Yoichi 酔壱 @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

It will only take me approximately 15 minutes or less to reach Bandar Puteri Puchong from my area and I can’t believe I got lost on my way there! Good thing was… I reached Sunway fast. How cool and uncool at the same time.

*blushing all the way through as I was suppose to show AiWei around Bandar Puteri Puchong while fetching her*
Lesson learned:
Please pay more attention when the BF does all the driving without my help.
Good thing was: We reached Yoichi for after touring around Sunway. Yay.



I was starving thanks to my clever idea of this excursion.
Tempura Udon – RM 18.60 without any hesitation as I was craving for something soupy. Udon was the right choice as the noodles was springy and we heart their broth lots! However, the tempura was just mediocre. Still acceptable as its serving size was huge for me. Glad the Udon was still able to compensate:)



Wafu Chicken Katsu Lunch Set (Chicken Cutlet with Grated Radish Set) – RM 15.80
Fried chicken cutlet with bread crumbs, grated radish in the dipping sauce, 2 slices of fruit, miso soup and a bowl of rice. The dipping sauce was a lil sourish. This definitely boosted AiWei’s appetite.



Drop by Yoichi for more! However, we both thought that if they have more selections of sushis and sets, this would definitely draw more customers in. Their lack of food options was a slight let down, but we were still satisfied with our orders. Hope to see more of Yoichi’s Japanese Dining again.


Japanese Dining Yoichi 酔壱
No.21 & 21-1,
Jalan Puteri, 2/3, Bandar Puteri,
47100, Puchong, Selangor
Tel & Fax: +603 8063 5112
Mobile: +6016 385 4839
Check out their website HERE


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11 Replies to “Yoichi 酔壱 @ Bandar Puteri Puchong”

  1. next time I will bring my kids here, they are Japanese food lover.

  2. there are so many restaurant at bdr puteri puchong!! I went there few times..

    Hmm.. dun ever go to 1 restaurant name… Rm3 or something, I forgot the full name. They're selling all kinds of m'sian hawker foods and mayb some western foods, I dun think it is nice and the price is not reasonable.

    Heard that Doraea is not bad. I didn't dine in this outlet @ bdr puteri puchong, but the one at Kota Damansara is not bad 🙂

    And I tried the taiwan "ma la" steamboat at 老妈子。For me.. still ok ok la.. 🙂

    …. ahhaa.. last time always hang out and hunt for foods there.

  3. hehehe, we shall try the other jap restaurant next time. ok?

    so, have you learn and remember the way to bdr puteri puchong by heart d???

  4. I love Jap food too! Next time pls call me ok 😛 So near my place only Hehhe..

  5. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    wish they'll have more selections by then. and hope your kids will love them. hehe ^^

    yes! we lost track of the many new restaurants there.
    ok.we'll take note of the rm3 restaurant. haha.
    We've tried daorae too and loved it but the "mala" steamboat you mentioned… we've not tried. Near where yea? Giant that side as well?

    I remembered by heart already. lol. don't worry. I can bring you there agin next time for more! hehe

    yes! so near you. Next time when we're out to puchong again, will definitely buzz you! this one we went on a weekday lunch when i've not started working. Now…. sigh…. no time 🙁

  6. 老妈子 is at Giant that side. But is another roll of shop lot if I'm not mistaken. Beside Giant is shabu shabu rite? then 老妈子 is behind and opposite of shabu shabu.. haha.. Hope I'm right. It is opposite a restaurant name Sri Penang or Penang House.. lol.. sry, seldom "hang out" around there, that's why couldn't remember clearly.. 🙂

  7. you gals are Japanese food lovers.

  8. Puchong is almost a maze to me. Except for one or two time excursions to Puchong for food, (Yap Chuan BKT being one of those), I'd never go that far.

  9. chicken chop with dipping, that's very new to me 🙂

  10. Quite easy to find, no one can miss Giant haha!
    And it should be located around Ah Xian Dim Sum… will try it next time, thx for recommendation!

  11. I love Japanese food, and the chicken cutlet looks really delicious, especially with the white fluffy rice. Yum!

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