Bali Day 2: Made’s Warung, Kuta Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, Spa, Sunset at Uluwatu & Delicious Ribs at Naughty Nuri’s

Our Driver
Mr. Bagus. He charged IDR 300,000 per car (Toyota Avanza)/ day. He offered to pick us up at the airport on the first day (without charges). Thus the total amount we spent for transport was IDR 900,000/ RM318.20 (for 3 full days, for 4 person). Great deal eh?
Continued from Bali Day 1……
A night to re-energize and we’re all ready for action again. Woke up early and checked out of Tune hotel (we stayed in 3 different hotels for the 3 nights we spent in Bali).
Here’s our itinerary for Day 2:
#1 Breakfast at Made’s Warung
For locals or even tourist alike, this place is famous. We have read reviews on Bali’s must dine-in venue and Warung Made (pronounced as ‘mah-deh’) had made it on almost every page of the dining lists. Since it’s highly recommended, we were even excited to check it out for ourselves. It’s local food we’re searching for! 🙂
Note: Will update price soon

Pork Satay


Gado-Gado (Vegetable in peanut sauce)

Prawn Spring Rolls

Day 2 (23.04

Nasi Goreng Special

Chocolate Milkshake


Verdict: Not the best we had, and tastewise, we find it overrated somehow. Ah.. maybe it’s just us, or this place have been to commercialized to a degree of diminishing authenticity.
Day 2 (23.042

Day 2 (23.041

Made’s Warung
Jl. Pantai Kuta,
Kuta, Bali.
Tel: 361 755 297
#2 Jalan-Jalan around Jalan Pantai Kuta!





#3 Ground Zero
As you may know, some of the happening pubs, lounges and clubs are centered around the epicenter of the Bali bombing zone, known as ‘ground zero’. There, stand a bombing memorial which is a marble wall with the victims’ names & tiled road.
FYI, the annual ceremony takes place here on October 12th.


#4 Mari bersantai di Pantai Kuta


Day 2 (23.043

Day 2 (23.044


#5 Nusa Dua Beach



Day 2 (23.045

#6 Balinese Spa @ Wahyu Spa
Pamper yourself with a relaxing session of massage and spa while you’re in Bali.
We went for a package that includes sauna, foot bath, balinese massage, choice of body scrub, skin conditioning and flower milk bath.
Duration : 2 Hours
Price : IDR 300,000/ RM107 (per pax)
There are cheaper ones out there definitely as this one is located at Nusa Dua. (we later saw one of the spa centers in Ubud that offered IDR 300,000 for about 4 hours!)
Day 2 (23.046
Wahyu Spa
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 999, Mumbul
Nusa Dua – Bali
E-mail :


snapshot from the car……

#7 Glass Chapel @ Thirtha Uluwatu
“Thirtha makna air suci” said Mr Bagus, our guide cum driver
He dove us over to this heavenly venue when we mentioned about visiting their ‘Gereja Kaca’.
This is perfect place if you’re planning a wedding soon! We went oohed & aahed over every little details that was brought to us. They really pioneered the wedding concept, selecting Bali’s most magical setting; sun, sea & blue sky. They also provide all-inclusive services to cater to every aspect of your wedding.
Wedding package starts from USD2700.

Day 2 (23.049

#8 Nasi Padang for Tea Break



teh botol
#9 Pura Uluwatu
It’s a cultural temple located in the southwest of Bali, well-known for “kechak” performances and mischievous monkeys.
Entrance fee: IDR 3000/RM1.10 per person

Day 2 (23.047

Note: Dress up in sarongs (it’s compulsory to not bare your thighs). Take good care of your belongings; esp sunglasses, camera, head/hairbands & not to get too close with the monkeys at all cause, cos they ain’t nice at all.




Witnessing these little rascal snatching belongings from visitors is a normal scene and they have to get something (e.g peanuts or fruits) from the vendors to exchange it with the cunning monkeys!
It’s a shame that we missed sunset at Uluwatu due to the moody weather in the evening that day.


