Simple Ways to Party Good

Just to share with you some simple tips to party healthily with THEMES.

Themed party dominates!
Warning: Pictures loaded post. So do bear with me. Thanks!
Please complete each section within 15 minutes. Read all descriptions carefully and do not follow strictly although I do recommended you to do so. HaHa.
Section A
Back to 60’s Par-Teeee!
Rule #1: Dress up. Appropriately


Rule #2: Massive Photoshoot for every participant. Pose your best style
60's Party @ Christmas1

if you could nickname them, do so 😉

60's Party @ Christmas2

60's Party @ Christmas3

Rule #3: Remember to take CUTE pictures too 



Rule #4: Simple food will do. You won’t eat much anyway.
Everyone should chip in a little and you’ll have food that you can’t finish them all. haha.

60's Party @ Christmas

Rule #5: Bring your 60’s theme out!

People in those days love to gossip as their leisure pursuit.


And camwhore too.
Section B
Las Vegas Nite! 
Rule #1: Get your PROPS ready. Seriously.





The Texas Hold ‘Em Approach.


You may have Battle of Mahjong Queens too.
Rule #2: Suit up and Dress to nines…



Rule #3: Pretend you’re a Pro even if you know you’ll lose all your chips in seconds. Poker face mah


Rule #4: Watch & learn from the experts

New Year's Eve


Rule #5: Remember to share some chips with the ladies if you win 


Rule #6: Prepare some lip-smaking finger food


Rule #7: Bring along your Wii
Bowl sexily in mini dress!
Rule #8: Bring along your lucky charm so that you won’t end up drinking consecutively while playing Indian Poker

New Year's Eve1

Rule #9: A laptop is an essential for millions of photos transfer
– The End –
– Hope you’ve enjoyed –

Oh! and the most important rule is: get a friend’s Crib to organize! 
You could start planning now for CNY! hehe.

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13 Replies to “Simple Ways to Party Good”

  1. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    LOL… a very interesting gathering!

  2. very interesting ler, never participate in those themed party b4.. 🙁

  3. Theme parties…nice!! I've only done the 60's theme so far. =)

  4. hey i think u really look great in vintage baju!!!

  5. Wow. D most themed gatherings attended were only on attire colours. Yours is so much more interesting!

  6. dear, i start loving parties now. when will be the next one??? ^^ hahahaha.

    btw, i really love the cute photo of u n chris. it's soooooo sweet!!!

  7. So cute…i like all the pictures…Chris look so 'yau ying'. Hehe!

  8. Nice party!!! And nice outfit too 🙂

  9. Hilarious! What fun! Now I am looking forward to see your theme gatherings for CNY ! Well done!

  10. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    when's your turn to organize one? haha.

    then can start planning one with friends! hehe ^^

    We're thinking of more now ;P
    so much fun!

    thanks dear 🙂

    haha. Gonna come up with more themed parties from now on ;P Provided we have time… 🙂

  11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    more gatherings! yay :)so next time you must come k?

    I love that photo too! haha

    Precious Pea~
    he's so happy to hear that! haha

    thanks gal 🙂 Maybe next time we should organize among the foodies too!

    haha. Hope we'll comeup with something even more interesting then 😉

  12. New Kid on the Blog says: Reply

    why Penang don't have such nice restaurant??? 🙁

    this is nice and the food is so drooling, am going to take this down and will visit when am down in KL.

    thanks for sharing…

  13. WoW….so much fun !!!

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