Back 2 School! With lotsa good Food!

In conjunction with Teachers’ Day, we would like to bring back some old school highlights; a party themed “Back 2 School” that we organized during Sugar’s Birthday.

With invitations, costumes and props, we’re all set to go!



#1 Invitations

“Foodie Girl here.
Your one and only source into the Scandalous Appetite of KL’s elite.

New term starts and it’s time to get back to school.
Grab your bag and suit up with your ironed school clothes

Boys and girls, remember to Study smart as well as play hard. What’s a new semester without a party or 2?

And who am I?
That’s another secret I’ll never tell.
You know you love me.

Foodie Girl”

#2 Potluck
We promised to bring some great bites from our area, thus, good food from Seri Kembangan, Damansara & PJ!

Nasi Lemak by Kampungboycitygal from Village Park Restaurant @ Damansara Utama

Back 2 School

Prawn Mee by KampungboyCitygal too from Lim Mee Yoke @ SS2.


Dim Sum brought by TingFang from 世家点心茶楼 @ Taman Maluri


We brought Yong Tau Fu from the Puchong Yong Tau Fu branch @ Seri Kembangan



Sugar Bean prepared the Black peppered deer meat (venison).


Ahwa’s Hokkien Mee by Sugar Bean as well


Poached Chicken by SugarBean’s mom 🙂


#3 The Students & Teachers

Our Headmaster


The Strict Teacher


Do you remember well what were you like while you’re still at school?

Are you…..

the Football team Captain?

Back 2 School1

Miss Cheerleader?


Miss Popular?


the school’s einstein junior?


Miss Nerd?


or the Book Club President? (on your right)


#4 Break the Rules

the Headmaster brought DVDs to school!


and drank Beer!


Eating our snacks in Class


Fooling around during Class

Back 2 School4

Fooling around even more!

Back 2 School8

or even started the flirting and courting phenomena?

Back 2 School6

Back 2 School2

me interrupting their “bromance”

#4 Happy Teacher’s Day!
The teacher, Sugar, celebrated her birthday with full of joy despite having us, the naughty students. Thanks to AiWei for her lovely Yoghurt Peach Cheesecake. 


#5 Booze
Time for some games after tiring classes.

With the Happy Juices of different flavours!


Back 2 School7

#6 Behave & Study
Nonetheless, being mischievous students sometimes, we still want to excel in class.

Back 2 School 3

Are you the teacher’s pet, the rule breaker or the bookworm type then?

Happy Teachers’ Day to all dedicated Teachers out there 🙂 

Back 2 School5

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11 Replies to “Back 2 School! With lotsa good Food!”

  1. What a fun outing! And love those school girl costumes and the thick glasses LOL! Happy Teacher's Day!

  2. Hehe.. Nice one! I would like to have such a party too with my friends too:D You guys really funny.. Lol

  3. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    omg! we had so much fun back then! lets do it again. come out with some theme n dabao all the good fd !

  4. love this post!=]

  5. Onegai sensei

  6. i miss old days!!! when can we have another one again??? with theme and lots of food!!!

    and hor… sugar bean's mum?! hahaha….

  7. You guys had so much fun! Love all the school girl costumes!

  8. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    that's a lot of camwhoring 😛
    but what's important is that all of you had a great time! I miss times like these…

  9. wow wow…nice food ler…and enjoy reading ur school life story…kekeke

  10. Good idea wor….nice nice! =)

  11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    hehe.. remember try it! 🙂
    miss the activity ^^

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