Still pleased with the scenic views though 🙂




We then head over to Ubud……
#10 Naughty Nuri’s Ribs was Awesome

The luring aroma from its front door already pulled us in quick.
BBQ Ribs with the kicking flavour! Soft meat texture penetrated with flavoursome sauce from marination that’ll not stick on the bone.



We ‘licked’ it clean!

Day 2 (23.048


The Chicken skewers were just so-so however…
Naughty Nuri’s Warung
Jl. Raya Sanggingan
Across the road from Neka Museum
Down the Road from Uma Hotel
Up the Road from Nacho Mama’s
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Open from 8am – 10pm
International: +62 361 977 547
Local: 0361 977 547
Just can’t wait to share our 2nd day’s accommodation in Ubud with you guys! Cheap and exclusive! Till then again 🙂
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20 Replies to “Bali Day 2: Made’s Warung, Kuta Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, Spa, Sunset at Uluwatu & Delicious Ribs at Naughty Nuri’s”

  1. The beach and the glass chapel is simply amazing.. Such an interesting places, I wish I will have the chance to go there with my gf too 🙂

    Nice post! 😀

  2. Many nice pics!!! Cool 1!

  3. really nice pics.. the place looks good.. and im feeling hungry because of the pics =P

  4. mimid3vils says: Reply

    I didn't visit Uluwatu on my last Bali trip (actually many places I didn't go lor 🙁 coz that time internet is not so common like now, we only can get limited info online 🙁

  5. so, u wan ur wedding at that chapel or not??? hehehehe

  6. uLi.佑莉 says: Reply

    Hahaha…You got the same driver as me I guess 🙂 Coz his name also Mr.Bagus. RM300++ for the whole journey, really worth lor 🙂 Your post made me feel wanna to revisit Bali le….

  7. iamthewitch says: Reply

    What an exciting trip! Ah my only gripe last time was that I didn't have the chance to visit Uluwatu.. such amazing view!

  8. Wei, your post make me miss Bali so much. Though the feeling was not that obvious directly after touching down in Malaysia. 🙂

  9. Wow, so much food! The spring rolls look delicious – they were probably our most favourite dish in Bali and we'd always order spring rolls with our dinner. Second favourite was me goreng or nasi goreng – YUM!

  10. full with temptation with bbq ribs and gado gado..yum~

  11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    it would be romantic to go there with your gf! 🙂

    thanks a lot! ^^

    haha. we miss the prk ribs badly now. Hungry~~

    yea i understand.. but the last time u went, didn't hire a driver that could recommend you places to go? like these famous hotspots? 🙂 nvm.. can plan a trip there again! hehe

    yea! haha… but then u have to sponsor ur own ait tix yea! hehe

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yea. perhaps! but they have a lot of Mr Bagus cos Bagus is their surname ;P
    Might have got a different driver as well 🙂 It's reasonably cheap right?

    we loved it, except that we didn't get to watch the sunset due to the bad weather 🙁

    I felt the same too. Now that i view back the pics, i miss it too ;P

    Our fave would be the naughty nuri's pork ribs and bbq corn corbs! haha

    it's really delicious! 🙂

  13. I almost everyday had my dinner in Sidoi Warung in Jalan Legian. Close to my hotel and serves very nice Western food. They are so generous with the avocado in the avacado shrimp salad only RP 18,500. OMG. I want to go to Bali again.

  14. well after seeing the photographs i am very much excited to go there.

  15. Bali Tour Guide says: Reply

    Great blog with great photos of Bali.

  16. Hi, can you share the details of the driver? Or did you hire the driver at the airport?

    Nice posts of Bali ^^

    1. Hi Mandy,
      Thank you 🙂
      We hired the driver before reaching Bali (through online)
      Driver details:
      You can contact Mr.Bagus thru this email:

      Actually, the whole Bagus family runs the tour hiring services so they might send just anyone from the family. Don’t be surprised if you see a Mr. Bagus that looks very different from our driver yea. haha
      Our driver was Gutstut Bagus

      Hope this info helps 🙂

  17. Thank you so much C ♥ C

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