBQed! 🙂 I couldn't find steamed seafood when I was there..

  9. alamak, why bring so small suitcase? no wonder not enuff to fill in my shopping list lar

    T.T bye bye cheap balinese stufffff. sobz

  10. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    🙂 More pics coming up! Having a hard time choosing tho… haha

    exactly! it ain't lobster to us.. ;P
    but yea.. reasonable price compared to the complaints i've heard. We missed the sunset too 🙁

    it's cheap and clean too ;P
    When will u visit Bali again? ^^

    ck lam~
    planning a holiday there anytime soon? we love holidaying in Bali. we spend lotsa time on food! haha. and hunting for great bargains too ;P

    haha. thanks. i didn't bring that in the end tho. Cos too small ;P

  11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Chris here. I'm from SMK YuHua. you too? may i know who r u? 🙂

    bringing back your memories?? hehe…

    haha. yea. everything grilled or barbecued. But guess the beach just have to be paired with BBQ. had lotsa grilled stuff during our stay in Bali. 🙂
    Quite yummy! ^^

    I don't mind going again. We love our 2nd night villa stay! and… i didn't bring that suitcase in the end… too small for me.. hahaha

  12. I love Bali, and I can't believe how cheap the tickets were! More and more airlines are offering cheap tickets, which is good because it means more people can travel. Loved the look of the seafood too – I miss the food in Bali (and so cheap too!)

  13. Chris,

    U may not know me but I have seen u before in YuHua 🙂

  14. i love jimbaran…. miss their sunset & seafood!

    Tune hotel looks good! Cheap & nice!

  15. Barramundi wholesalers says: Reply

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  16. May i know where can buy this nice luggage?

  17. woah~ manyak enjoy..

    i miss inodnesian food~

  18. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    we save on the tix but we spend the most on our food! 🙂
    missing traveling lots. eyeing on the next air asia sales now. haha

    oh. 🙂
    maybe i've seen you before too. Thanks for dropping by =)

    yea. we only stayed there for a night. Moved to Ubud for 2 nights after that in 2 different villas 🙂

    It's a free gift from SKII when you've bought exceeding a certain amount. Don't think it's still available now dy… ;P

    i miss enjoying now dy…. huhu

  19. Barramundi importers says: Reply

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