The Birthday: Sek Yuen @ Jalan Pudu & Surprises!

December the 11th was filled with endless routines.

Routines which were poles apart from what I usually do these days.
A Friday getaway on a birthday.
Birthday songs, messages and CAKESSS!! (read the S) I just couldn’t be happier.
#1 Lunch with colleagues
Lovely university classmates are now my colleagues. Thanks for the lunch and cake gals!!!
#2 Dinner at Sek Yuen
A relaxing family dinner at the restaurant quoted as a “retro-frontage on Jalan Pudu that opened up to a bright, spacious high-ceilinged dining hall which harked from a different era”. Dad suggested it immediately as soon as mom mentioned she wants to go for Italian. Chinese food rules on his gastronomic diary. Sek Yuen  is 63-year-old Cantonese eatery which my parents knows best.


What’s the attraction?
“Old is Gold”
  1. There’s an immediate deep-rooted and antique ‘odour’ as soon as you step in.
  2. Old fashioned restaurant environment which we thought are kinda cool. People used to have wedding dinners here those days.
  3. Old counters where only cash is accepted.
  4. Elderly staffs
  5. Kitchen at the back where elderly chefs whipped up the dishes on giant woks atop antiquated wood-fired braziers.
    Sek Yuen1


    8 Treasure Duck – Stuffed with eight different kind of ingredients such as gingko nuts, mushrooms, yams we enjoyed this dish to bits! Please take note that reservations are needed for this dish as hours of cooking are required to churn out a tender serving with a yummy sauce that was infused with the flavours of the ingredients.



    Steamed Fresh Water Prawns
    The prawns were fresh no doubt. However, we still prefer those from Tualang. Better in taste definitely.


    Shark Fin Soup
    A rather different version of shark fin soup we used to have at the typical Chinese restaurants, as this serving was ‘porridge-like’. Nevertheless, I loved it. The taste was light yet delectable.


    Crab Balls (Hai Jou) is another must order I heard. No crabs for me so this compensated well.

    Choy Sum with Salted Fish was too salty to our liking 🙁

    Too much salted fish for a small plate of vege.


    Another ‘reservetion-needed’ dish. Not sure about the name of this dish, but it consists of fish head, white fungus, red dates and some other herbals. For me, the first sip was unbearable, as if I’m gulping down a bowl of bitter traditional Chinese medicine. But as I continued, it tasted not bad after all. Chris finished his share fast and complained he’s so hot! Must be an immediate effect of quicker blood circulation I guess. haha.


    Birthday Noodles for me!


    Sek Yuen

    family moments

    Sek Yuen
    313-1, Jalan Pudu, KL (non-air conditioned)
    315, Jalan Pudu KL (air conditioned)

    Tel: +603 9222 0903 / +603 9222 9457

    #3 A huge surprise from buddies
    The next plan was to give up my sweet dreams and head to a karaoke session with friends. Time doesn’t allow me to bath nor nap. I felt like dozing off even while standing. But as midnight passed,buddies entertained me with their fave songs which made me more comfortable and my sleeping mood vanished. Not long after, another round of birthday song came and a best friend of mine who claimed that she was busy with her hospital posting suddenly turned up with a cake!!
    Blind folded by them next and was forced to make a looonng… wish. When they finally decided to release me, another surprise shocked me again. Another girlfriend of mine who were supposed to be still in Melbourne appeared before me! She actually made it back for me! I cried lo……  Friends are very good LIARS. Even Chris is a very good liar. But I still love them.
    Neway K

    Some gifts to remind me I’m a year older.

    Thanks y’all!

    Neway K1

    Birthday don’t just end with only one day…
    More eating spree next round!
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    18 Replies to “The Birthday: Sek Yuen @ Jalan Pudu & Surprises!”

    1. One of the most traditional chinese food in KL. A must visit place.

    2. i can barely open my eyes on that night. but it was really a great one. errhemmm, no more another til 4am event pls… it makes me OLD ><

    3. so yummy.. will tell my frineds

    4. Very traditional, Sek Yuen. I long for a meal but cant find so many kakis lah. Plus it isn't that cool to be dragging pals over to a jurassic-age restaurant right?
      unless with family.

    5. thenomadGourmand says: Reply

      lucky lucky u!
      Happy birthday!!

    6. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

      nowadays.. my birthdays are celebrated with my wife only.
      My siblings are too busy to entertain me, my parents hardly have dinner with me on my big days… my friends (where in the hell have they all gone?)

    7. Happy Birthday again, girl! I like the rings…very understated yet nice. 😉

    8. u r a lucky girl, have so many good friend!!!

      Btwm u r allowed to enter the kitchen to take photo?

    9. Engagement rings? ^^

    10. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

      yea. U introduced it to me! remember? 🙂

      i I was extrememely tired and sleepy the next day. As if I haven't slept for 2 days!

      It's a very traditional and retro restaurant. Hope you'll like it 🙂

      well said! haha. I didn't thought of going there will friends seriously. Luckily my dad suggested we should all go together 🙂

      thanks gal!!

    11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

      lol. I guess this will happen eventually when time goes? Didn't keep in touch with friends? Or maybe you should organize gatherings! haha 🙂

      thanks girl 🙂
      It means a lot to me. ;P

      yea. Chris just went in and took some shots 🙂

      maybe… haha. Nola. Will inform you if it's true… lol

    12. oohh this place is old school man!!!
      it's like my mother's mother's ate there and they reminisce about going back there to eat for good old time's sake. The food is still as good, but i duno how to appreciate T_T sob sob.. dahlah me fast food generation..sob sob

    13. Happy Belated Birthday to you!!
      All foods look so yummy, wish I can try out in one day.

    14. Looks tempting. 🙂 happy birthday!!

    15. Happy Belated Birthday frm us! 🙂

    16. Shell (貝殼) says: Reply

      Happy Belated Birthday ~~

      Wish all your dreams come true & have good foods everyday^^

    17. Happy Birthday girl! Such a nice celebration with loved ones, and with good food too! Nice rings, btw. 🙂 Miss chatting with you!

    18. Ai Wei is very good in baking cheese cake! Happy belated birthday!

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